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HookahJohn Hookah Hoses

HookahJohn Hookah Hoses FAQ

HookahJohn created one of the most recognizable brands of both hookah charcoal and hookah bowls, and now he's shifted focus to bring you one of the best collections of washable hookah hoses on the market today! From lightweight disposable options to seriously heavy-duty silicone hoses, these accessories were originally designed to work with the HookahJohn SAOCCA hookah shaft but you'll be able to use them with a wide range of hookahs from a variety of different brands. HookahJohn focuses on delivering the best quality smoke in each and every product and one puff from this collection will have you realizing their hoses are no exception!

What are HookahJohn hoses made out of? 

Disposable HookahJohn hoses are made from lightweight plastic while the reusable options are made using silicone tubing and aluminum for the handle.

Are HookahJohn hoses washable?  

Yes, all HookahJohn hoses are entirely washable.

How do I wash a HookahJohn hose?  

To clean a HookahJohn hose, run hot water through it after each smoke session to remove any stained - or "ghosted" - flavor and to help prolong its overall life. To achieve a deep clean on more stubborn flavors trapped in your hose, use some lemon juice and baking soda inside the tubing. Thoroughly rinse your hose inside and out with hot water afterward to eliminate any leftover cleaning solutions trapped inside your hose tubing. Once clean, use it immediately or hang it up and allow it to dry completely.

Will a HookahJohn hose work with my hookah? 

Most likely, yes. HookahJohn hoses fit universally across a vast number of hookahs with a few rare exceptions such as antique hookahs, custom hookahs, or glass hookahs that may require a hose adapter. We recommend avoiding using the extremely heavy Knurl hose and Flaca hose with smaller, compact hookahs as the weight of the hose can tip over your hookah. Depending on your hookah, you may need to use a different style hose grommet to ensure an airtight seal between your hose port and hose.

Do HookahJohn hoses have an open or restricted draw? 

Typically speaking, the silicone HookahJohn hoses will have a more open, easier pull when smoking. The disposable hoses have a skinnier gauge and will deliver a slightly more restricted pull.

Do HookahJohn hoses come with a hose grommet? 

No, HookahJohn hoses are not sold with a rubber grommet. You can find our available hose grommets here.





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