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Welcome to the premium collection of Kaloud hookahs and accessories! The Kaloud team introduced their first HMD, the Kaloud Lotus, years ago and it completely changed the way we enjoy our hookah sessions. They have since gone on to create different variations of this heat manager, as well as introduce new bowl designs that are crafted from long lasting materials. Recently, they pulled back the curtains on one of the most unique hookah configurations that we've ever seen known as the Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria. We're excited to be your one-stop destination for all Kaloud related products. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask.

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NOW IN BLACK! The easiest device to manage the heat in your session and increase flavor.
List Price: $49.95
Price: $47.99
You Save: $1.96 (4%)
92 92% 92 8%
The Kaloud Lotus has recived a major update and we've got all the details here.
Price: $64.95
75 75% 75 25%
Silicone and glass hybrid bowl designed for the best session with the Kaloud Lotus.
Price: $36.95
85 85% 85 15%
New Kaloud Lotus Plus heat management system, with Samsaris Vitria II hybrid bowl.
List Price: $103.60
Price: $93.24
You Save: $10.36 (10%)
100 100% 100 0%
The Kaloud Lotus has a new best friend, premium natural charcoal with a half moon cut. Design by Kaloud Inc.
Price: $14.99
93 93% 93 7%
Uniquely designed with several surprises, this is the latest & greatest from Kaloud. Sign up for our emails to be notified of it's arrival, link inside.
Price: $399.99Currently Out of Stock
Silicone and aluminum hybrid bowl designed to be used ONLY with the Kaloud Lotus 1.
Price: $47.99Currently Out of Stock
67 67% 67 33%
Silicone and aluminum hybrid bowl designed to be used ONLY with the Kaloud Lotus 2.
Price: $49.99Currently Out of Stock
100 100% 100 0%

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