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Tangiers Phunnel Bowl Size Chart

Tangiers Phunnel Bowl Size Chart

By smokeorpass / May 7, 2014
Tangiers Bowl chart

How Much Shisha Fits In My Tangiers Phunnel Bowl?

Tangiers Hookah tobacco is the only hookah tobacco that REQUIRES a dense preparation in order to have optimal taste and clouds. This particular method of packing should take place within a phunnel bowl and that's why Tangiers created them back in the early 2000's. 

These bowls, like Tangiers tobacco, is handcrafted here in the US, and they're made with the use of American clay.  The Tangiers bowl collection are the recommended apparatuses when it comes to smoking any line of Tangiers, but the styles, types, and sizes have changed and evolved over the years.

The picture below is the perfect example of one person's collection, and how these bowl models can change in size and design through the years.

Different Tangiers bowl sizes pico, small, large, medium change each year

Our 2019 Tangiers bowl lineup consist of the Pico, Small, and Medium phunnel styles. Since each bowl is handcrafted the required shisha will vary slightly, but after looking at this current batch we're pretty confident in the consistency!

Below you'll find information on how much each bowl can hold using a DENSE packing method.

We've also included a dense packing method tutorial at the bottom of this page.

Tangiers Pico Phunnel Bowl

Tangiers Small Phunnel

The Tangiers Pico phunnel bowl will hold around 15-20 grams of Tangiers Hookah tobacco. It's the smallest Tangiers bowl and one of our favorite shisha savers that can still provide a 2+ hr session. This bowl is perfect for testing mixes before jumping into a larger bowl, or the quick Tangiers sessions on a lunch break...we've been there.

Tangiers Small Phunnel Bowl

Tangiers Small Phunnel

The Tangiers Small phunnel bowl will hold around 25-30 Grams of Tangiers Hookah tobacco. It is the most commonly used Tangiers phunnel bowl from beginners to experts. It has a less restricted inhale in comparison to the Pico bowl, and contains enough surface area for either cube or flat shape hookah charcoal.

Tangiers Medium Phunnel Bowl

Tangiers Small Phunnel

The Tangiers Medium phunnel bowl will hold around 30-40 Grams of Tangiers Hookah tobacco. This is the largest Tangiers phunnel bowl that we carry and it's designed for lengthier smoke sessions in the 3-4 hour range with proper heat management. The storage range varies higher with this bowl because of it's size, some people pack this to the rim while other prepare it below the rim. 

IMPORTANT: The shisha gram-capacity listed is in no way a guarantee when it comes to your specific bowl. These are close estimations of current designs.

How To Dense Pack A Tangiers Bowl

When you decide to pick up one of these amazing Tangiers bowls, feel free to use our packing tutorial as a guide while making first Tangiers session.

Thanks for reading.

You rock!


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