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Vortex 1.5 Bowl Vs Original Vortex Bowl

Vortex 1.5 Bowl Vs Original Vortex Bowl

By danny / October 13, 2015

The new Vortex 1.5 hookah bowl from Sahara Smoke has been released and we have been getting a lot of questions from our customers about how it compares to the original Vortex bowl. To help you all out we shot a quick comparison video so you can see the differences between the two bowls side by side. We also loaded the new 1.5 bowl up to show you how it smokes.

Differences between the Vortex 1.5 and Original Vortex Bowl

The major difference between the Vortex 1.5 bowl and the original is that the 1.5 provides much more airflow than the original. The original design has very small holes around the spire and that lead to restricted air-flow. The holes in the new bowl are much larger and thus provide much better airflow. If you are used to the airflow of a phunnel bowl, this will be much closer to that than the original vortex.

With these larger holes, you must be careful to make sure that the shisha is not covering the holes when you finish your pack as these are large enough that tobacco could get sucked down into your stem/diffuser/base if you aren't careful. While this is something to be on the look out for, it's actually better than the original design as you would rather have a small amount of tobacco get sucked through than have that same shisha clog the smaller holes of the original and block all airflow.

Aside from the increased airflow, the bottom opening of the bowl is slightly larger as well which might help out people who have had trouble getting a tight fit on hookahs with larger bowl ports such as Regal hookahs. We had hoped that this new version would have a better fit with the Kaloud Lotus but the center spire is still just slightly too tall for a perfect fit. You can make it work but it's not absolutely perfect.

In conclusion, if you have always wanted more airflow from your original Vortex bowl, this new Vortex 1.5 bowl is a must have and should be at the top of your Christmas wish list. Happy Smoking!

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