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What Hookah Flavor is the Best? Christopher's Take on this Frequently Asked Question

What Hookah Flavor is the Best? Christopher's Take on this Frequently Asked Question

By Christophanes / September 22, 2011

There are three basic elements to shisha flavors: sweet, non-sweet, floral. The sweet flavors are your fruit and candy flavors, non-sweet include your mint and coffee flavors, and then you have your floral flavors, like rose or jasmine. Of course, there are tons of flavors that are combinations of these broader groups, and I’m sure there are some others that fall through the cracks.

Within these major categories, there are subtler variations: is the fruit flavor natural or candy? Is the mint menthol or spearmint? What the heck does Ace of Spades Fantasia shisha tobacco taste like? That’s where we come in: we put some time in to researching and describing these products. If the description seems inadequate to you, call us, that’s why we staff our crack Customer Relations Department with hookah ninjas. You can also search our extensive stash of informational blogs; we have tons of articles outlining the most popular flavors from your favorite shisha manufacturers.

Ok, so you’re not a newbie. You know you’ve enjoyed grape shisha in the past, what’s the flavor you should try this time around? Ask yourself these questions: do you like really sweet or not so sweet? Candy or natural fruit flavor? Do you want to go high-tech, like Triple Grape Beamer Ice Drops or keep it simple and traditional, like Grape Fumari shisha? Ultimately, you may just have to go out on a limb and try something new. Search your palate and isolate your favorite flavors, then look for the hookah tobacco that matches best. Talk to us, we know shisha.


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