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Adalya Shisha & Hookah Tobacco

After being founded in Turkey during the early 2000s, Adalya hookah tobacco quickly spread across Europe and established themselves as one of the premier shisha brands in the hookah market. Since then, their premium collection of exotic shisha flavors has made its way to an ever increasing amount of countries all over the world, including us here at Hookah-Shisha.com!

Made using high quality ingredients, Adalya shisha is crafted using Virginia-Leaf tobacco, molasses, vegetable glycerin, and of course their secret flavoring formulas. Their proprietary recipe results in thick clouds of smoke alongside great tasting, long lasting shisha blends such as the sensational Love 66 flavor. 

Adalya Shisha is a blonde leaf tobacco that delivers a minimal nicotine buzz meaning it can be enjoyed by beginners and hookah enthusiasts alike. Adalya's flavors are available in 50 gram and 250 gram size options.

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50g box of Adalya Tobacco. Made in Turkey.
Price: $3.49
250g jar of Adalya Tobacco. Made in Turkey.
Price: $16.99
3 x 250g jars of Adalya hookah tobacco
List Price: $50.97
Price: $45.87
You Save: $5.10 (10%)

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