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Where are your hookahs made? How do I know I'm ordering a high quality hookah?

Where are your hookahs made? How do I know I'm ordering a high quality hookah?

By christophanes / May 25, 2008

Our hookahs are made from the highest quality materials to ensure years of reliable smoking. Egyptian and Rotating Hookah are hand-made by artisan craftsman in our own factory in Jordan. Syrian hookahs are hand made as well with our direct supervision. Mod and Mini-Mod hookahs are machine made in China and utilize all tarnish proof metals to prevent rusting or deterioration. We are also very proud to feature the largest selection of Mya Saray hookahs on the market. Mya Saray hookahs are machine made using exacting tolerances featuring the highest quality materials available, including hand cut bohemian crystal bases and detailed Cloisonne enamel work on the shafts and hose handles. You can be confident in your purchase as we stand behind all the products we sell and offer a thorough guarantee on all of our hookahs. We at stand by quality and quickly eliminate all products that are of low quality. We are known for our amazing ability to stand by our products and product quality. We also provide a place for customers to post their reviews on all of our products which we encourage you to read through. We take your customer feedback extremely serious and quickly eliminate a product from our inventory if it recieves bad reviews due to quality

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