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Kaloud Hookahs

Kaloud first gained recognition in the hookah industry with the creation of the Kaloud Lotus: the world's first official heat management device (HMD)! Since then, they have been constantly creating and releasing a variety of unique, innovative products that have completely changed how we enjoy our smoke sessions including their own line of silicone hookah bowls and different variations of their original heat manager! They have since pulled back the curtains on one of the most impressive hookahs that we have seen to date: the Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria hookah! We're excited to be your one-stop online shop for Kaloud hookah products. If you have any questions about Kaloud's range of accessories, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team and we'll always be happy to assist!

What are Kaloud hookahs made out of? 

The main body of the Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria is crafted from a dense, heat-resistant silicone material. It's not like the silicone tubing you may be familiar with on hookah hoses; this stuff is THICC (with two C's). The dual-chambered domed vessel is constructed from scratch and heat-resistant acrylic that provides a crystal clear view into the internal workings of the hookah. The down stem itself is made from CNC machined, corrosion-resistant aluminum that can be easily and repeatedly cleaned without worry.

How do I care for Kaloud hookahs?

Kaloud hookahs can completely disassemble which makes cleaning a breeze. We recommend using warm water and mild dish soap (or lemon juice) to clean these hookahs. A standard stem cleaning brush is all you need to scrub the inside of the down stem and, due to the ease of access allowed by disassembly, a standard cleaning sponge can be used to maintain the body and acrylic vessel of the hookah. Just make sure to rinse every piece thoroughly with water to avoid the soap getting trapped and interfering with the flavor of your next session. For more tips on how to keep your setup sparkling clean, check out our blog on hookah cleaning and maintenance.

Which bases are compatible with Kaloud hookahs? 

Kaloud uses a proprietary design for their hookahs and glass vessels, so they will not be compatible with any other hookah base. Need a new base or vessel? Replacement glass for the Kaloud Eltheria hookahs is available through the manufacturer's website.

What do Kaloud hookahs come with? 

The Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria hookah package includes the main silicone body, glass vessel, a Krysalis Edition glass Vitria hookah bowl, a carbon activated filtration system and a hose adapter. These hookahs do not include a Kaloud Aeolis hose, the Kaloud Lotus heat management system, or Kaloud Vestara tongs. These accessories can be purchased separately.





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