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New Starbuzz Hookah Shaft Breakdown - Enterprise, Atlantis, Challenger, and Discovery

New Starbuzz Hookah Shaft Breakdown - Enterprise, Atlantis, Challenger, and Discovery

By Katie / August 19, 2014

Four Superior Hookah Stems From Starbuzz

Starbuzz has released their own line of remarkable hookah stems. Available in four separate models, you have never seen anything like these American-made hookah shafts. The Starbuzz Enterprise, Starbuzz Challenger, Starbuzz Atlantis, and Starbuzz Discovery all stand 28 inches in height, and are made from space-grade aluminum (for the shaft) and surgical-grade stainless steel for the downstem. So what?

Well, these extremely high quality materials allow the Starbuzz Stem to boast that it will never ghost shisha flavors, nor will it allow for deposits of minerals, mold, or other unfavorable residue. These shafts are named after NASA's Space Shuttle program because there is nothing like them on earth. Each model is available in black, white, blue, and red. Take a look at the expanded pictures below to see the design variations that set them apart, but rest assured that they all share the same structural integrity.

Check out our complete list of compatible hookah bases that can be paired with these space age stems.

Starbuzz Enterprise Shaft

starbuzz enterprise stem

Starbuzz Challenger Shaft

challenger starbuzz stem

Starbuzz Atlantis Shaft

starbuzz atlantis hookah stem

Starbuzz Discovery Shaft

Starbuzz Discovery Hookah Stem

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