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Turn your hookah into a Hot Rod!

Turn your hookah into a Hot Rod!

By Seamus / October 6, 2008

Hookah Booster: The accessories needed to turn your Hookah into a Hot Rod!

Our hookahs, much like new cars, come straight from the factory and are ready to roll fresh out of the box. However, if you want to smoke like a pro, there are a few necessary upgrades. The hookahs we sell are the Corvettes of the hookah world; powerful, stylish, performance driven, and by cutting back on a few frivolities, can be had by anyone. Yes, a Corvette can be driven like few cars available to the discerning public, but with a new carburetor, a new exhaust, and some fresh racing tires, the same show room car becomes something far more dangerous. With similar upgrades, your hookah can enter the danger zone. Where the rubber meets the road. A delicate, much overlooked element of the hookah experience is the placement of the coals.  If your bowl is too hot, then your tobacco is burned and your are left stalled at starting gate; a lot of smoke but nothing to taste. The bowl screen, an accessory provided with every hookah we sell, often times does not provide the optimum heat management; the large holes of the bowl screen allow for too much heat to be applied directly to the shisha tobacco.  Hookah foil is where the heat meets the street. Poking an extreme number of pin-sized holes in the hookah foil (at least 100 evenly spread out over the bowl's surface) allows for a more even heat distribution.  Likewise, if you are spinning narrow, thick factory tires, energy will be wasted on the pavement, but it you have thinner, wider tires, that same energy will be dispersed over the wheels surface and allow for greater pickup and stopping power. Horsepower. The Heba Diffuser is the high performance carburetor in the engine of a hookah. Like a carburetor, a Heba Diffuser excels the transfer of energy. Where as a carburetor adds more oxygen into the engine creating bigger explosions in the pistons and thus pushing the car faster, the Heba Diffuser breaks down the large smoke bubbles at the base of the shaft and allows for more smoke to be filtered through the water in the base. By allowing for more smoke to be filtered, the Heba Diffuser essentially allows for person to intake more smoke at one time due to exponentially cooling the smoke as it passes through the water. Exhaust. With the extra fire buring inside the engine there needs to be a high preformance exhaust system to filter the smoke.  Same with the hookah. The Nammor hose is far wider than any conventional hoses allowing much more smoke to drawn in at any one time. Also, unlike traditional hoses, it can be washed which will greatly increase the quality of each session and extend the life of the hose. The Nammor is the final piece needed to turn your hookah into a hot rod!

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