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Starbuzz Bold White Chai Flavor Review

Starbuzz Bold White Chai Flavor Review

By Danny / September 16, 2014
Starbuzz Bold White Chai Shisha

Starbuzz's newest Bold flavor, White Chai, is here and we wanted to share a quick employee review with everyone. We were a bit surprised by this flavor. Upon opening the tin we got a strong peach smell. When we loaded a bowl and began smoking the peach was also the predominant flavor. It's very similar to Starbuzz White Peach. There is a bit of a spicy tea undertone as well, but not the big bold chai tea flavor we had expected. It's a very pleasant smoke and if you like a good peach flavor, you will enjoy Starbuzz Bold White Chai. As always, Hookah-Shisha is the place to get all of the newest flavors in any size you want. We have Starbuzz Bold White Chai available in 50g, 100g, 250g, & 1000g sizes.

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