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The Heba Diffuser: Why a little piece of plastic makes a huge difference

The Heba Diffuser: Why a little piece of plastic makes a huge difference

By Kyle / August 19, 2008


Is the Heba Diffuser any good?

I don't want to sound dramatic, but it's probably my favorite hookah accessory. It's affordable, easy to use, and it is going to change the way you smoke.

"Blasphemer," you may say. I say, "Nay. I am a truth teller."

Here's why:

The Heba Diffuser is a tiny peice of plastic with tiny holes all around it. This little device pops right over the bottom of your downstem.

How a Hookah Works:

When hookah smoke leaves the bottom of the downstem, it naturally forms large bubbles of air/smoke within the underwater environment of the base. The water in the hookah filters out certain elements of the smoke, including some of the nicotine. When the bubble reaches the surface of the water, the smoke is released and travels through the hose into your mouth and lungs.

How a Diffuser Changes that:

The diffuser acts as a screen that forces the large bubbles through a series of small holes, thus breaking up the larger bubbles. The total surface area of the smoke bubbles is increased dramatically, which results in much greater filtration, which results in cleaner, denser, smoother smoke.

Still don't get it? That's okay. Have an analogy!

This beach ball represents a large bubble from a hookah , and the green shaded area represents the smoke that is touching the water.

The water only comes in contact with the smoke on the edge of the ball, while the rest of the smoke inside goes unfiltered.


These ping pong balls are 'bubbles' from a hookah WITH the diffuser. If he green areas represent where the water is touching the smoke, these bubble sizes make a huge difference.


More water touching the smoke = increased filtration = cooler, denser, more flavorful smoke.



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