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Shishabucks Hookahs, Bowls, and Hookah Accessories

The futuristic line of Cloud hookah pipes and accessories from Shishabucks hookahs have crash landed on our shelves all the way from Canada! CNC machined aluminum takes many forms in this new line of products, ranging from tank hookahs that excel in portability through more traditional hookah stem and base designs. They even created their own line of bowls and heat management devices (HMDs)!

Shishabucks crafts their products to extreme specifications that only precise machining can deliver. This precision, along with their rigorous quality control, means that each piece will fit together smoothly and effortlessly without fuss.

Their team of innovative minds have engineered a variety of new features that will impress both rookies and hookah veterans alike. And the impressive anodized aluminum hookah stems kept our shisha sessions tasting exceptionally fresh while also putting out some major thunderclouds.

Join the modern hookah movement today by picking up a Cloud hookah from Shishabucks for yourself!

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Shishabucks shakes things up with the Cloud Stick hookah, offering quality shisha sessions with a stainless steel, minimalist aesthetic
List Price: $184.99
Price: $157.24
You Save: $27.75 (15%)
This 6" tall hookah from Shishabucks was designed with portability in mind! And it's available in a variety of colors!
List Price: $199.99
Price: $189.99
You Save: $10.00 (5%)
The "Tank" hookah from Shishabucks is even more compact than we thought, making it a wonderful tabletop or travel pipe.
List Price: $129.99
Price: $123.49
You Save: $6.50 (5%)
Made from die-cast aluminum, this phunnel hookah bowl from Shishabucks is designed to work with most heat management devices on the market
Price: $29.99
Cast from aluminum and finished with chrome, the Stratus provides clean flavor and exceptional clouds alongside upgraded features unique to this HMD
Price: $49.99Currently Out of Stock

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