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A loose grommet or air leak can bring any smoke session to a halt, so make sure your setup stays airtight at every possible connection point with our collection of hookah bowl, hose, and base grommets! With replacement hookah grommets available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, you'll have no problem creating the perfect seal for all your favorite shisha accessories.

Which hose grommet will work with my hookah? 

The hose grommet that will work best depends on the exact style and shape of your hookah's hose port. Traditional hookahs, like Khalil Mamoon hookahs or Nammors, have a deeper hose port that typically requires the use of a longer, more rigid "Egyptian" hose grommet. Many modern hookahs, like from MYA or BYO Hookahs, have more shallow hose ports that work best with a shorter, more flexible option like the Syrian or MYA hookah hose grommets. Feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team and we'll be happy to assist.

Which bowl grommet will work with my hookah? 

The bowl grommet you need is typically determined by the hookah bowl that you're using, so it can vary. If the opening on your bowl is larger, you may need a thicker, more rigid option like the Mod bowl grommet. If your bowl has a smaller opening, a thinner grommet like the Egyptian or MYA bowl grommets may be a better alternative. If you use a variety of different hookah bowls, we recommend having at least one or two of each type of bowl grommet on hand for convenience. Take a look at our blog for more information on choosing the right hookah bowl grommet.

Which base grommet will work with my hookah? 

The base grommet you'll need for your hookah depends on both your hookah stem and the base you're using it on. Most hookah bases are handmade and can have slight variations in measurements that can affect your grommet fitting, so you will want to double-check the size you need. Many traditional models like Khalil Mamoon hookahs usually require either a small or large Egyptian base grommet, while some modern hookahs will use something like the MYA base grommet - or even no base grommet at all! Need help finding the right base grommet? Contact our customer service team for additional assistance.

Why is my hookah bowl, base, or hose loose? 

A poor-fitting grommet is typically the cause of a loose hookah base, bowl, or hose. Using grommets that are either too large or too small can cause your hookah and accessories to move around or fall off entirely. To fix how your hookah grommet fits, we recommend using a different size or style to provide a better seal. Need help finding out which grommets you'll need to get the best seal? Reach out to our expert customer service team and we'll be ready to assist. For a temporary hookah grommet solution, check out our blog on making a grommet out of a paper towel here.

Can I use a hookah without grommets? 

Most of the time, grommets will be required to allow your hookah to smoke properly. However, some hookahs do not require the use of certain grommets such as many glass hookahs or hookahs with threaded bases. If you require a grommet now and cannot wait, check out our blog to see how you may be able to make a temporary hookah grommet from a paper towel.

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