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Zahrah Hookahs

Zahrah originally launched their hookah selection with a series of all-glass hookahs, however, they have since pivoted to offer their latest and greatest, flag-ship hookah design known as the Spade! Delivering a purely modern design, Zahrah Spade hookahs are known for their exceptional quality smoke sessions and their ability to easily convert into a 2, 3, or 4 hose hookah (with the addition of the necessary hose adapters)! On top of the full-size, multi-hose compatible Spade hookah stem, you'll also find Zahrah has created several more single-hose options such as the Spade Junior and Spade Genie; making it easier than ever to find your ideal sized Zahrah hookah whether it be small, medium, or large.

What are Zahrah hookahs made out of? 

The exterior of the Zahrah Spade hookah stems are constructed using aerospace grade 6061 CNC machined aluminum. The interior down stem is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Can I add another hose to a Zahrah hookah?

The original Zahrah Spade can be converted into a multi-hose hookah with up to four (4) total hoses using the necessary Zahrah auto-seal hose adapters. Other models such as the Spade Junior and Spade Genie are NOT multi-hose capable and are only sold as single hose hookahs.

Which bases are compatible with Zahrah hookahs?  

The full-size Zahrah Spade hookah, as well as the Spade Jr., are compatible with "large" hookah bases measuring ~11-12 inches tall with an opening diameter of ~1.75-2 inches. Need help finding a compatible base? Reach out to our customer service team and we'll be happy to help!

What comes with a Zahrah hookah?  

The Zahrah Spade hookahs are only sold as a standalone hookah shaft, so they will only include the shaft, a coal tray, and grommets. A hookah bowl, hose, and base must be purchased separately.

My hookah stem is loose and moves around in the base, how do I fix it? 

Many glass bases are made by hand, so there can be slight variations in how well your stem and base fit together. In most cases, a better fitting base grommet is all that is needed to fix this issue. You can find our available selection of hookah grommets here. Need additional help getting your base to fit? Reach out to our friendly customer service team.





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