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Usage Rights and Purchasing Images from

Usage Rights and Purchasing Images from

By Adam / January 1, 2010

Do you need high quality images of hookahs, hookah charcoal, shisha tobacco or other hookah accessories?

Product photography, editing and publishing is not only very time consuming, it can be extremely expensive.  With that in mind, will lease images for commercial use for a fee. License and usage rights are readily available for 99% of the products online. At, we only use photography owned solely by for our product and category pages. We have invested 10,000's of hours and untold dollars to create the world's largest collection of professional product photography for the hookah industry. All images are protected under copyright laws and use by commercial, for-profit entities without authorization is strictly prohibited.  If you need images for your e-commerce website, contact us with the list of products and images, and we create a licensing agreement that suits both of our needs.

Product Photography Pricing

Pricing ranges depending on the size and quality of the image as seen below: Standard Images (140 x 150 or less): $395.00 Premium Images (larger than 140 x 150): $495.00  

Unlicensed Use of Intellectual Property and Resolution

Often times, webmasters and graphic designers will use images from search engine results without understanding the rights of the content creators. Search engines can provide images based on the search criteria, however that does not imply that they are available for use by commercial entities without authorization. Whether or not the unlicensed use of our intellectual property was intentional, publishing the assets without permission amounts to theft of intellectual property and may be subject to penalties under the law.  

Contact Information: 512-651-8035    


Q: What if I used the image on my free blog, social media or for an art project? A: We want to share the love of hookah worldwide, so 95% of the time it is not issue.  We may contact you, but probably not!   Q: What if the photo does not have a watermark? A: Watermarks on photographs are not a requirement of copyright law.  Copyright exists in a photo upon the moment of creation, when the photo is fixed in any tangible medium of expression, meaning as soon as the photo is taken.  For example, an unwatermarked image may appear in search engine results (Google Images, Bing, etc) as a result of the licensed use on another website. To copy that image from the web and display it elsewhere without a license is where the infringement occurs, regardless of the image having a watermark or  not.   Q: What if someone else created my website? A: Unfortunately, they may have done this to you unknowingly, but as the owner and operator of the e-commerce website, you are responsible for all displayed content. Once the infringement has been settled, you should contact the the site designer for reimbursement of the licensing fee.   Q: What if I remove the images? A: We appreciate the removal of the images if you do not wish to purchase the license, however that does not resolve the past infringement. Our photographers are entitled to compensation for the use of their work. Since the infringement has already taken place, has the right to pursue compensation on behalf of our photographers. Once the issue and fees of the unlicensed use have been settled, we are happy to work with you in terms of a new licensed use of the images.  


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