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Tangiers Birquq - 5 New Flavors from Tangiers Birquq Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers Birquq - 5 New Flavors from Tangiers Birquq Hookah Tobacco

By Grabertrain / April 26, 2012
Birquq, which is pronounced "bher-KOOK" and is the phonetic spelling of the Arabic word for "plum" (?????), is the newest line of full-bodied hookah tobacco from Tangiers. These flavors require less acclimation than the regular "Noir" line, and also require less heat to get a great smoke - If you're a regular Tangiers smoker, you would only need to use 3/4 of the coals you would normally use for Birquq. Since we released these flavors in our store a couple weeks ago, the rave reviews have started to come in! Here we present the 5 newest flavors of Tangiers Birquq Hookah Tobacco:
Little Purple Candy - A tangy grape flavor that’s tart on the tongue and will have your taste buds tap dancing. The type of purple confectionery that this flavor is emulating has been identified as both the grape flavored variety of a boxed pebbly “nerdy” candy and a popular candy that’s dispensed from the neck of a cartoon character.
Ololiuqui - This unique flavor is pronounced “oh-loh-lee-OO-kee” and is the Nhuatal name for the Christmas Vine, a species of Morning Glory native to Mexico and Latin America. Fans of this flavor describe a distinct root beer taste with a creamy, vanilla soda undertone and a slight mint tingle on the exhale.

Rangoon Sunrise - This flavor has nothing to do with Rangoon, the former name of the capital of Burma. The consensus on the taste of Rangoon Sunrise is that of a popular chewing gum that comes in a yellow wrapper. The taste, the taste, the taste is gonna move ya!
Soursop - Believe it or not soursop isn’t just a made up word, it’s an actual fruit of a small West India tree. It’s also known as a Guanabana, which is a flavor in the original Tangiers “Noir” line. This is a “revamped” version of Guanabana, which despite the apparent portmanteau is not a combination of guava and banana – it’s pear and apple with a hint of cherry.

White Summer Mixed Fruit - Tangiers has produced another fantastic mixed fruit flavor, and this one had been compared to the Original "Summer Solstice" flavor with more of a guava heaviness to it.

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