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Shishabucks Hookahs

Shishabucks FAQ

Shishabucks Cloud hookahs have officially landed on the warehouse shelves here at! Offering a reinvented lineup of products ranging from travel-friendly, "tank" style acrylic hookahs to a more traditional stem and glass base design, Shishabucks even offers their own line of aluminum hookah bowls and heat management devices (HMDs) to further enhance your smoke sessions! Extremely precise manufacturing coupled with rigorous quality control results in a line of uniquely modern hookah pipes that deliver a smooth inhale, clean flavor, and monster clouds with no hesitation. Join the modern shisha movement today with a Shishabucks Cloud hookah!

Where are Shishabucks hookahs designed? 

Shishabucks designs their hookahs out of their engineering and research facility in Canada!

What are Shishabucks hookahs made from? 

Only using premium materials for their product collection, each Cloud hookah is made using anodized aluminum alongside ultra-thick acrylic plastic for the base.

What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a form of plastic that is known for its strength and durability. It is inexpensive to manufacture and can be molded to almost any design you can think of.

What do Shishabucks hookahs come with? 

Each hookah includes the Shishabucks stem, either a glass or acrylic base (depending on the model), a diffuser, a washable silicone Shishabucks hookah hose, and all the grommets you'll need to make your hookah airtight at every connection point. Additionally, you'll also receive our standard selection of free gifts that include a 50g box of shisha flavor, a small box or roll of hookah charcoal, metal tongs, pre-punched aluminum foil, and a stem cleaning brush! Shishabucks hookahs do not come included with a Shishabucks Sky Bowl or any hookah bowl; one must be purchased separately.

Which bases are compatible with Shishabucks hookahs?

Most Shishabucks hookahs are designed using a proprietary acrylic base design and are not compatible with any third-party bases. Shishabucks does offer replacement acrylic bases if needed. The Cloud Stick offers a more traditional stem style that is compatible with most large-sized hookah bases.





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