Staff Pick Hookah Shisha Flavors

Welcome to our digital shisha cabinet! This is where you will find our favorite shisha tobacco flavors all on one page. There's a good chance we're smoking one of these flavors right now and you can too with the help of a review listed on each page to help your buying decision.

We smoke a lot and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our favorite flavors, so check back weekly for new reviews.

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Ice Cream in your bowl!
Price: $19.99
It's magically delightful!
Price: $17.99
"Are morangies like...a real thing?"
Price: $9.99
"I don't know man, it's like orange and good"
Price: $3.75
"Do I like floral flavors now?"
Price: $17.99
"Has anyone been to Japan or heard of a Yuzu?"
Price: $5.49
"I don't like double apple but why did I buy a kilo of this?"
Price: $6.99
Green apple clouds for the win!
Price: $5.49
Get ready for a trip to flavor town!
Price: $9.99
What-A-Mint, What-A-Mint, What-A-Mint. What a mighty good mint..
Price: $19.99
"Peach is only one part of the story"
List Price: $22.99
Price: $21.99
You Save: $1.00 (4%)
100 100% 100 0%
Berries, and Citrus, and Herbs! Oh my!
Price: $19.99
Refreshing mango lemonade? Yes please!
Price: $3.49
"I don't know if I would eat the real thing, but I'll definitely smoke it"
Price: $19.99