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Hookahjohn Bowls, Coals, & Hookah Accessories

The HookahJohn series of products has expanded so much we needed to give them their own category. These accessories have helped many of us from all over the world enjoy countless sessions with high quality components. They've received praise for many years by providing a top notch series of natural charcoal called Titanium, which we offer in every available size.

You've also probably seen one of their countless bowl designs in your own cabinet, hookah lounge, or even on social media. We strive to carry the latest collection of colors and designs for each bowl release like the latest 80 Feet Espana bowl and crowd favorite HMD friendly Ferris bowl.

Once the bowls and coals were released and enjoyed around the world, their focus shifted to creating bigger pieces. Now we're happy to provide you with their new SAOCCA hookah shaft and Knurl hookah hose. These new pieces fall in line with their bowls manufacturing process and are crafted right here in the US.

For more info on the Hookahjohn series of products, check out this blog post for a deep dive.

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A slimmed down version of the heavyweight Knurl hose, the Flaca hose marks another strong addition to the HookahJohn line of accessories
Price: $49.99
From the creator of Titanium coals and HJ bowls, comes the legendary SAOCCA hookah shaft.
List Price: $299.99
Price: $219.99
You Save: $80.00 (27%)
100 100% 100 0%
Welcome to the heavyweights division of the hookah hose market. One of the strongest accessories available.
Price: $69.99
Get the cleanest flavor from your sessions every time with the HookahJohn disposable hoses.
Price: $3.99
The classic 80 feet bowl design with a new deeper interior.
Price: $25.99
Ferris Hookah bowl designed for the Kaloud Lotus. New colors now available!
Price: $39.99
44 44% 44 56%
The original Harmony bowl design has returned with a new paint job.
Price: $25.99
92 92% 92 8%
The Flavor Saver disperses heat more evenly for longer lasting sessions.
Price: $7.99
70 70% 70 30%
16 flat pieces of ultra-dense hookah charcoal made from 100% coconut shells.
Price: $3.99
80 80% 80 20%
108 ultra-dense flat hookah charcoals made from 100% coconut shells.
Price: $13.99
81 81% 81 19%
120 pieces of Titanium Cubettes semi-cube shaped natural hookah charcoal.
Price: $13.99
60 60% 60 40%
72 cubes of ultra-dense hookah charcoal made from 100% coconut shells.
Price: $13.99
71 71% 71 29%
324 pieces of Titanium flat shaped natural hookah charcoal.
Price: $36.99
Ten 1KG bags of flat ultra-dense hookah coals made from 100% coconut shells.
Price: $79.99
100 100% 100 0%
Ten 1KG bags of cube-shaped hookah coals made from 100% coconut shells.
Price: $79.99

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