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Minty Shisha Tobacco Hookah Flavors

Mint, peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, etc. There's a lot of mint options for flavors out there and you're currently our most popular minty flavors. Mint flavors sell more than any other flavor profile and they're the most popular among entry level hookah fans. So whether you're looking for a little bit of coolness to share with a friend or a bone chilling mint session, this is the page for you. These mint flavors can go a long way when you mix them right flavors, be sure to check out our main shisha tobacco category for more taste options.
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Authentic Al Fakher Mint shisha tobacco.
Price: $3.50
Ice Cold Peppermint
Price: $22.99
Strong and sweet mint blend
Price: $10.99
A "Bold" blend of peppermint and silky sweet mint!
List Price: $13.99
Price: $12.99
You Save: $1.00 (7%)
Social Smoke Absolute Zero Hookah Tobacco
List Price: $5.50
Price: $4.67
You Save: $0.83 (15%)
A blast of ice cold arctic peppermint! Available in EXTREME version as well.
Price: $17.99
Sweet sweet spearmint!
List Price: $10.99
Price: $9.99
You Save: $1.00 (9%)
Ugly Mint is a delicious blend of mild peppermint and sweet mint.
Price: $8.99
Ice cold peppermint and creamy vanilla blend! Limited edition dark blend now available.
Price: $17.99