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T-shirts are (finally) here!  Hooray!

T-shirts are (finally) here! Hooray!

By Grabertrain / August 11, 2008

The wait is over hookah friends, and we're happy to announce that the winning T-shirts from our T-shirt design contest are here at last!  Designed by you, voted by you, and now available to you for only $20.  Once again we'd like to thank all of the creative hookah smokers out there that participated, and offer congratulations to the winners.  Check out the Hookah T-Shirts here!

"Bubbly" Hookah T-shirt. Congratulations to Joseph Warren for the winning entry!

"Chaos" T-Shirt. Congratulations to Raymond Gonzalez for the winning entry!

"Cloud" Hookah T-shirt. Congratulations to Ioannis l. for the winning entry!

"Plaid" Hookah T-shirt. Congratulations to Emmanuel C. for the winning entry!

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