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What Is A Drip Tip? Understanding E-Cig Drip Tips

What Is A Drip Tip? Understanding E-Cig Drip Tips

By Katie / August 12, 2014

The Simple Drip Tip Break Down

A drip tip is an apparatus that is on pretty much on all vaping or e-hookah related atomizers. It sits atop the cap that houses your heating element, and is meant to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The function is in reference to it not burning your lip when you vape, as the heating element reaches exceedingly hot temperatures.

customizable drip tip e-cig

Drip tips come in many different sizes and calibrations for many setups and preferences. Drip tips do not have threading, so they cannot be used with devices that require a screw-in mouth tip. They can only be used with press-in mouth tips. We have over a dozen different colors and sizes to choose from, so make sure you try different variants to make sure what your using is ideal for what you want out of your device.

When it comes to using your e-cig drip tip, a few things to keep in mind. First, remember that these tips do not seal at the top, so it will be in your best interest to maintain an upright position as often as possible so the liquid doesn't spill out the top of your e-cig. They are interchangeable (mostly) and these drip tips will press-fit to the top cap. There is also the added perk of dripping juice directly through the tip if you're using a rebuildable atomizer, as opposed to a bottom-fill tank.

Here is our list of clearomizers that we currently have in stock that are compatible with push-on drip tips:

Kanger T3S

Kanger Protank 2 Mini

Kanger Protank 2

Kanger Aero Tank

Vivi Nova Clone 3.5ml

iSmoka BCC Megal 3.5ml

iSmoka BCC Mini 1.6ml

Aqua Clone Tank

Advanced Drip Tip Explanation

There are many things to think about when choosing a drip tip that's right for you. The first aspect to consider when choosing a drip tip is what style of rechargeable e-hookah is best. If you lean more towards an e-pen configuration (like the eGo-T CE5) with its side button battery and clear/cartomizer tanks, then you are pretty limited in terms of availability, as most come with a drip tip already on the tank that is threaded to that specific device. If mechanical mods are more your style with their rebuildable atomizers, then there is a much bigger selection of drip tips to choose from.

It is important to understand that almost every variance in the style of drip tip you choose (height, diameter, material) is going to change your vaping experience. The material is a big part of the equation as it affects all three of the key points of vaping (flavor, heat, vape production). If you're new to vaping, your best bet is a Delrin Drip Tip; the material doesn't absorb heat the way metal would, however the downside is that you sacrifice a tiny bit of flavor when using plastic. When it comes to metal drip tips you can pretty much choose any available metal and roughly have the same experience (stainless steel, brass, copper) (copper is hottest of them due to conductivity), the flavor is also going to be much richer  when using a metal drip tip.

The height is also relevant to all the key points listed above. Drip Tips range anywhere from 15mm to 25mm+. With a shorter tip, you will definitely get more heat and it will give the most flavor, as it is closest to the top cap of your atomizer. This becomes more muted as the length increases (25+mm = less heat and less flavor).

Finally, we have diameter. Diameter of the internal opening of the actual tip is pivotal. If it is tight, the flavor will be a little more apparent, but compacting the vapor makes it a bit harder to draw - this can give it more of the feeling of an actual cigarette. Where as a wide-bore drip tip is going to give you a lot more flow, and you don't sacrifice overall flavor.

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