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Starbuzz Shisha Is On Sale For 15% Off!

Starbuzz Shisha Is On Sale For 15% Off!

By Katie / February 20, 2013

Edit 3/5: This promotion has expired, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Now through March 4th, we are marking all of our Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco 15% off!

This includes all of our Starbuzz Shisha tobacco. What kind of Starbuzz is there to choose from? Well most of our tobacco flavors range  in size from 50g-1000g and come in the following lines:

Starbuzz- With over 70 popular flavors at your disposal, you're bound to find your new favorite flavor in this taste bud tingling line up. This all-star brand has some of our best selling and most requested flavors.Not sure what to try first? Starbuzz Blue Mist and Starbuzz Code 69 are some of the heavy hitters!
 Starbuzz Bold - This sleek line has 13 exotic and robust flavors, neatly packed away in sexy tins. These flavors differ from the standard line by putting intense and unique twists on some familiar shisha flavors. Not sure what to think of Purple Savior or Cosmo Power? Well, pick up a 50g box and give it a try while it's on sale! .

Starbuzz Acid - Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco has teamed up with Acid Brand Cigars to make 5 fantastic flavors to tickle your tongue's fancy. Expect nothing less than super thick smoke clouds and savory, long-lasting flavors from these two powerhouses of flavored tobacco!

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