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Deezer Hookahs & Deezer accessories

The Deezer collection of modern hookahs is now available for your next hookah adventure! These hookah designs are mostly modern with the use of popular materials like Plexiglas, stainless steel, and silicone.
The Deezer Wave could be the desktop hookah you've been looking for while the Milan serves as your new center piece for the next party. If you have any question about these hookahs, please do not hesitate to chat with us. Happy smoking.

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16" Deezer Java hookah with a modern spiral stem. Available in multiple colors.
Price: $54.99
27" Deezer Villain in a matte black coat with a bubbled base design.
Price: $159.99
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27" Stainless Steel Statics hookah from Deezer, can use up to 3 hoses at a time.
Price: $199.99
14" Pandora Plexiglas square shaped hookah and elevated tray from Deezer. Includes led light and remote set.
Price: $129.99
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15" Nova hookah available in multiple colors with unique freebies.
Price: $53.99
27 1/2" Milan jet black Deezer hookah with a multi colored base and matching hose.
Price: $129.99Currently Out of Stock
23" Stainless Steel Dynamics hookah from Deezer.
Price: $159.99Currently Out of Stock
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24" Adora hookah with a spiraled shaft and texture multi color base.
Price: $44.99Currently Out of Stock
17" Sprial hookah available in multiple colors with unique freebies.
Price: $53.99Currently Out of Stock
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