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Shishabucks Hookah Bowls

With the success of their hookah line, Shishabucks decided to create the perfect accessories to accompany their Cloud hookahs! Made to the same quality and precise engineering that Shishabucks is known for, the Sky hookah bowl provides higher heat sessions and consistent heat transfer from all sides of your shisha that helps to ensure optimal smoke production and thick clouds with ease. And of course, with its "phunnel" style design, the Shishabucks Sky bowl provides great-tasting flavor from even the juiciest of shisha brands. The sleek lines and clean finish make it the ideal accessory for any Cloud hookah but make no mistake - the Sky bowl will feel right at home on almost any hookah out there!

Where are Shishabucks hookah bowls designed? 

Shishabucks bowls are designed and engineered at their facility in Canada along with the rest of their product line.

How are Shishabucks hookah bowls made? 

The Shishabucks Sky bowl is made from die-cast aluminum that is poured into a precisely-engineered mold.

What is a "phunnel" hookah bowl? 

"Phunnel" bowls are designed with one large air intake hole that sits in the middle of the bowl just above the shisha allowing for excellent airflow. This raised design traps flavor juices and results in longer-lasting, better-tasting sessions with thicker clouds of smoke.

Are Shishabucks hookah bowls compatible with heat management devices? 

Yes, Shishabucks bowls feature a "lip" that is compatible with Shishabucks heat management devices as well as most other HMDs. Due to the minimal design profile of this lip, the Sky bowl can also be used with traditional aluminum foil.

How do I clean my Shishabucks Sky hookah bowl? 

Typically a rinse with hot water and soap is all that is needed, and you can use a kitchen sponge to scrub off any tough residue if needed. While the Sky bowl does feature a silicone grip for handling, we highly recommend waiting until it fully cools off as the aluminum can get EXTREMELY hot.





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