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Carbopol Hookah Charcoal

Carbopol Charcoal FAQ

Carbopol hookah charcoal is known for its clean-burning coal for smokers. It serves as the perfect foundation for your setup and allows you to start your hookah session in just a couple of minutes. That's why Carbopol hookah coals quickly dominated the European quick-light charcoal industry. You also don't need any special equipment to start lighting it up. Carbopol charcoal even allows for long-lasting sessions and comes in a broad range of options. Check out some of the disc-shaped charcoal for quick lights, the unique donut-shaped charcoal for easy airflow, or the cube coals for your hookah setup. Whether you need charcoal for small, medium, or large hookah bowls, you can expect smooth, clean clouds of smoke with the help of these products. Shop the widest range of hookah charcoal online at Hookah-Shisha.

Where are Carbopol coals made?

Carbopol coals are manufactured in Poland using high-quality coals and made to be quick-light options. The Polish manufacturer creates odorless charcoal that stays hot and burns evenly to power you through your hookah session.

How do I light Carbopol hookah coals?

Carbopol makes quick-lighting coals, so all you'll need is a flame lighter and a set of metal tongs. Hold a piece of charcoal with your tongs, then light the open flame directly to the coal until it begins to emit light sparks. Once the sparks have started, the charcoal will be finished self-lighting after a couple of minutes. You'll know that your Carbopol hookah coals are fully lit when they're covered in a thin layer of gray ash with a glowing core. The unique donut shape helps the natural coal light up fast, allows hot air, and keeps it lit for a long time.

How long do Carbopol coals last when smoking?

In our experience, how long the charcoal stays lit depends on the mm size, shape, how often you inhale, and the overall airflow in your environment. For example, 35 mm quick-light charcoals last an average of 45 to 60 minutes. With a 40 mm size, it may last longer. Using a charcoal wind cover or heat management device can help increase the overall burn time of your quick-light charcoal if desired.

How many pieces of Carbopol charcoal should I use on my hookah bowl?

Depending on the size of your bowl, your shisha of choice, and your chosen coal shape, we recommend using one to three pieces of 40 mm coal, 38 mm coal, or 35 mm charcoal on your hookah bowl at one time. For more tips on how to get the most out of your charcoal for easy air and quick lights, check out our blog on hookah heat management.

What are the different types of Carbopol charcoal?

Carbopol Hookah Charcoal 40mm

Carbopol makes some of the best hookah products. These award-winning charcoals allow for instant lighting and only require a few light sparks for lift-off. The 40 mm size is their largest available charcoal ring that is made for easy airflow.

Carbopol Hookah Charcoal 35mm

This Polish-made coal product has smokers all over the world hooked. Carbopol 35 mm quick-light coals allow you to start your sessions faster than most other brands.

Carbopol Rock Cube Hookah Charcoal

Manufactured in Poland, these cube-shaped charcoals take a step away from the typical Carbopol rings charcoals. Instead, they're made in a cube shape for minimal odor. Plus, these quick-light charcoals can be lit with any lighter for smooth smoking and a consistent burn.

Carbopol Ring Hookah Charcoal

These quick light coals feature a unique ring design. In just 30 seconds, your Carbopol rings charcoals can be completely lit without the need for a charcoal burner. Just hold an open flame to the edge until it begins to spark.

Carbopol Crown Hookah Charcoal

Crown hookah coals have a unique shape and an interesting composition which allows heat and air to flow freely for smooth smoking and even heat distribution.

Carbopol charcoal is made of the best quality natural coal. These heat up faster than ordinary charcoal and are one of the top-rated hookah products on the market. In fact, each piece is odor- and taste-free and heats evenly. That's why they're award-winning hookah products.

You can find their charcoal for the best price here at Hookah-Shisha. If you're having trouble with using the quick lights, you can even reach out to our team for further assistance. We'd be happy to provide you with some of our best tips for a smooth smoking session.





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