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Wookah Hookah Review

Wookah Hookah Review

By Joe Perin / December 24, 2015

Wookah Hookah Award Header

Let The Wookah Win

In the hookah industry's never ending quest to create unique and beautiful products, the Wookah team in Poland has created something pretty special. The Wookah Classic #C collection combines high quality materials - highly polished wood, V2A stainless-steel, and heavy duty crystal glass - with excellent craftsmanship and high-tech design to create a line of hookahs quite unlike anything else. We've been looking forward to getting the Wookahs in our warehouse, and now that they're here we can't wait to share them with you! Each Wookah will be unique to the buyer due to the varying wood grains and cutting in the crystal base, not to mention the customization offered with eight different base options. Read up on the line of hookahs that won Product of the Year 2015 at the Hookah Fair trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Wookah Stem Color Selection

High Quality Wood

We have three stem options for your Wookah hookah, all featuring a different kind of wooden stem: Oak, Walnut, and the exotic Merbau. Each of these woods was selected for their strength and durability, as well as their beautiful and classy looks. Oak and walnut are common trees around the world that are highly valued for their strength and looks; oak is incredibly dense and hard, and is used in everything from ship building to wine barrels. Walnut wood is incredibly dense as well, and is the most popular wood used by gun makers through history. The merbau tree is rarer than oak and walnut, and is found from Madagascar to India, and as far east as the island of Samoa; it is prized for its durability and termite-resistant nature. The Wookah uses only the highest quality wood materials and has polished them to glean and glisten. The stems do not require any additional polishing, and we highly caution against any heavy duty cleaning of the wood, other than spot cleaning.

The Benefits of V2A Stainless-Steel

The phrase "high quality" may be overused when describing these hookahs, but it's hard to describe the Wookah hookahs any other way. The polished wood stems are complemented by high quality V2A stainless-steel that has been cut using the precision technology of CNC Lathe machines.

Stainless-steel is such a popular metal to use in hookahs because of its strength and its resistance to rust and corrosion. The durable nature of this metal means that as long as you don't mistreat the hookah, it will last you a very long time. In addition to being highly durable, stainless-steel doesn't retain strong shisha flavor profiles. It's always frustrating when you forget to clean out your hookah and ghosting tastes of cane mint you were smoking mess up your fruity bowl of shisha, but with stainless-steel you only need a quick rinse to rid the hookah of all those flavors.

The Wookah hookahs feature fine cut stainless-steel threading in all of the connecting joints that make screwing everything together quick and easy. Every threaded connection uses silicone washers to prevent over-tightening, so you should never worry about stripping the threading unless you go completely berserk on the tightening. This is a really nice hookah, please don't do that. Stainless-steel is used on the hose and purge ports which just so happen to be identical. The purge is removable and can be used in either port using the proper grommet. Or take the purge out completely and turn your Wookah into a two hose hookah!

The stainless-steel downstem in the Wookahs features a wide-open gauge that allows you to pull high volumes of smoke, with minimal restriction. Other hookahs feature the wide open gauge downstem, but the Wookahs downstem uses thicker steel to prevent any bending or transferring of heat down from the bowl. The end of the downstem is smooth, and doesn't have a bell or flared out section, so you can easily place a diffuser on it to help increase the smoothness of your pulls and to dampen the rumble noise if you want!

Wookah Crystal Base Options

Crystal Base Options

The stem of the Wookah hookahs is already attractive to begin with, but adding in your choice of eight different crystal bases with hand-cut designs truly makes this hookah a work of art. Each base is made of heavy duty crystal glass that is handmade through-and-through, from the glass blowing process to the etching of each design. These crystal bases add to the "wow" factor and elegance of the stem. The base is solid and has a nice heft to it, which helps hold the entire hookah in one place when smoking. You need not worry about your set-up wobbling while you smoke, and the rubber stoppers on the bottom of each base gives the hookah great traction and grip to prevent it from sliding around. These bases are nice and big with plenty of space to help you pull massive clouds.

Wookah offer

What a Wookah World

Now you've read up on the Wookah hookahs and learned just how amazing they truly are, you might as well pick one up - chose the Oak, the Walnut, or the Merbau. Jumping on the bandwagon is frowned upon so often, but this is one bandwagon you really want to be on. Heck, we've all jumped on and it's a party, so come join us! It's an amazing hookah, and we're going to help you get going with an amazing set-up.

Wookah makes and sells their own hookah hoses and bowls, and while they are great products they are also pretty pricey. So with the purchase of a Wookah hookah we will include the D-Hose Aluminum Hookah Hose and the Phunnel Hookah Bowl. The 76" long D-Hose Aluminum utilizes surgical grade silicone tubing and an aluminum handle to produce a hose that is completely washable and highly durable. The Phunnel Bowl features a wide open central spire air channel that allows for minimal restriction and an overall great smoking experience. The Wookah comes with a nice stainless-steel coal tray, and we'll also be including other great accessories for you set up such as a cleaning brush, foil, coals, tongs, and one 50g container of premium select shisha tobacco.

Wookah Hookah Review

One of our team members SMOKEorPASS has put together a visual breakdown of the Wookah Hookah, and you can check it out below.

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