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Trick or Treat - Mystery Grab Bag

Trick or Treat - Mystery Grab Bag

By SmokeOrPass / October 31, 2018


It's HALLOWEEN and guess what? The Mystery Grab Bag has returned!

We dressed up and took a tour through the warehouse with our pillow cases and now we've got some treats for you.

All of the items selected retail between $20-$200+ and the bag will cost you $15.

We've once again tripled the reward points on the "Trick Or Treat - Grab Bag" purchase.

Here's a sneak peak at a (lucky) 7 items from our 20+ piece selection.

This will only be available from October 31st 12:00pm cst - November 1st 12:00pm cst

Dhose hybrid

"It's his sweater"

Sneak Peak

1) D-Hose & Shisha Combos

Dhose hybrid

You could receive a new hose with a fancy handle and a tasty shisha partner

Dhose hybrid

2) 100g Triple Pack Of Nirvana Shisha

Nirvana Double Pack

300g of Nirvana for a $15 Holler! New flavor bundles available.

Dhose hybrid

3) Black Shareef Hookah

Pharaohs Nubia Hookah

It's the Black Shareef Hookah and we've already upgraded the hose and bowl for you ;)

Dhose hybrid

4) Ripper Hose and Shisha Combo

Ripper Silicone hose

The flavor strength from the accompanying 250g of shisha flavor will require a new hose, so here ya go!

Dhose hybrid

5) Alpaca Bowl Splitter Combo

Alpaca Apache Bowl

A bowl spliter combo is up for grabs this time with 2 free Apache bowls.

Dhose hybrid

6) Gambit Bowl & Shisha Combo

gambit hookah bowl

We just received our collection of new bowls and decided to toss some of them inside the bag with shisha. They just got here so we don't even have pics or a page so hopefully this image makes you think of something mysterious. You'll be the first to test it out!

Dhose hybrid

7) Round Glass Mini Tornado Hookah

tornado glass hookah

Glass hookah are cool right? The Mini Tornado has some serious twist and turns. Will it be yours?

Dhose hybrid

Trick OR Treat

We're about to have another great day over here with lots of fun and smoke! Enjoy your bag and thanks for getting SPOOKY with us.

Thanks for reading!




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