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Al Fakher Hookah Hoses

If you've ever smoked hookah, you've probably tried Al Fakher shisha tobacco hookah flavors! The brand is widely regarded as one of the most popular shisha tobacco brands in the world. Now, Al Fakher shisha tobacco can be smoked using its own line of affordable, single-use hookah hoses. These disposable hoses are designed to deliver the purest flavor from the finest tobaccos. Using a lightweight and inexpensive design, Al Fakher hookah hoses are one of the best hookah accessories that can be enjoyed by anyone on virtually every type of hookah.

Are Al Fakher hoses washable?

Their hoses are designed to be single-use, however, they can be washed and reused (to an extent) if desired. Disposable hoses work well for dedicating each hose to a specific flavor. It's also a great way to level up your hookah hose collection or to have spare hoses on hand when smoking with company.

How do I clean my disposable hookah hose?

These hookah hoses are meant for single use. But if you're looking to wash and reuse it, then you can give it a quick rinse with hot water. If you're still tasting other flavors in the hookah hose, you may want to add some lemon juice as you rinse it out with hot water. This can eliminate any remaining shisha flavors in the tubing for a clean hose.

What are the hoses from Al Fakher made out of?

These disposable hoses are made from lightweight plastic. The plastic hose tubing is lightweight but sturdy. Each hose is 76 inches long for more flexibility. You can purchase a single-pack, a five-pack, or even a case of 100 hoses.

Will an Al Fakher hose work with my hookah?

Most likely, yes. Al Fakher disposable hookah hoses are designed to work on the vast majority of hookahs. However, there are rare exceptions, such as custom hookahs, antique hookahs, or some glass hookahs that may require the use of a hose adapter.

Do Al Fakher hookah hoses come with a rubber grommet?

No, Al Fakher hookah hoses do not include a hose grommet. But you can find our available selection of hose grommets here.

Do the hoses from Al Fakher have an open or restricted draw?

Al Fakher disposable hoses have a long handle length, but the width is skinnier with a smaller opening than most hoses. A draw refers to what it feels like when you inhale through the mouthpiece. Compared to a washable hose, this disposable one will have a slightly more restricted draw. Still, when it comes to disposable varieties, you can expect a smooth draw to pull thick shisha clouds of smoke from your hookah pipe.

Does the hose make a difference in your smoking experience?

It can. A hose may affect the way your shisha tobacco smokes, mainly the flavor. Today most hoses are washable and break down into pieces for easy cleaning. This helps prevent flavor “ghosting” when switching between different flavor profiles of shisha tobacco. Hookah hoses that are thicker in diameter will allow an easier draw - basically how easy it is to inhale smoke from the hookah. In comparison, thinner diameter hoses may restrict the draw from your hookah.

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