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Starbuzz Code Vape e Hookah How-To Guide

Starbuzz Code Vape e Hookah How-To Guide

By Katie / May 27, 2014

The Starbuzz Code Vape is a relatively simple design. It has incorporated the eGo-T style battery, which is particularly convenient for those who aren’t into the mechanical mod side of vaping and are just looking for something simple and easy to use.

With that said, although it is a variable voltage 650 mah battery, it is susceptible to wearing over time. It is important when you're finding that balance of vapor-to-flavor ratio that you aren’t constantly toggling with the base switch, or you may damage it and create a burning taste.

Starbuzz Code Vape

How Variable Voltage Works With The Starbuzz Code Vape

The voltage variation on this device is not operated by a button, rather, there is an adjustable metal dial on the bottom of the battery unit. This operates by way of a pressure switch, which is a metal ribbon that is pulled upward when you inhale. When this ribbon is pulled upward, it touches a metal base and completes the circuit, which heats the coil and produces the vapor.

5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Starbuzz Cope Vape in Optimal Working Condition

1. When you’re adjusting the voltage on your battery make sure you have it at the optimal vaping voltage for you - not just the highest setting. While having it on the highest setting will create the most vapor, this will wear down your atomizer quicker and ultimately change the taste of your ejuices by creating a harsh, burnt aftertaste that can be unpleasant.

2. When charging your Starbuzz ehookah battery, try not to exceed a few hours with it on the charger. This device does not have protection against overcharging, so the longer your leave it on the charger, the more risk you run of harming the battery and affecting its long-term functionality and longevity.

3. When refilling your tank make sure you do so with care as cross threading is a very common occurrence during this procedure. Make sure you are only gripping the connectors when twisting and do so in a fluid motion so that the connection does not seize mid twist - this could become potentially problematic to dislodge.

Starbuzz eHookah Vape

4. Do not allow any e-Liquid to seep past the O-rings - it can potentially get in to the battery and make your pressure switch stick to the metal base. This would create a constant circuit, and it will burn out. If this does become an issue, just make sure you promptly blow into the mouthpiece to forcibly dislodge the circuit and return it to working order and saving your battery from overheating.

5. Most vapers carry their devices on them at all times, and that's great! However, you must take precautions because jostling, pressure, and too much motion can damage your device. Additionally, if the metal parts on the interior become displaced, and the heating circuit is constantly active, your device can overheat. The Code Vape does have a precautionary measure that *should dislodge the switch to prevent this from happening. However, if that measure does not work, then the atomizer can get very hot. The best way to avoid this is to get a carrying case, or a lanyard to safely transport your vaporizer.


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