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Top 5 Nammor Hookahs - Employee Picks

Top 5 Nammor Hookahs - Employee Picks

By Katie / September 12, 2014

Nammor hookahs are a traditional Egyptian brand of hookah pipe. The best thing about these hookahs is that they come standard with Nammor Hookah Hoses, these are some of the finest, washable hookah hoses available. As for the hookahs, their wide hose ports, large bases and welded shafts contribute to one of the smokiest hookah experiences possible!

Nammor Cleopatra Hookah

nammor cleopatra

The Cleopatra has a very unique look that an instant attention grabber! It also has a wide gauge hose port and has one of the easiest draws of any of our hookahs. If you pair this hookah with a Heba or a Pharaoh Diffuser – look out – the Cleopatra will be one of the best smoking hookahs you can own!

Nammor Pharaoh Hookah

nammor pharaoh hookah

Simple, easy to use and even easier to clean, the Nammor Pharaoh have the classic Egyptian look and feel that most vintage smokers are looking for. The big, chunky glass base combined with the wide Nammor hose provides ample space for lots of smoke – resulting in massive thunderclouds!

Nammor Pecos Hookah

nammor pecos hookah

Standing at only 26 inches tall, the Pecos is one of the most compact Nammors available. It comes with an Azizi style base which I think is one of the more unique Egyptian style bases. The shaft is a really simple and all silver in color which gives it a super traditional look. You can get this awesome pipe for under $100!

Nammor Bijou Ice Hookah

nammor bijou ice hookah

The Bijou Ice comes with a uniquely designed base that cannot be found on most of our hookahs. The shaft matches the base which is great if you are looking to color coordinate your hookah set up. The ice chamber is what makes it the best. Cool your smoke before it even hits the base! Of course, we also carry the regular Nammor Bijou without the ice chamber.

Nammor Monolith Hookah

nammor monolith hookah

Standing at a daunting 41 inches tall, the Nammor Monolith has one of the most spectacular bases of any of our hookahs. The massive shaft has a matching black pear to go with it, which makes this particular Nammor hookah one of the most aesthetically pleasing setups we have. Not to mention it comes with a trusty Nammor hose for maximum smoke production!

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