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Syrian Hookahs - Back in Stock and Better Than Ever!

Syrian Hookahs - Back in Stock and Better Than Ever!

By Grabertrain / April 29, 2010

Syrian Hookahs are like Halley's Comet - They're beautiful, majestic, and show up every 75 years (ha!)

All kidding aside, these decorative hookahs are manufactured in small batches and have a longer production time due to their hand-made nature. As a result, we receive a shipment of these on average of once a year, and they don’t stay on the shelves for very long. Contrary to the name, Syrian Hookahs are actually made in Jordan, not Syria (“Syrian” refers to the style, not the country of origin).

As discussed in an earlier post highlighting the differences between Egyptian and Syrian Hookahs, what sets these beauties apart from other hand-made hookah pipes is the manufacturing method. In short, Syrian Hookah shafts are cast rather than turned on a lathe (the traditional method of making Egyptian and Rotating Hookahs). Engravings are then meticulously hammered in by hand to give it that graceful aesthetic eloquence. I know what some of you may be thinking: "These hookahs look nice and all, but I read in some of the reviews that the hoses are too hard to pull from."  Yes, we noticed this too.  It seems a small drawback to our previous Syrian Hookah models was that the "openness" of the air's path was somewhat restricted due to the size of the hose connector holes (remember our post on the importance of airflow?). To correct this, we made a few important modifications to this batch: The hose adapters were made wider and the holes were drilled larger to allow a bigger "intake" and in turn a bigger hit.

All 4 styles are currently in stock - The Snake, the Engineer, The Glyph, and of course the world-famous Chiller- all available in 1, 2, and 3 hose versions.  Happy Smoking!

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