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From providing a safe place to ash your hookah charcoal to holding additional coals during your shisha session, hookah charcoal trays are one of the most useful, yet underrated, parts of a hookah setup. They can be found on virtually every kind of hookah pipe ranging from traditional to modern and play a supporting role in keeping your smoke sessions hassle-free. Whether you're looking for a replacement coal tray or just looking to spice up your stem with a new style, you've found the best place to shop hookah trays right here at Hookah-Shisha.

What is a hookah tray? 

A hookah tray is typically a round plate with raised edges that sits near the top of your hookah and serves as a place to safely ash or store lit hookah charcoal. They can be made using a variety of styles and materials.

What are hookah trays made out of? 

In most cases, hookah trays are made from heat-safe stainless steel, however, they can also be made from aluminum or glass.

Which charcoal tray will fit my hookah? 

Due to the wide variety of sizes and styles when it comes to both hookahs and trays, not all trays will be compatible with all hookahs. You will need to make sure the measurement of the inner diameter, as well as the total diameter of the tray, is compatible with your hookah. Egyptian hookahs, like Khalil Mamoons, typically use wider stamped trays with a larger hole in the middle, while many modern brands feature trays with a smaller, more precise inner diameter. To check if your hookah is compatible with a certain coal tray, check the tray's description for exact measurements or reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team for assistance.

Why is my hookah tray loose? 

A loose hookah tray is not necessarily abnormal so don't worry just yet. Many traditional hookahs, like those from Khalil Mamoon, feature trays that will move slightly from side to side however many modern hookahs feature more exact tray measurements that will not be loose. As a general rule, as long as your hookah tray is firmly supported from underneath and does not tilt when something like tongs or coals are placed on it, then it should be acceptable to use and will not affect your hookah's performance.

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