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26 Dec

Hookah Haiku Contest

EDIT (1/23): We’ve announced the winner! Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see who we’ve crowned the Hookah Haiku King/Queen!

We’re getting back to our roots with a good old fashion Hookah Haiku Contest! This was the first contest that we ever hosted, and it’s time to bring it full circle. We want you to write us a haiku about hookah life, post it in the comment section of this blog, and you’ll be eligible to win a free, one of a kind hookah!


1) Submission must be a haiku! What is a haiku? It’s a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. It would look something like this:

I smoke the shisha

The shisha doesn’t smoke me

Now I need a nap

2) You can submit as many as you would like.

3) You must submit your haiku in the comment section of this blog.

4) All submissions must be received by January 16, 2013. We will choose the top ten poems, and the winner will be randomly selected from those 10 by way of a drawing.


Want a sneak peek at the prize? It’s a Regal Queen Hookah, which is not even in production any longer! The unique wooden shaft is highly coveted among hookah lovers – and it can be yours with some simple wordsmithery!

Good luck to all! Please feel free to email us at hookahlove@hookah-shisha.com if you have any questions.


The hose hasn’t moved
Hookah hoarded by one man
Must not strike my friends
I am a dragon
Of spirals metal and glass
Fire sweet molasses
ornament stature
pull. bury me in the haze
of thick divine breaths
Wise, white, whipping clouds
Witness my thoughts, plans, hopes, dreams
Wish me well and pass
Atop a toad stool
He turned his thorax my way
Said he, “whO, aRe, yoU?”
Hookah my true love
For what is three thousand years
between friends like us?
Oh such wonderful
Tendrils of soft seeking smoke
Traveling across
A scent tickles my senses
Shisha in the wind
Oh billowing smoke
Ascend to the firmament
Hookah, my delight

And the winner is…

1,049 Responses to “Hookah Haiku Contest”

  1. 1
    Cristian Says:

    Long stressful day
    Been waiting for this
    Shisha you are mine

  2. 2
    Saif Says:

    Filling the hookah with life
    slowly inhaling, enjoying
    exhaling life smoke, so fast yet so beautiful

  3. 3
    Saif Says:

    Around me floats smoke
    It fills the room to the top
    Am I in heaven

  4. 4
    Ben S. Says:

    Shisha on the beach
    Mizo, Shareazad, ice line
    Nakla I love you!

  5. 5
    Saif Says:

    Smooth smoke soothing lungs
    Allow yourself to take a breath
    Slowly now, breathe out

  6. 6
    Rob Says:

    The hookah I crave
    Relaxation most profound
    Pass the hose around

  7. 7
    Rob Says:

    The shisha it calls
    Such intoxicating scent
    I need a napkin

  8. 8
    michael Says:

    I love some hookah
    Humongous clouds fill the room
    My favorite flavor

  9. 9
    Rob Says:

    Cigars I started
    Shisha I discovered
    A welcome add on

  10. 10
    kent Says:

    It is hookah time
    Every day and every night
    Now I smoke again

  11. 11
    Christopher Says:

    Long Days and short Nights
    Stress around every corner
    Shisha is relief

  12. 12
    Ben S. Says:

    Having a long day,
    What will be my today?
    Tangiers, just might may

  13. 13
    Saif Says:

    Fire in the sky
    I know we’ll never forget
    Smoke on the Water!

  14. 14
    Rob Says:

    A relax setting
    Preparing social action
    Now your moment comes

  15. 15
    Saul Says:

    Oh my wet Romman
    All packed in my black vortex
    It’s time to relax

  16. 16
    Saif Says:

    A random haiku
    To dominate this contest
    Give me the hookah

  17. 17
    Parker Says:

    Hookah by my side
    Breathe in delicious, smooth smoke
    Exhale all life’s stress

  18. 18
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    I’m hooked on hookah
    Enjoying pure nirvana
    One puff at a time

  19. 19
    Julio Says:

    Coals Lit Like The Sun
    Shisha Slowly Falls Like Leafs
    The White Smoke Rises

  20. 20
    Ilyas Sultan Says:

    Hookah is so nice
    Would be nicer with no price
    Should I say it thrice

  21. 21
    brock hamilton Says:

    Clouds of flavor
    The breath of the gods
    Lifting me up high

  22. 22
    Michael Says:

    I love some hookah
    Humongous clouds fill the room
    Favorite flavor

    Time to heat up coals
    Load up some fruity shisha
    Best session ever

    It’s time to relax
    Set up my favorite pipe
    My great cloud machine

  23. 23
    Corey Rose Says:

    Christmas came and went
    On shisha my cash was spent
    Let hookah commence

  24. 24
    Vincent Eenhuis Says:

    Deep breath, let it out,
    The smoke billows from my mouth,
    Blowin’ O’s with bros.

  25. 25
    Corey Rose Says:

    I love hookah so
    To the smoke shop I will go
    Man this line is slow

  26. 26
    Vincent Eenhuis Says:

    My first breath of smoke,
    The air around me is still,
    I release, cloud peace.

  27. 27
    Corey Rose Says:

    Starbuzz and Tangiers
    Were my favorites for years
    Raise your hoses, cheers!

  28. 28
    Stephanie Says:

    hookah is the best
    i smoke hookah everyday
    it relaxes me

  29. 29
    James Says:

    Shisha one of is kind

    You belong in me

    Inhale the good exhale the bad

  30. 30
    Andrew Says:

    The thick smoke blows round
    Swiftly falling to the ground
    Hookah-Shisha bound

  31. 31
    Mykael Says:

    Soft apprehension
    Shisha water hose charcoal
    relaxing at last

  32. 32
    Shanna Says:

    charcoal burning red
    sweet scented clouds surrounding
    stress of the day gone

  33. 33
    Michael Says:

    Gorgeous metal pipe
    Shimmering in elegance
    Practical centerpiece

  34. 34
    Kellie Says:

    surrounded by clouds
    the godliest of buzzes
    hookah paradise

  35. 35
    Jill Says:

    I watch the minutes pass
    The time is near
    Double Apple awaits me

  36. 36
    Rourie Says:

    I relax within
    To smoke in Serenity
    My hookah remains

  37. 37
    Nick Says:

    criss cross applesauce

    pass the hose around the room

    share the smoke…social

  38. 38
    george aguillon Says:

    smoking good flavors
    With friends all day and all night
    hookah i love you!!!

  39. 39
    Zach Gessler Says:

    Bowl is packed
    Black leaf I like to enjoy
    Hookah Shisha Joy

  40. 40
    Sebastian Says:

    Khalil Mamoom
    Is Great with Al Fakher Mint
    Big white Tasty Clouds

  41. 41
    Greg Says:

    Coals are getting hot
    A full bowl; shared with my love
    We can’t get enough

  42. 42
    Greg Says:

    Smoke takes you away
    Winter pipes are always nice
    Shisha’s like a dream

  43. 43
    Greg Says:

    Sticky finger pride
    Exotic smells serve me well
    Day or night delight

  44. 44
    Greg Says:

    Moist Shisha, hot coals
    Humid air holds smoke so well
    Burns add charm to rugs

  45. 45
    Gavin Says:

    Calming mango shisha
    Mind and body relaxed
    I love my hookah

  46. 46
    Greg Says:

    Think of it all day
    Don’t take my hookah away!
    Nothing more to say

  47. 47
    Eric Says:

    I breathe in the smoke
    Exhaling clouds white and thick
    Heaven in a bowl

  48. 48
    Eric Says:

    Why do I smoke it?
    I love the taste, smell and buzz
    It is my anchor

  49. 49
    Eric Says:

    O’s waft down like leafs
    Spinning weightlessly in space
    I want to float too

  50. 50
    Eric Says:

    Silly little pipe
    You cannot dance like a man
    Hookah sit down please

  51. 51
    Eric Says:

    All out of shisha
    Hookah-shisha help me out
    Send me more asap

  52. 52
    Luis Says:

    The coals on the stove
    Pack shisha into the bowl
    It is Hookah time

  53. 53
    Eric Says:

    Tangiers tastes so good
    but it is so hard to pack
    greatness at a price

  54. 54
    Justin Says:

    A breath of pure white
    Hot coals stave off winter’s chill
    Tastes like Schnozzberry

  55. 55
    Eric Says:

    Hookah haiku time
    I wish I could write better
    I just want free stuff

  56. 56
    Justin Says:

    I can submit more?
    Shisha is so delicious!
    (I want that hookah)

  57. 57
    Eric Says:

    The hose hasn’t moved
    Hookah hoarded by one man
    Must not strike my friends

  58. 58
    Eric Says:

    So many entries
    I am in it to win it
    The prize will be mine

  59. 59
    Eric Says:

    Smoking outdoors now
    It is too damn cold for this
    Clouds or just my breath

  60. 60
    Eric Says:

    I like al Fahker
    My friends all prefer Nahkla
    To each their own choice

  61. 61
    Brett Says:

    Cookin up that coal
    Except when it be rippin
    Long hose be cheefin

  62. 62
    Eric Says:

    Come home from my job
    I missed you so much Hookah
    Time to sit and smoke

  63. 63
    Eric Says:

    Fumo glass is prime
    but will cost a pretty dime
    Short on cash this time

  64. 64
    Eric Says:

    Down steam, bowl, hose, vase
    These four parts a hookah makes
    I guess shisha too

  65. 65
    Alec Says:

    Coals burn like fire
    The bowl is packed with Starbuzz
    Now time to enjoy.

  66. 66
    Ryan M. Says:

    A Khalil Mammoon
    Not just another hookah
    A part of myself

  67. 67
    Alec Says:

    Coconara coals
    Vortex bowl with Fumari
    A winner for all.

  68. 68
    Greg Says:

    Smokey beginnings
    Into my lungs, paradise found
    I live to Hookah

  69. 69
    Daumar B. Says:

    Egyptian hookah
    Standing tall, coals burning hot
    As smoke rings fly by

  70. 70
    Greg Says:

    Smokey beginnings
    In*** my lungs, paradise found
    I live to Hookah

  71. 71
    bijan dietz Says:

    Shisha smelling good
    Blowing clouds that are white
    Feeling so damn right

  72. 72
    Christian Says:

    Hookah is awesome
    Hookah-Shisha makes it so
    I love this website

  73. 73
    Brandon Says:

    Back from college now
    time to hang with my best friends
    light up the shisha

  74. 74
    Brandon Says:

    Head to the city
    Going to be a good night
    Hang in Karma Lounge

  75. 75
    Brandon Says:

    First time smoking sesh
    Friends show off their smoking skills
    french inhale smoke rings

  76. 76
    Stuie Says:

    Lit Coconaras
    A Tangiers Packed Phunnel Bowl
    The Clouds Are Flowing

  77. 77
    erasmo zamora Says:

    pack the shisha in
    light the coconara coals
    take a puff ,enjoy

  78. 78
    erasmo Says:

    pack the shisha in
    light the coconara coals
    inhale and enjoy

  79. 79
    Greg Says:

    Gather your senses
    It’s time we throw them away
    Let’s hookah all day

  80. 80
    Greg Says:

    Love born instantly
    Increasing intensity
    Vortex bowls rule all

  81. 81
    Dustin Says:

    What should I smoke now?
    Fantasia Ace of Spades?
    Yes, that would be great!

  82. 82
    Dane Says:

    Shisha you are great
    Take a hit and blow my O’s
    I love you Shisha

  83. 83
    Kat Says:

    Oh smoking friend
    Our lungs may be giving up
    But we will never quit

  84. 84
    Kat Says:

    I need to relax
    Reaching for my shisha now
    Such a good day

  85. 85
    Charlie Says:

    Aromatic Clouds
    Roll Gracefully to Freedom
    I Still taste the Mint

  86. 86
    Kenneth Says:

    How perfect you smoke Nammor.
    With any Shisha.

  87. 87
    Kenneth Says:

    Winter approaches.
    Time for holiday shisha.
    Tangiers has lastpie.

  88. 88
    Kenneth Says:

    Five, seven and five.
    This seventeen syllables.
    Haiku of Hookah.

  89. 89
    Kenneth Says:

    Don’t weep,hookah folk.
    Tangiers will be in stock soon.
    But not soon enough.

  90. 90
    Kenneth Says:

    Starbuzz Cocobuzz.
    or Coconara’s for coals.
    Just personal choice.

  91. 91
    Kenneth Says:

    Hookah and Shisha.
    You can not beat these sweet deals.
    I love this website!

  92. 92
    bijan dietz Says:

    Lighting up some coals
    Packing up my vortex bowl
    And punching some foil

  93. 93
    Jason Says:

    This cold winter’s night
    Without a flicker of Light
    My Hookah Burns bright

  94. 94
    Jason Says:

    Surviving the storm
    With only smoke to stay warm
    One puff I’m reborn

  95. 95
    Jason Says:

    New Year is coming

    The Good times are here to stay

    Puff last year away

  96. 96
    Jason Says:

    One hookah stands tall

    Will always rise above all

    Nammor Trinity

  97. 97
    Megan Says:

    Using quick-light coals
    Convenient for the lazy
    Why does my head hurt?

  98. 98
    Rob Says:

    Soft billowing clouds
    Tensions begin to unfold
    Thoughts most perfect bliss

  99. 99
    Rob Says:

    A pinch of shisha
    Water running free and cold
    Hot coals atop bowl

  100. 100
    Eben Says:

    Grandparents are gone
    The Hookah stands all alone
    Time to get smoking

  101. 101
    Jonathan Says:

    Shisha packed lightly
    Coals warming up tobacco
    Big white puffy clouds

  102. 102
    george a Says:

    just got new hookah
    going out with all my friends
    what flavor to get

  103. 103
    george a Says:

    Here looking online
    All these flavors to choose from
    Good choice on Starbuzz

  104. 104
    Aaron Says:

    Water in the base
    Coconaras glowing red
    Inhale the thick smoke

  105. 105
    george a Says:

    New Pocket hookah
    Smoke where ever I go now
    With who ever near

  106. 106
    Erik Says:

    Hookahs lit stars bright
    Can I suck on you tonight
    Let the good times roll

  107. 107
    Corey Says:

    Starbuzz and Tangiers
    Were my favorites for years
    Raise your hoses, cheers

  108. 108
    Corey Says:

    I blow fluffy clouds
    Smoking my Khalil Mamoon
    Gotta repack soon

  109. 109
    Corey Says:

    Coals burn like the sun
    Blowing smoke just like the clouds
    Smoke under the moon

  110. 110
    Corey Says:

    I’ve spent so much cash
    On hookahs, shisha and coals
    My money well spent

  111. 111
    Brandon Says:

    Summer has begun
    Time to light up the hookah
    Flavor fills the air

  112. 112
    Seth Says:

    Glowing red hot coals
    Heating the juicy shisha
    Billowing white clouds

  113. 113
    Adem Memic Says:

    I smoke my hookah
    Smoking hookah with my bro’s
    We do that errday

  114. 114
    Ed Kopek Says:

    Mist flows through liquid
    Cooling vapors fill the air
    Calmness comes at last

  115. 115
    Adam Says:

    All I do is try
    To get my Tangiers smoking.
    But I get harsh smoke.

  116. 116
    Uwais Says:

    Around me floats smoke
    Inhaling and exhaling
    Am i in heaven

  117. 117
    Sebastian Says:

    Bright Shiny Hookash
    Wet Chopped Up Juicy Shisha
    All Natural coals

  118. 118
    Adrian F Says:

    Silent smoke sunders

    Pungent precious perception

    Deepens to the deathly dank

  119. 119
    Eric Makl Says:

    My hookah, My friend,
    You satisfy me again,
    Coals, Hose, Blowin’ O’s.

  120. 120
    Andres Flores Says:

    long hectic Christmas
    enjoying shisha in,out
    SIGH, I dropped the coal.

  121. 121
    Adrian Says:

    Oh thick smokey cloud
    The shisha makes my heart pound
    When I breathe it in

  122. 122
    Adrian Says:

    When I breathe it in
    The shisha makes my heart pound
    Oh thick smokey cloud

  123. 123
    Chelsea L. Says:

    Oh My Love For Thee

    My Khalil Mamoon Hookah’s

    For Eternity



  124. 124
    Crystal Says:

    Just a break from life
    Cool cloudy smoke fogs my mind
    For a moments time

  125. 125
    Crystal Says:

    Sweetly Scented Mist
    Relish In Divine Delight
    Savor Each Moment

  126. 126
    Joe Says:

    Starbuzz in the air
    Lots of smoke rings everywhere
    Relaxing evening

  127. 127
    Joe Says:

    The bowl is prepared
    I embark on my journey
    Away to cloud nine

  128. 128
    Eeann Says:

    new pharaoh hookah
    loaded with some fantasia
    got some purple haze

  129. 129
    Crystal Says:

    Flawless Glitter Glass
    Decadent Seductive Taste
    Anticipate It.

  130. 130
    Eeann Says:

    at the hookah bar
    got that big Kalil Mamoon
    thunder clouds rolling

  131. 131
    Crystal Says:

    Relax and Inhale
    Let go of fears and worries
    Keep the flames glowing

  132. 132
    Jason Says:

    Smoked in my Coma
    Rather striking persona
    What sweet aroma

  133. 133
    Tyler Says:

    Blowing smoke is fun
    Clean it load it burn it smoke
    Hookah is my friend

  134. 134
    Jason Says:

    These long weeks of work
    smoked away in an instant
    Pure tranquility

  135. 135
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    I’m hooked on Hookah
    Inhale exhale Nirvana
    Life’s just a pipe dream

  136. 136
    Greg Says:

    On the way to class
    Cup-holder hookah bubbling
    The car smells so nice

  137. 137
    Nathan Says:

    coconara life
    fantasia is the best ever
    can not top the smoke

  138. 138
    DocRobert Says:

    Inflamed CoCo Coals
    You Can Hear The Bubbles Burst
    Mizo Blueberry

  139. 139
    Matt Says:

    My mod bowl just fine
    Do not fill up to the line
    Easy as fine wine

  140. 140
    Joe Vo Says:

    Mint shisha in bowl
    QT smoking like a pro
    Now to rotate coals

  141. 141
    Joe Vo Says:

    Different flavors
    Shisha glycerine goodness
    Got to try them all

  142. 142
    Joe Vo Says:

    Puff puff pass that hose
    This isn’t smoke it’s vapor
    Look at these dense clouds

  143. 143
    Jennifer Says:

    The water is still
    The hookah has long been slient
    Grab the hose and make a smile

  144. 144
    Joe Vo Says:

    Starbuzz is no buzz
    Fluffy pack big dense white clouds
    Watch this ghost inhale

  145. 145
    Joe Vo Says:

    Many unique bowls
    Vortex, egyptian, phunnel
    Be smart, take your pick

  146. 146
    Joe Vo Says:

    Hey, check out my hose
    Fancy, not too shabby right?
    Guess how much it cost.

  147. 147
    Joe Vo Says:

    Dim lights, friends talking
    Hookah time, it’s the weekend
    Try this new flavorr

  148. 148
    Joe Vo Says:

    Dim lights, friends talking
    Hookah time, it’s the weekend
    Try this new flavor

  149. 149
    Joe Vo Says:

    Ice in hookah base
    Pop on the frozen ice tip
    Best cold smoke with mint

  150. 150
    Joe Vo Says:

    The diffuser on
    Hookah in silence tonight
    Roommates are sleeping

  151. 151
    Joe Vo Says:

    Time to ash the coals
    Just drop them on the ash tray
    And rotate them back

  152. 152
    Joe Vo Says:

    Reynolds Wrap foil
    HD or just regular?
    For heat management

  153. 153
    Joe Vo Says:

    Pack phunnels real tight
    Nakhla, AF, or Tangiers
    Smoke best in phunnels

  154. 154
    Joe Vo Says:

    Vortex so no drip
    Easy cleaning after it
    Really nice air-flow

  155. 155
    Joe Vo Says:

    Hookah bowls with fruit
    Hookah bases made with fruit
    Let the flavors mix

  156. 156
    Joe Vo Says:

    Let’s mix the shisha
    Create a unique flavor
    Mint works with it all

  157. 157
    Joe Vo Says:

    Relaxing and chill
    Watching the game with hookah
    Celebrate with friends

  158. 158
    Joe Vo Says:

    Put the coals on top
    Time to warm up the shisha
    Patience, pull pull pull

  159. 159
    Joe Vo Says:

    QT or big one
    Both allow white puffy clouds
    Bigger cools smoke more

  160. 160
    Joe Vo Says:

    QT a beauty
    Travel partner to parties
    Hookah anywhere

  161. 161
    Joe Vo Says:

    Have you seen my hose?
    This one better than my ex
    Which one to buy next?

  162. 162
    Jacob Says:

    water, fire, play a part
    hookah is the best

  163. 163
    tyler Says:

    Blowing smoke is fun
    Clean it load it burn it smoke
    hookah is my friend

  164. 164
    Alex Remai Says:

    I will pack two bowls
    Smoke bowls before smoking bowls
    then i smoke two more

  165. 165
    Alex Remai Says:

    Rings are always great
    french inhale and atom bomb
    then a smoke bubble

  166. 166
    Alex Remai Says:

    i like to smoke mint
    its cool and refreshing hint
    so smoke simply mint

  167. 167
    Alex Remai Says:

    hookah shisha rocks
    i love the contests offered
    smoke shish everyday

  168. 168
    Frankie Says:

    Pucker a smoke ring
    Beauty of the smoke
    silky nimbus blows

  169. 169
    Roger Sanchez Says:

    The Shisha is my friends
    I Set my Friends on Fire
    Then i smoke and blow my friends

  170. 170
    Roger Sanchez Says:

    Shisha is my Friends
    i Set my friends on fire
    I Blow and Smoke my Friends

  171. 171
    Cody Says:

    Beautiful glass base
    Metal stem tall and proud
    Smoke rings in a fog

  172. 172
    nick Says:

    Man I want some more

    Can we mix them together

    So many flavors

  173. 173
    Hookah Services Says:

    I would love to e a part of it…..

  174. 174
    Adrian Says:

    Blow rings or ghost breaths
    With shisha do what you please
    Shisha for the win

  175. 175
    Adrian Says:

    I wrap the tin foil
    And the coal I start to burn
    Breath in and breath out

  176. 176
    Adrian Says:

    Smoke your troubles out
    Scented cloud take me away
    To a smokey bliss

  177. 177
    Adrian Says:

    Flavor I savor
    Cherry, blueberry or lime
    Shisha you’re so fine

  178. 178
    Corey Says:

    Here is to the Smoke
    Starbuzz or Fumari burning
    Nammor in my Hand

  179. 179
    steven lee Says:

    Filling the hookah with life
    slowly inhaling, life
    exhaling life smoke, so fast yet so belife

  180. 180
    Kilroy-JP Says:

    night,I imagine
    Last of year

    [Japanese,the same mean]
    Wa-Re Yu-Me-Hu-Ke-Ru


  181. 181
    Matt Says:

    Coals are burning bright
    The shisha tastes really light
    Get it on tonight

  182. 182
    Megan Says:

    Deep, succulent breaths
    Hazy phantoms waltz with me
    O’ greatest pleasure!

  183. 183
    Mark Henderson Says:

    Dressed in blue and chrome
    Draped in velvet with glass lips
    I was so turned on……

  184. 184
    Luke Rosinski Says:

    Clouds of smoke dancing
    Like her love, floating away
    My only comfort

  185. 185
    Luke Says:

    Blue mist and gray smoke
    Ramses standing tall and proud
    Friends gathered in awe

  186. 186
    Darrell Says:

    Big thick cloud of smoke
    Feel the breath of the dragon
    Shisha is legend

  187. 187
    Basho Says:

    雲流れ (The clouds are flowing)
    暴風雨のように (Like an oncoming rainstorm)
    平穏精神 (My soul is at ease.)

  188. 188
    Reza Says:

    Santa my 1 wish
    To win this competition
    From hooka-shisha

  189. 189
    Ruqayya Says:

    Fumari spiced chai
    Just designed to blow your mind
    One pull and you’re hooked

  190. 190
    Reza Says:

    All over the world
    We have one thing in common
    We all love hookah

  191. 191
    Reza Says:

    HOOKAH, what a word
    When I hear it I just drool
    It’s an addiction

  192. 192
    Reza Says:

    Why go to the moon?
    Certain pipes can take you there
    Like Khalil MaMOON

  193. 193
    Otto. Says:

    Sweet scent in the bowl
    Fumari is in my lungs
    Beautiful vapor

  194. 194
    Otto. Says:

    The moon has risen
    The water is bubbling
    The coals are alight

  195. 195
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    smokey elixer
    puff after puff after puff
    hookah’s awesome stuff

  196. 196
    Ilyas Sultan Says:

    Now this is for you
    Tarry on Hookah Shisha
    We are behind you

  197. 197
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    it’s never enough
    puff after puff after puff
    hookah’s awesome stuff

  198. 198
    Corey Says:

    Betwixt thine taste buds
    Hath cometh thy draft of smoke
    Beseech love, hookah

  199. 199
    Sebastian Says:

    Starbuzz or some fumari
    I don’t care its good
    they make some amazing clouds

  200. 200
    Jeremy Says:


  201. 201
    Sebastian Says:


  202. 202
    Lucas Says:

    Flying Saucer Bowl
    Angle making coals slide quick

  203. 203
    Lucas Says:

    No buzz for this guy
    Tangiers won’t get me again
    I’m gonna sit down

  204. 204
    Lucas Says:

    Rolling on the floor
    Dancing in front of my eyes
    Filling the room, smoke

  205. 205
    Kelsey Says:

    Inhaling the rose
    Mingling with the taste of mint
    God damn you, charcoal!

  206. 206
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Feeling like Elvis
    Hookah hookah burning love
    As I smoke Shisha

  207. 207
    Joe L Says:

    The summer solstice
    Sets with the natural coal
    In a vortex bowl.

  208. 208
    Aqil Says:

    Packing a Bowl:

    Fingers are sticky
    Aluminum foil is out
    Time to poke some holes

  209. 209
    Noah musachia Says:

    I packed the shisha
    Also lit the coals
    Then I smoke the shisha

  210. 210
    Noah musachia Says:

    Smoke shisha
    Nap on shisha
    Love shisha

  211. 211
    Zachary etheridge Says:

    Serving people all day.
    Friends, so many just come and go
    Don’t trip over the hose

  212. 212
    Ilyas Sultan Says:

    The smoke I inhale
    Brings a state of nirvana
    I exhale in bliss

  213. 213
    anit Says:

    light coals pack a bowl
    sit down and enjoy the smoke
    relax, rest your soul

  214. 214
    Amanda Says:

    Feeling soft, white smoke
    Exhaling from my body
    Relaxation and calm

  215. 215
    Zach Says:

    Only use one hose
    Now the conversation flows
    like soft, fuzzy prose

  216. 216
    donald berger Says:

    smoking sheesh all day
    focusing chi with my boys
    goddam i love it

  217. 217
    Brennan Says:

    Hookah smoke, it floats
    Like spectral waves ’round a boat
    Breath, its phantom moat

  218. 218
    Jonathan Sweikata Says:

    Hear the shisha call
    Put the coals onto the stove
    relax puff escape

  219. 219
    Luke Says:

    Smoke floating away
    It moves the way her hips did
    I kept the Hookah

  220. 220
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    You believe life sucks?
    Suck on this hookah, feel like
    A Million bucks

  221. 221
    Angel Says:

    Clouds of ecstasy
    Fill me with your gentle touch
    With you I am whole

  222. 222
    Tenshi Says:

    Soothing whisps of smoke
    Caress me with your warm touch
    Breathe in the spirit

  223. 223
    baksh Says:

    Glowing like a star
    Bubbling like a shallow brook
    Dancing on a cloud

  224. 224
    Tenshi Says:

    Through the looking glass
    Caterpillar I become
    And just WHOooo are Youuu?

  225. 225
    baksh Says:

    Treasures sealed away
    A rumble from the cold cave
    The dragon awakes

  226. 226
    Bob Says:

    Pack the Shisha
    swallow the rest
    BLAAAAAH what happend there

  227. 227
    john brindeiro Says:

    i smell the blue mist
    light the bowl with coca coals
    blow o’s dumb smoke nap

  228. 228
    Kyle Says:

    The smoke, it beckons
    Gentle clouds caress my face
    My troubles, they cease

  229. 229
    Taylor Says:

    Inhale, Exhale
    The Circle of Life
    Enjoy it, Friend

  230. 230
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Hookah and Shisha
    An intoxicating tale
    Of eternal love

  231. 231
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Living forever
    Does Puff the Magic Dragon
    Puff on the Hookah?

  232. 232
    Richard Rubner Says:

    I sit and exhale
    Smoke driving to the Heavens
    As the world floats by

  233. 233
    Lauren Kinney Says:

    inhale from hookah,
    let the smoke surround the stress
    exhale the problems

  234. 234
    Lauren Kinney Says:

    A cloudy surprise,
    greets you as you walk inside.
    aah yes, hookah smoke

  235. 235
    Lauren Kinney Says:

    inhale from hookah,
    let the smoke surround the stress,
    exhale the problems

  236. 236
    Lauren Kinney Says:

    today what to choose?
    grape, watermelon, or mint?
    or should they be mixed?

  237. 237
    Lauren Kinney Says:

    a warm summer day,
    relaxing with the hookah,
    smoking on the deck

  238. 238
    Kyle Runge Says:

    I can haz hookah?
    Y u no blow the smoke rings?
    Memes for yr contest

  239. 239
    Alex G Says:

    Blowing my smoke rings
    My friends always destroy them
    My friends are assholes.

  240. 240
    Catherine massie Says:

    Cleaned, packed, ready to smoke.
    Friends gathered to hang once more.
    Hookah time begins.

  241. 241
    Lance Says:

    Deep, succulent breaths
    O,O,O,O, french inhale
    This is my time, now.

  242. 242
    Jose C. Says:

    Hookah on my wish list
    Boxes of shisha under the christmas tree
    i think its well earned

  243. 243
    jesse t Says:

    surfer on acid
    light up the concoction
    now pass it around

  244. 244
    Jose C. Says:

    I like smoking shisha everyday
    Without my hookah I will go insane
    And I learned every trick

  245. 245
    Jillian P Says:

    Absolute Zero
    Clouds so thick and wonderful
    Hookah, I love you!

  246. 246
    Jillian P Says:

    Smoking Fantasia
    Out of my Khalil Mamoon
    Best smoke clouds to date!

  247. 247
    Gina T. Says:

    I am a dragon
    Of spirals metal and glass
    Fire sweet molasses

  248. 248
    Lucas Says:

    Look a vinyl chair
    Look a coal flies through the air
    Hookah I won’t share

  249. 249
    Joe Ritchie Says:

    Come my friends
    Put aside your worries
    For its time to hookah tonight.

  250. 250
    Lucas S Says:

    Hookahs: so special.
    Just what is it about you?
    You make days better.

  251. 251
    Steve Says:

    Dreams from the far East
    Brought to me in a dense cloud
    Never to leave my porch

  252. 252
    Lucas S Says:

    An addiction? No.
    Pure and perfect enjoyment.
    I love my hookah.

  253. 253
    Lucas S Says:

    Good friends, a hookah,
    Food, football, beer, champagne, love:
    Happy New Years Eve!

  254. 254
    Lucas S Says:

    My friend AJ asks:
    Do you feel like a dragon?
    Yes… that’s why I smoke.

  255. 255
    James Raleigh Says:

    You look in terror
    Everything moving so fast
    A new burn to add

  256. 256
    Doug Pellegrini Says:

    Sit back and relax
    Time is on our side my friend
    Breathe, breathe in the air

  257. 257
    Chris Says:

    Life, smoking hookah,
    The more time you enjoy it,
    The sweeter it gets!

  258. 258
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    inhale, pause, exhale,
    stress leaves in a cloud of smoke,
    everything is calm

  259. 259
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Smoke smells real good
    The taste of raspberries
    The hookah is bliss

  260. 260
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    sweet tranquility
    at peace with the whole wide world
    love is a full bowl

  261. 261
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    sweet tangiers
    at peace with the whole wide world
    Love is a full bowl

  262. 262
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Pure Puffs of Pleasure
    That is all that I Pursue
    for me and for You

  263. 263
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Just burnt my shisha
    And now I am pretty sad
    The Humanity..

  264. 264
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Nakhla is my game.
    Starbuzz is pretty alright.
    But Tangiers rules all.

  265. 265
    Sides of My Mind Says:

    Tuck the kids in bed.
    Breath a big cloud of relief.
    Talk about or day.

  266. 266
    Evan Says:

    The smoke hangs heavy
    Clouds and O’s and french inhale
    Smoke-ah the hookah

  267. 267
    Sides of My Mind Says:

    Coals turn shades of gray.
    Soft clouds roll over smooth toys.
    Things are warming up.

  268. 268
    Marshall Says:

    Foil on a full bowl
    With a coal on the very top
    Pull, and bring me Joy.

  269. 269
    Marshall Says:

    Traditional piece
    Brings me traditional peace
    Let us settle down.

  270. 270
    Marshall Says:

    A hookah haiku
    Can be a hard thing to do
    When you need to poo.

  271. 271
    Ryan Says:

    Velvet Covered Hose
    Flavors From Multiple Lands
    Smoke Rings Everywhere

  272. 272
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Hookah Dash Shisha.
    Thank you oh-so-very-much.
    For giving me smoke.

  273. 273
    Marshall Says:

    What if I told you
    That when I smoke a hookah
    I feel really great!

  274. 274
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    The Artwork You Draw.
    Is Definitely NOT flawed.
    You leave me in awe.

  275. 275
    Marshall Says:

    I want a hookah
    To shoot rings all day and night
    And to share with friends


  276. 276
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    I want this Hookah.
    Oh Yes I Very Much Do.
    So Much I Could Poo.

  277. 277
    Marshall Says:

    We all love hookah
    A double edged sword some say
    But I will indulge.

  278. 278
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Plumes of the White Smoke.
    Like Puffy Clouds they Emote.
    That I have thus Spoke.

  279. 279
    Marshall Says:

    Take a deep long draw
    Make an “O” face, almost there
    Now pop, you got it!

  280. 280
    Paul O, Says:

    Cancer in my lungs…
    My chances slightly increased.
    Totally worth it!

  281. 281
    Paul O, Says:

    My friends smoke a lot,
    They got me into hookah.
    Now I own my own!

  282. 282
    Paul O, Says:

    Used some molasses,
    And some marijuana.
    Best homemade shisha.

  283. 283
    Paul O, Says:

    Mya, Fumo, Mod,
    Syrian, Tonic, Starbuzz.
    All my favorites!

  284. 284
    Paul O, Says:

    Sister’s gift: shisha.
    Parents did not know I smoked.
    Quite awkward Christmas.

  285. 285
    Matt F. Says:

    Metal, glass and coal,
    Sweet smoke passes through water.
    Inhale, then exhale.

  286. 286
    Amanda C. Says:

    Thick and milky white
    Flowing from my open mouth
    Mmm.. It tastes so good… ;P

  287. 287
    Amanda C. Says:

    Thick and milky white
    Flowing from my open mouth
    Mmm.. It tastes so good… ;O~~

  288. 288
    Allison Says:

    Leather faced old men
    Sweet scents and Turkish coffee
    White smoke in Cairo

  289. 289
    Allison Says:

    Smoke is in the Air
    Relax, comfy in my chair
    A circle for friends

  290. 290
    Allison Says:

    Together With friends
    We sit as family then
    Enjoy the time and smoke

  291. 291
    Allison Says:

    In breathes the smoke
    breathe out the dragon spirit
    we are all now one

  292. 292
    Darrell Says:

    Night is quite dreary
    Not sure what to do tonight
    Let us smoke hookah

  293. 293
    Darrell Says:

    Year is at an end
    Time for brand new beginnings
    Start with fresh shisha

  294. 294
    Jake S Says:

    Fantasia shisha.

    Caramel frappuccino.

    Break from endless fruit.

  295. 295
    Darrell Says:

    On days that are dark
    The hot coals bring me the light
    These bring me the smoke

  296. 296
    Darrell Says:

    In the jungles of city
    Wild humans run rampant here
    Hookah brings the peace

  297. 297
    Joel Jacobs Says:

    My Khalil Mammoon
    Tall, elegant, and perfect
    it’s a tool or art?

  298. 298
    Jake S Says:

    I watch and ponder

    As Smoke dances gracefully

    And then diisappears

  299. 299
    Jake S Says:

    Wonderful products.

    From Texas to my front door.

    Thanks hookah-shisha.

  300. 300
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    smoke cloud lift me up
    higher than the highest man
    to the great unknown

  301. 301
    Jake S Says:

    Use moderation

    Order seven kilograms

    Enough for a month. . .

  302. 302
    Jake S Says:

    Hookahs and shisha

    This haiku doesn’t make sense

    I hate poetry.

  303. 303
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Khayyam weeps, curses
    “No Hookah; thus uninspired
    To write my verses !”

  304. 304
    Reza Says:

    My pipe is a child
    It has a name and an age
    Name khalil, age one

  305. 305
    Jack C. Says:

    Glistening in light
    Awaiting New Year’s tonight
    Shines my hookah pipe

  306. 306
    Jack C. Says:

    Talking laughing now
    Friends in a circle of chairs
    Hookah in the air

  307. 307
    Reza Says:

    Mystique ice hose tip
    Inhale cold smoke, then exhale
    Repeat this process

  308. 308
    Sam p. Says:

    Long relaxing draw
    Shisha aroma fills room
    Sitting back, no worries

  309. 309
    Sam p. Says:

    Long relaxing draw
    Shisha aroma fills room
    Sitting back no worries

  310. 310
    Brennan Says:

    Atop a toad stool
    He turned his thorax my way
    Said he, “whO, aRe, yoU?”

  311. 311
    Brennan Says:

    Smoking by myself,
    Solidarity for me,
    Sit back and be free

  312. 312
    Brennan Says:

    Beneath the blue sky
    My coals glow red in contrast
    My own Yin and Yang

  313. 313
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Hookah hookah hookah
    Every day smoke able item
    Anywhere and anytime

  314. 314
    Artin K Says:

    Light the charcoal Up
    Our the charcoal on the top
    Smoke it till you drop.

  315. 315
    Artin K Says:

    Light the charcoal Up
    Put the charcoal on the top
    Smoke it till you drop.

  316. 316
    Josh S. Says:

    The smoke covers me
    the taste is heavenly
    Shisha is so good

  317. 317
    Otto. Says:

    Deep inhale, exhale
    Effluvium fills the air
    Alone and content

  318. 318
    Josh S. Says:

    sweet relief now
    stress is gone today
    Thank God for shisha

  319. 319
    Dan Says:

    A smoking hot blonde
    Spins my head round and around
    Wait!… She has a hose…

  320. 320
    Marty Says:

    Play that shisha song
    Inhale sweet tones all night long
    Mix it up a bit

  321. 321
    Kavya Says:

    Sitting with some friends
    Smoking exotic flavors
    Hookah calms us down

  322. 322
    Kavya Says:

    A person asked me
    What is the point of hookah
    I said, brings me peace

  323. 323
    Kavya Says:

    Glowing coals on top
    Flavors bursting in middle
    That’s what hookah does

  324. 324
    Kavya Says:

    No more cigarets
    Smoke my hookah all day long
    Don’t you dare stop me

  325. 325
    Oscar Rios Says:

    Inhale the clouds of madness/
    Flavors brought upon the lit/
    Lost in the dancing smoke

  326. 326
    Everett Says:

    Puff it son puff it
    Let the shisha clouds lift you
    Puff it man puff it

  327. 327
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Hookah together
    You, me inseparable
    God willing, my friend

  328. 328
    Will Willis Says:

    The smoke drifting high
    As it swirls all around me
    The world is at peace

  329. 329
    Jeremy Says:

    My haiku on fire
    Like the coal set on my bowl
    Grab my hose and suck.

  330. 330
    Bob and Joe Says:

    The smoke flows so thick
    It all floats so gracefully
    Shisha can’t be beat

  331. 331
    Jordan Ewud Says:

    She did not like smoke,
    so one had to flee, it’s the
    hookah life for me

  332. 332
    Jordan Ewud Says:

    Mouth watering blend,
    Is my only friend today
    Pass that hose my way

  333. 333
    Jordan Ewud Says:

    Not weed, cigars, or
    K 2 do compare, hookah
    is my only air

  334. 334
    Gary Ng Says:

    My hookah and me
    Fused into one, me and he
    Together we breath

  335. 335
    Jordan Says:

    It’s thick and cloudy,
    Rings, Hearts, Ghosts, without limit,
    Hookah is freedom.

  336. 336
    Megat Denney Says:

    My Khalil Mamoon
    She fills the room with vapour
    packed with Fumari

  337. 337
    Megat Denney Says:

    Lounging in my chair
    I have a wicked head buzz
    This is my eighth bowl

  338. 338
    Megat Denney Says:

    I’m in a hookah bar
    Serving people what they want
    Al-Fakher for all!

  339. 339
    Megat Denney Says:

    “It isn’t hitting,”
    complains my friend beside me.
    Coals aren’t done yet.

  340. 340
    Megat Denney Says:

    I savour the grape
    pondering while my coals glow
    What brand did I pack?

  341. 341
    Ryan Says:

    smoking like buddah,
    sweet meditation is mine,
    open all the Chakras.

  342. 342
    Megat Denney Says:

    Hitman: Absolution
    You run into a drug bust
    Hookahs everywhere!

  343. 343
    Seth Johnson Says:

    Ring in the new year
    Friends smoke from Old School Rotate
    Smoke rings count down time

  344. 344
    Kaylin Brewer Says:

    Smoking with my Love
    Eyes locked gazing through the smoke
    Hookah stirs passion

  345. 345
    Kailey Says:

    Fireflies lick coal
    Breathe the swirling mass of brume
    I purr an exhale

  346. 346
    Aaddrick Says:

    Three ounces of leaf,
    Two friends to share the pipe with,
    what is a partridge?

  347. 347
    Aaddrick Says:

    Shisha tobacco,
    Hookah accessories and,
    Hookah education

  348. 348
    Aaddrick Says:

    Three of us smoking,
    Strip rummy and alcohol,
    Foot job and Star Buzz.

  349. 349
    Michael Harnisch Says:

    Puff puff the long hose
    Slender stem and bowl, smoke rise
    Times flies, shisha nights

  350. 350
    MattBals Says:

    Wet shisha drips down,
    as I inhale clouds of smoke,
    losing self in bliss.

  351. 351
    Chase R. Says:

    Want to smoke hookah
    to realax after work now.
    Crap. Out of shisha.

  352. 352
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    who needs food or wine?
    when a puff of the hookah
    makes life so divine

  353. 353
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Hookah is yum
    With all different flavors
    Even the herbal

  354. 354
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    New Year’s Day
    What to do today
    Smoke Starbuzz hookah

  355. 355
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    My bed is so warm
    The coals are on the stove
    My hookah will do smoked

  356. 356
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Hookah smoke
    In the air
    Filled the room

  357. 357
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Base water bubbles
    Thunder clouds thick
    Coals burning red

  358. 358
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Blowing 0 rings
    Life going great today
    Thank you blue mist

  359. 359
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    The clear blue mist
    Flows the blue berries
    From my fancy hose

  360. 360
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Lonely hookah
    Not been smoked for days
    Bowl filled with air

  361. 361
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Smoothed by mint
    Simply perfected
    Stars across the sky

  362. 362
    Matt Says:

    White, dense wisdom drifts
    These beings my only guests
    Share my restless mind

  363. 363
    Kourtney Says:

    The part of my day
    When I most need my best friend
    Hookah-Shisha’s there!

  364. 364
    Anthony Says:

    Petit poème en français,

    Chicha est ma vie,
    Fumo est mes veines,
    Starbuzz est mon sang.

    Hookah is my lyfe,
    Fumo is my vein,
    Starbuzz is my blood.

  365. 365
    adrianj Says:

    breathe a cloud
    smoke aloud
    relax and savor the flavor

  366. 366
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    A sudden shower falls
    And hookah I am smoking
    Under a sunroof

  367. 367
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Simply mint
    As they are fine cut
    Perfect cool shisha

  368. 368
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    They’ve gone smoking…
    Where the wind not so windy
    The clouds covering the hot sun

  369. 369
    Zac R Says:

    Pass me the hose
    Smoke has only just begun
    Inhale and release

  370. 370
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    friend, why do you cry?
    there’s one cure to end your pain
    give hookah a try

  371. 371
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Something got your goat?
    For all ills an antidote
    Hookah got my vote

  372. 372
    Meredith Sokol Says:

    Hookah night with friends
    Decision made for shisha
    Talk amid smoke rings

  373. 373
    Aaron Says:

    Autumn leaves wisp away
    winter dreams come and float by
    awaken only by its smoke

  374. 374
    Dillon G Says:

    Just crowned my hookah
    With an echoing sizzle
    It makes me tingle

  375. 375
    Richard Rubner Says:

    Smoke sits on the air
    I ponder my path in life
    And enjoy the buzz

  376. 376
    Shiloh Neihart Says:

    Blowing fat smoke O’s
    French inhale clouds through my nose
    ice tip on my hose

  377. 377
    Robbie Says:

    Iceberg Hard To Match
    Smooth like a babies buttocks
    I got Hookah Love

  378. 378
    Matt Says:

    Constant perfecting
    Shisha, packing, bowl, and coal
    But such is the art

  379. 379
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    The sultan hookah,
    A great 7 feet tall,
    unique like no other

  380. 380
    Matt Says:

    Hookah, sexual
    Mouth on hose, but no homo
    I think I just came

  381. 381
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Watching sandlot
    Hookah on the side
    Tv covered in smoke

  382. 382
    Aaron Says:

    Bathed in radiant moon light
    Spring breeze gently wafting smoke
    Days come and go again

  383. 383
    Suz Says:

    Coals softly aglow
    Transport me to ancient times
    Through sandstorm-thick smoke

  384. 384
    Suz Says:

    Coals turn kitten gray
    Bubbles murmur calming prayers
    Worries fade like dusk

  385. 385
    Suz Says:

    Ancient tradition
    Thirty five hundred years new
    Hookah love affair

  386. 386
    Suz Says:

    Dove gray on orange
    Feather-soft smoke billows up
    Watch my cares take flight

  387. 387
    Suz Says:

    Softly glowing coals
    Smoke billows up to heaven
    Paradise descends

  388. 388
    Suz Says:

    Shisha kisses me
    With smoke thick as a milkshake
    Happiness lingers

  389. 389
    Suz Says:

    With your coals alight
    I surrender to your smoke
    Tensions melt away

  390. 390
    Suz Says:

    Ritual lights you
    Rising smoke a sacrifice
    The gods pleased as me

  391. 391
    Suz Says:

    The coals are your eyes
    The nozzle your lips and your
    soft smoke our embrace

  392. 392
    Suz Says:

    Hookah my true love
    For what is three thousand years
    between friends like us?

  393. 393
    Suz Says:

    Though I am no one
    Your fluffy clouds lift my heart
    Sultan for a night

  394. 394
    Suz Says:

    I follow the path
    three millennia plus old
    smoke you reverently

  395. 395
    Suz Says:

    an incense censer
    can’t hold a candle to you
    and your reverent smoke

  396. 396
    Suz Says:

    Well really I said
    “Get me a hooker,” but this
    is so much better

  397. 397
    Suz Says:

    My shisha cares not
    If I’m a king or peasant
    Gives herself to me

  398. 398
    Suz Says:

    So do you love me
    as much as I do love you?
    Your smoke clouds say yes

  399. 399
    Greg Says:

    Through the water, cold
    In my lungs, it feels so good
    Exhale and it’s gone

  400. 400
    Jordan Says:

    Red Fiery Coals
    Glass Water Pipe Instrument
    Flavored Tobacco

  401. 401
    Suz Says:

    Wear your wind cover
    it’s cold outside and I am
    hot for your shisha

  402. 402
    Greg Says:


  403. 403
    Jordan Says:

    Coco Naras burn
    Until the shisha is gone,
    Hookah all night long

  404. 404
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Inhale, Exhale, Breath.
    Your Lungs You Will Have To Feed.
    Nothing Will Impede.

  405. 405
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Watching Doctor Who
    While Puffing On These Flavors
    Makes it all cooler.

  406. 406
    Suz Says:

    This is my first time
    I fumble with the bowl and coals
    Your smoke is a tease

  407. 407
    Suz Says:

    Three glowing embers
    I fix my gaze on their fire

  408. 408
    Robbie Says:

    Bowls, stems and bases
    Sit back, relax and taste it
    The things I can blow…

  409. 409
    stephen becker Says:

    Shisha on the bowl.
    Water is now in the base.
    Mission Hookah: GO!

  410. 410
    Suz Says:

    what shisha which bowl
    which coals what liquid all those
    decisions await

  411. 411
    Robbie Says:

    Hookah for the ‘good’
    Hoses and sheesh for the ‘times’
    All I really need

  412. 412
    Robbie Says:

    Hookahs for the’good’
    Hoses and sheesh for the ‘times’
    Put it together

  413. 413
    Robbie Says:

    Smoke it with my bros
    Hookah is my center fold
    That’s just how it is

  414. 414
    Shiloh Neihart Says:

    O o o o o
    Blowing O’s in this haiku
    Room for one more… O

  415. 415
    Shiloh Neihart Says:

    The Nile I puff on
    The smoke rushes down my lungs
    Like the Nile’s water

  416. 416
    Kaylee Says:

    I like the shisha buzz
    It puts my mind in a fuzz,
    Lets pack a hookah

  417. 417
    Essa Rizkallah Says:

    Hookah is the best
    Hookah shisha I love you
    Puff puff all from you

  418. 418
    Matt Wong Says:

    Glass, steel, fire, water.
    Smooth simplicity bubbles forth.
    A conversation.

  419. 419
    Will Says:

    Surrounded by clouds
    I begin to wonder
    What flavor is this!?

  420. 420
    Will Says:

    Friends gather around
    Share the flavor of life
    A thing to cherish

  421. 421
    Ryan Says:

    Let’s smoke the hookah.
    Load that shisha in the bowl
    Light up them black coals

    Inhale the good stuff
    Make new memories with friends
    Wish the bowl won’t end

    Puff goes the hookah
    Smoke a bowl with me next time
    All day every day

  422. 422
    Richard Rubner Says:

    As the last song ends
    The sizzle of the hot coals
    Rises above all

  423. 423
    Richard Rubner Says:

    I pack a new bowl
    To spite the melancholy
    Of the last ones end

  424. 424
    Richard Rubner Says:

    I smoke this hookah
    So my lack of compassion
    Can seise to exist

  425. 425
    Mike Says:

    The bubbles gurgle
    Everytime I draw my hose
    Makes pillowy plumes

  426. 426
    Mike Says:

    Use coconut coals
    They contain no chemicals
    They taste much better

  427. 427
    Mike Says:

    Haikus are easy
    But Sometimes they dont make sense
    Mya Colossus

  428. 428
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    with every puff
    creating a new haiku
    mostly off the cuff

  429. 429
    Mike Says:

    Smoke hovers around.
    This room has become foggy.
    Yet, I love it so.

  430. 430
    Mike Says:

    How do you know this?
    I’m a hookah connoisseur.
    Check Hookah-Shisha.

  431. 431
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    odd list of haikus!
    dude what have you been smoking?
    what’s in your hookah?

  432. 432
    Boris Says:

    To you I come home
    Can you be perfect today?
    What an adventure

  433. 433
    Alex Skuratovsky Says:

    my hookashisha
    package just arrived today,
    life can now reset

  434. 434
    Andrew Dunaway Says:

    One thing on my mind
    While out on the daily grind
    My head in the clouds.

  435. 435
    Drew Says:

    Warm glow of the coal
    Burns out bright just as my soul
    Hold passion, grow old.

  436. 436
    Suz Says:

    Amazon let down
    Coco coals did not arrive
    Quick lights spoil the smoke

  437. 437
    Zebulon Simpson Says:

    All wet a juicy
    Teasing me with your sweet smell
    Oh yea, Al Fakher

  438. 438
    Zebulon S. Says:

    Hookah is like girls
    All nice and sweet one minute
    Then they’re harsh the next

  439. 439
    John Ransberger Says:

    Around The Hookah
    Friends relaxed and in great joy
    I Love My Hookah

  440. 440
    John Ransberger Says:

    Long Day Of Working
    Can’t Wait for My Sweet Escape
    Oh My Sweet Mya

  441. 441
    John Ransberger Says:

    Wisps of Dreamy Smoke
    Wafting Around Friends Faces
    Never Want To Leave

  442. 442
    John Ransberger Says:

    Coal Fiery Red
    Sizzling Fresh Sweet Shisha
    Cool Smoke Floods My Lungs

  443. 443
    John Ransberger Says:

    Fresh Smoke In The Air
    As I Sit Back In My Chair
    Everyone Is Fair

  444. 444
    John Ransberger Says:

    Waves Of Cool Sweet Smoke
    Cascading Over My Lips
    Isn’t This The Best

  445. 445
    Anthony Mesta Says:

    I love the sweet smoke
    The sweet smoke fill my lungs up
    Embrace the sweet smoke

  446. 446
    Will Says:

    breathing taste, fresh, sweet
    relaxing , thinking, eyes closed
    my mind, clarity

  447. 447
    john Coffeen Says:

    Your taste is so sweet
    my head is full of your buzz
    I can’t live without

  448. 448
    john Says:

    Burning little cubes
    Ornate glass, lovely metal
    you are beautiful

  449. 449
    john Says:

    Hookah’s greatest gift
    our conversation thrives
    With the hose in hand

  450. 450
    Dan Says:

    Clouds,they steam from me
    Thank God for this miracle
    Present here and now

  451. 451
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    What’s your history?
    Smoke hookah and be fulfilled
    There’s no mystery

  452. 452
    Kevin Says:

    Hookah Smoke So Smooth
    Puts Me In The Very Best Mood
    Sit And Have A Draw

  453. 453
    Jesica Says:

    Fumari Nakhla
    The Leaves We All Know And Love
    Relax; Head Buzz; Yes

  454. 454
    Jesica Says:

    Blimey this is fine!
    Now what did you say it was?
    Hookah-Shisha? Mine!

  455. 455
    Micah Says:

    While striking Fancy
    I billowed out the white cloud
    I can see no more

  456. 456
    Micah Says:

    It starts with hookah
    Coats the lungs with bliss of smoke
    Ends… Satisfaction

  457. 457
    Micah Says:

    “Smoke rings” claim the crown
    Yet I “ghost” with utmost pride
    Hookah, you’re Divine

  458. 458
    Micah Says:

    with such elegance
    The beauty of smoke allures
    Grim is its depart

  459. 459
    Micah Says:

    Bowl, thou art Glory
    Hose, Stem, thine art Majesty
    Vase, Thou art Beauty

  460. 460
    Micah Says:

    Is it smoke you ask?
    Why yes, Its from the shisha
    No, you can’t have some

  461. 461
    Daniel Says:

    Shiazo steam stone smoke
    What a lovely aroma
    Have I ascended

  462. 462
    Micah Says:

    I grab the nammor
    Take the biggest rip out there
    Fill the room with white

  463. 463
    Micah Says:

    This is the best choice
    social gathering it’s time
    have to use hookah

  464. 464
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    A puff’s all it took
    For hookah to free my mind
    Life’s an open book

  465. 465
    Ron C. Says:

    Shisha, I smoke thee
    In a hookah, lovingly
    May we never part.

  466. 466
    Gus G. Says:

    Smoke envelops all
    It has hidden all I see
    Now lost blissfully

  467. 467
    Pabs Says:

    My hookah, I smoke
    Rings, clouds, and flavor each toke
    This calm joy, no hoax

  468. 468
    Eric Says:

    Sweet flavorful clouds
    you make the day fade away
    oh how I love it

  469. 469
    SGT Ed Carpio Says:

    Where do our clouds bloom?
    All over Afghanistan
    American Troops

  470. 470
    Bobby Says:

    the sizzling coals
    leave a friendly reminder
    nothing else matters right now

  471. 471
    Bobby Says:

    burning desire
    and so I sink deeper still
    the smoke entrances

  472. 472
    Bobby Says:

    almost out of coals
    and so my nightmare begins
    at least theres shisha

  473. 473
    Bobby Says:

    my friends came over
    they knocked over my hookah
    burning carpet sucks

  474. 474
    Jordan Ewud Says:

    Pack the bowl with the
    Flavors of the running nile,
    Take a hit, relax

  475. 475
    Asipa Says:

    Enormous white clouds
    The smoke calms and relaxes
    I love my hookah

  476. 476
    Asipa Says:

    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

  477. 477
    Corey Says:

    Listening to Train
    It’s raining buckets outside
    Let clouds fill my house

  478. 478
    Corey Says:

    Tropicool is like,
    Pineapple and other fruits
    Mixed with some cool mint

  479. 479
    Corey Says:

    Four fifty five poems
    All of which about hookah
    Yet all poems are true

  480. 480
    Corey Says:

    You know what is great?
    Coffee cake and mint shisha
    It’s one great mixture

  481. 481
    ryan knapp Says:

    A smokers delight
    Perfect anytime of day
    beautiful hookah

  482. 482
    ryan knapp Says:

    My precious hookah
    Smoking you makes me horny
    Where’s my sexy wife

  483. 483
    ryan knapp Says:

    Giant puffy clouds
    flavor that’s out of this world
    Pleasure for us all

  484. 484
    Ross Says:

    Take in a deep breath
    Exhale a thick cloud of smoke
    Like a dragon would

  485. 485
    Emily Says:

    Red hot the coal glows
    Bubbly pull through the hose
    Exhale a white cloud

  486. 486
    Brian Says:

    Surrounded by smoke
    With my head up in the clouds
    As I exhale stress

  487. 487
    Tyler Lawson Says:

    Hookah Stink does not linger
    Like muff does
    on your finger

  488. 488
    Nick Says:

    Tangiers in my bowl
    Smokes the finest thunderclouds
    Finer than spring rains

  489. 489
    mohamad Says:

    And when Shisha Turned
    To Smoke, Day Turned Into Night
    Has It been that long?

  490. 490
    mohamad Says:

    I take a long puff
    I just can never get enough.
    Throw another round of coals.

  491. 491
    mohamad Says:

    Daily ritual
    Pack the bowl, throw on the coals
    Fill my lungs with bliss

  492. 492
    mohamad Says:

    Get home from long day
    No more shisha? Must buy more.
    Only Buy from one site.

  493. 493
    Micah Says:

    puff on that shit son
    Yeah that’s the way to get smoke
    livin’ life no joke

  494. 494
    Micah Says:

    let me tell you what
    hookah makes a guy really smile
    sexy girls and smoke

  495. 495
    Pabs Says:

    Wonderful flavor
    Doth which my mouth does savor
    Does my mind favors

  496. 496
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    between life and death
    savoring each moment with
    hookah and shisha

  497. 497
    Shireen Says:

    Gather friends and coals
    Smoke and talk and blow some rings
    Time leaves this one thing

  498. 498
    Shireen Says:

    Mom I need some foil
    It’s for a science project
    See you for dinner

  499. 499
    Suz Says:

    How do they do it?
    Sweet melon fills my mouth but
    it’s smoke, no mirrors.

  500. 500
    Derek T. Says:

    The smoke in my lungs
    Hookah is so damn frosty

  501. 501
    Suz Says:

    The New York Times tells me,
    “Mmoke hookah and die.” Okay.
    But no one seems to.

  502. 502
    Suz Says:

    The New York Times tells me,
    “Smoke hookah and die.” Okay.
    But no one seems to.

  503. 503
    ryan knapp Says:

    A hookah haiku
    for one of a kind hookah
    god I hope I win

  504. 504
    ryan knapp Says:

    Nahkla sweet melon
    Oh how I love you so much
    My fave of all time

  505. 505
    ryan knapp Says:

    One khalil mamoon hookah
    crown hookah micro funnel
    One big smile for me

  506. 506
    ryan knapp Says:

    What would Jesus do
    He’d pack a hookah for you
    A heaven session

  507. 507
    ryan knapp Says:

    What would Jesus do
    He’d pack a hookah for you
    Heavenly session

  508. 508
    ryan knapp Says:

    A khahil mamoon
    Crown hookah micro phunnel
    A big smile for me

  509. 509
    ryan knapp Says:

    Hookah I love you
    So why don’t you get married
    Ha very mature

  510. 510
    melda Says:

    thunderheads roll in
    vanilla smoke hit a vein
    fata morgana

  511. 511
    melda Says:

    home, friends gather here
    no holiday is complete
    without shisha smoke

  512. 512
    Dave Says:

    Starbuzz to Afzal
    Awaken sleepy taste buds
    Exhale and enjoy

  513. 513
    Micah Says:

    I hear some hookah
    No matter what the flavor
    I am excited

  514. 514
    Kenny Says:

    The great wonder cloud
    I sit back and sigh deeply
    Rings or clouds, still great.

  515. 515
    Kenny Says:

    Pineapple or mint
    Endless flavors fill the sky
    What shall I have next?

  516. 516
    Micah Says:

    Crank up the music
    Grab the beautiful hookah
    let’s smoke this shisha

  517. 517
    Micah Says:

    Oh sacred shisha
    How I’ve missed your warm comfort
    To the hookah now

  518. 518
    charlie Says:

    The shisha is packed
    Now the charcoal has been lit
    Time to puff away

  519. 519
    charlie Says:

    Sitting, smoking, calm
    For when man just needs a rest
    Nothing else matters

  520. 520
    Peter Says:

    A cloud of white haze.
    Our sight is blinded by smoke.
    Yhe next puff, never enough

  521. 521
    Peter Says:

    A cloud of white haze.
    Our sight is blinded by smoke.
    The next puff, never enough.

  522. 522
    Christopher Says:

    I cannot choose which
    type of shisha to smoke now
    guess I’ll go with orange.

  523. 523
    Christopher Says:

    I inhale lemon shisha
    damn that hits the spot.

  524. 524
    Christopher Says:

    I was out of orange
    Which is why I wrote about
    Lemon. No Regrets.

  525. 525
    ryan knapp Says:

    I buy my supplies
    at hookah-shisha dot com
    shipping oh so fast

  526. 526
    ryan knapp Says:

    Moassell is nice
    So juicy and sweet smelling
    Puff puff pass my friend

  527. 527
    colten riggs Says:

    Here i sit smoking
    O O O O O your turn?
    puff puff puff pass puff

  528. 528
    Aren C. Says:

    Smoke rings are drifting
    Pushing our troubles away
    We dont want to stop

  529. 529
    Aren C. Says:

    Smoke rings are drifting
    Pushing our troubles away
    We dont want to stop.

  530. 530
    Christopher Lujan Says:

    Hot coals on the bowl
    Soon smooth smoke enters my lungs
    Purging the minds stress

  531. 531
    Christopher Lujan Says:

    Hot coals on the bowl
    Soon smooth smoke enters my lungs
    Purging the mind’s stress

  532. 532
    Aren C. Says:

    Smoke rings are drifting
    Pushing our troubles away
    We dont want to stop~

  533. 533
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Look the sun
    Look the moon
    Smoke the coulds

  534. 534
    Christopher Bugsch Says:

    Drifting through the air
    I am smoke from a hookah
    Free again for now

  535. 535
    aaron wiltse Says:

    the coals are ready
    smoke enters and exits lungs
    lazy mode begins

  536. 536
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Simply mint
    Simply hookah
    Simply perfect

  537. 537
    Jesse S Says:

    Take it to the head
    Exhale, and smoke will abound
    Breathe deep, and repeat

  538. 538
    Jesse S Says:

    Inhale through the mouth
    Exhale, and smoke will abound
    Breathe deep, and repeat

  539. 539
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    fuming volcanoes
    clouds billowing in the sky
    nature smokes hookah !

  540. 540
    Crystal Says:

    1. Relax and Inhale
    Let go of fears and worries
    Keep the flames glowing

    2. Flawless Glitter Glass
    Decadent Seductive Taste
    Anticipate It.

    3. Sweetly Scented Mist
    Relish in Divine Delight
    Savor Each Moment

    4. Just a break from life
    Cool cloudy smoke fogs my mind
    For a moments time

    5. Gathering of Minds
    Magic red glowing stones heat
    The awaited treat

    6. Never stop the smoke
    Tricks and Tips make smoking bliss
    Shisha is my friend

    7. Tangiers, Social Smoke,
    Starbuzz, Nakhla and Romman
    Sing these names again!

    8. Quick Lights are Evil
    Natural Coals Smoke Better
    But I’m so lazy!

    9. What Brand do you like?
    I like tangiers so much more
    who am i to judge?

    10. Pop in a movie
    Cook Dinner and pack a bowl
    Cuddle as I smoke.

    11. Why is it all gone?
    You smoked the last of my grape?
    You make me so sad :(

    12. A cold winters night
    Bright embers light my way home
    Smoking my delight

    13. Bring on that cool mist
    Put some sweet juice in the base
    Time for relax Time

  541. 541
    Derek Koehler Says:

    Thick clouds block the sun
    The weatherman is concerned
    Oops, just my hookah

  542. 542
    Derek Says:

    Long pull of smooth smoke
    Fire off O’s like a ray gun
    Enjoy and repeat

  543. 543
    Edmon Says:

    Ivory blankets
    Curtains for mere seconds
    The show shall begin

  544. 544
    Edmon Says:

    Fogs clouds smoke devour
    All thats main doesnt matter
    Metal vines abide

  545. 545
    Edmon Says:

    The cat tells donkey
    You have to say shisha D
    Stop saying HEEE HAAA

  546. 546
    Micah Says:

    How to get thick smoke
    Cool your water use nice hose
    Now cloud your vision

  547. 547
    Matthew Says:

    It glitters it shines
    The clouds are all around me
    Hookah is heaven

  548. 548
    Brian Says:

    Rolling like a Fog
    Blanketing what shall be seen
    My Hookah and Me

  549. 549
    Erik Says:

    Strangers and hookah
    The anxiousness has left me today
    We smoke and we leave as friends

  550. 550
    Kadron Says:

    Throat gets really dry
    Only smoke that good good sheesh
    Clouds km hookah

  551. 551
    Steeve Says:

    Your head to my mouth
    watermelon,no vermouth
    Tobacco from south

  552. 552
    ryan Says:

    Wake up to hookah
    Lunch time sessions are perfect
    after dinner mint

  553. 553
    Brian Says:

    Set up that hookah
    Don’t forget the chill music
    And smoke, smoke away

  554. 554
    Brian Says:

    Order your hookah
    Receive it fast and smoke it
    Welcome to heaven

  555. 555
    John Says:

    Coals you are hot now
    Smoke will be pleasurable
    Shisha turns to ash

  556. 556
    John Says:

    wanderer at night
    desert encounter for smoke
    new friendships are born

  557. 557
    Meredith Sokol Says:

    Peaceful smoke with friends
    Dog’s wagging tail smacks hookah
    Swift panic ensues

  558. 558
    Meredith Says:

    Hookah for hours…
    “You know there’s pot in this right?”
    Can’t get off the couch

  559. 559
    Tai Hoang Says:

    Smoking Tobacco
    Perfect nargile and shisha
    Unlike anything else

  560. 560
    Tai Hoang Says:

    Long and tiresome day
    Hookah ready to inhale
    Time to hit the hay

  561. 561
    Tai Hoang Says:

    Hookah setting up
    Coals hot as the suns hot rays
    Now Hookah Fore-play

  562. 562
    Tai Hoang Says:

    Live, love, laugh, Hookah
    Give smoke, above all smoking.
    My heart breaks in half.

  563. 563
    Danny A Says:

    Love to blow smoke rings
    Which hookah will I choose now
    So many flavors

  564. 564
    Matt Says:

    Cactus Breeze in bowl
    Justified on the teli
    White clouds on a roll

  565. 565
    Dave Says:

    Shisha in hookah
    I smoke blowing rings and tricks
    all while exhaling

  566. 566
    Drew Says:

    smoke swirls in the air
    coals sizzle upon the foil
    friends converse dimly lit room

  567. 567
    Richard Rubner Says:

    I has been too long
    And I have grown too weary
    For lack of hookah

  568. 568
    allen Says:

    lighting and smoking
    coco nara’s be glowing
    puffing and blowing

  569. 569
    allen Says:

    shisha is burning
    Egyptian smoke enjoying
    each breath so calming

  570. 570
    Ian Says:

    I dont always smoke
    When i do, I smoke Tangiers
    Stay Smoking My friends

  571. 571
    Sean Murray Says:

    Smoke clouds from my lips.
    Sweet taste dancing on my tongue.
    KM standing tall.

  572. 572
    frank fischer Says:

    hookah sits before me
    clouds drift in breeze
    mint cool as spring

  573. 573
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Miyagi San said,
    Smoking hookah with Shisha,
    “Just Breath In, Breath Out !”

  574. 574
    Matt Says:

    Hot coals on patrol
    Second lighting on this bowl
    Heat under control

  575. 575
    Lilybeth Torres Says:

    OHH Hookah Hookah were have you been
    I missed you dearly to distress
    your so smooth and calm I need you now.

  576. 576
    Lilybeth Torres Says:

    I LOVE my hookah it calms me to a never end
    it loves me it helps me to distress

  577. 577
    Lilybeth Torres Says:

    I bounce here I bounce there but when I see my hookah it keeps me there

  578. 578
    Lilybeth Torres Says:

    I puff it I smell it I taste it I love it!

  579. 579
    Matt Says:

    Two coals cause a blight
    Three coals are just right
    An outright delight

    Apple like raisins
    Coca Naras a blazing
    A great taste raising

  580. 580

    Starbuzz in my ears
    Gold coal shineing clear
    smoke rings kind of day

  581. 581
    Edgars Says:

    Hookah Shisha com
    The best place to buy hookah
    All great kinds of stuff

  582. 582
    Edgars Says:

    The egyptian pipe
    Hand craft made for you
    To feel the great buzz

  583. 583
    Edgars Says:

    To win this haiku
    You must wright like this
    If you want to win like this

  584. 584
    Ramesh Says:

    a crackle in the dark,
    air through water,
    bleary faces lost in haze

  585. 585
    Matt Says:

    Cold ice makes it nice
    Fork the shisha like brown rice
    Flavors you can splice

  586. 586
    Josh Says:

    Meeting new people
    Round the fire we talk and laugh
    Passing the hookah

    Just reminiscing of a time at a local spot when I ran into some super awesome people from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Iran. Smoked the best hookah in my life that day (everything was imported from UAE).

  587. 587
    Victor Says:

    Our smoke runs real smooth
    Even when we’re on the move
    Hookah we love you

  588. 588
    Nick Says:

    Sweet Tangiers shisha
    Blowing smoke rings all day long
    All is well as always

  589. 589
    Lindsay D. Says:

    Pass the hose around
    A great end to a great day
    It’s time to relax.

  590. 590
    Lindsay D. Says:

    Nahkla, Fumari,
    Al Fakher, Tangiers, Romman,
    Hydro, Tonic, yum!

  591. 591
    Victor Says:

    The smells and the tastes
    Together make my heart race
    One more puff, first place

  592. 592
    Quentin Says:

    Smoke flows in my lungs
    Exhale in rings of white smoke
    Taste it on my tung

  593. 593
    Quentin Says:

    Smoke sinks in my lungs
    Exhale in rings of pale smoke
    Taste it on my tung

  594. 594
    Taylor Says:

    Tell people to watch
    Purge the smoke and then inhale
    Blow rings like Gandalf

  595. 595
    Brandon warburton Says:

    The smokey bubbles you make
    so puffy white and tasty
    Every inhale is my addiction

  596. 596
    Brian Says:

    We like are music loud
    And blowing some big white fluffy clouds
    keeps our world going around

  597. 597
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Rain falling hard
    No power at work
    Smoking hookah time

  598. 598
    Mehde Mustafa Says:

    Wife fell asleep
    Nothing on dvr
    Time for hookah

  599. 599
    Matt Says:

    Taste flavors galore
    Mix up flavors I implore
    Try to keep the score

  600. 600
    Tarick Says:

    I just dropped the coal
    It burned a hole in the floor
    What do I do now

  601. 601
    Matt Says:

    Wet shisha around
    Sweet heavy flavors are bound
    Water is the sound

  602. 602
    justin Says:

    hookah shisha your the king
    your products let me do my thing
    smoke like chimneys its Amazing!

    glass water shisha coal fire
    inhale exhale meditation tranquility peace of mind
    smoke flavor taste refresh Progress


  603. 603
    Lindsay D. Says:

    Starbuzz, Fumari,
    Al Fakher, Romman, Tangiers,
    Al Tawareg, yum!

  604. 604
    Lindsay D. Says:

    What are you doing?
    Dude, that’s not where the coals go.
    Move, let me do it.

  605. 605
    Lindsay D. Says:

    The snow outside is
    frightful, but the hookah in-
    side is delightful.

  606. 606
    Lindsay D. Says:

    Coals on top, inhale.
    Bubble, bubble, wait; exhale.
    I am a dragon.

  607. 607
    Brian Says:

    Assemble hookah
    Enjoy your smoking session
    Empty and repeat

  608. 608
    Brian Says:

    Hookah girls are hot
    The cigarette girls are not
    Smoke hookah a lot

  609. 609
    Brian Says:

    Afternoon hookah
    Is pure afternoon delight
    Pack it up and light

  610. 610
    Jillian Price Says:

    The Sales are always the BEST
    Smoke the Hookah Right.

  611. 611
    Ian Rawls Says:

    Coals are burning,
    Shisha is cooking,
    Smoke is pouring.

  612. 612
    Alixander Says:

    Ancient vape device,
    Fill my lungs with nicotine,
    Let me feel serene.

  613. 613
    Sam Nicholson Says:

    I breath in deeply
    Not as much smoke as before
    Light another coal

  614. 614
    Ian Rawls Says:

    Pack the bowl,
    light the coals,
    inhale exhale repeat.

  615. 615
    zee khan Says:

    Hookah I smoke “call me the dragon”
    Blowing my O’s all these females are startled
    I look at them and say..welcome to my castle.

  616. 616
    Sam Nicholson Says:

    Bubbles are the sound
    You hear and they signify
    The coming of smoke

  617. 617
    Matt Says:

    All day long, inhale.
    Pressure building can’t take it.
    Finally… exhale.

  618. 618
    Naveed Says:

    Smoke hookah all day
    Tell my girl to ash the tray
    What more do I say?

  619. 619
    Kristy R Says:

    this kid will be born
    hookah will be mine again
    joyous life with both

  620. 620
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    hot coals lighting up
    the shisha burns oh so hot
    Big white puffy clouds

  621. 621
    Cody Mcallister Says:

    Inhale that good shit
    Exhale the bull shit
    Head buzz please?

  622. 622
    Corie Says:

    Blue billowing smoke
    hangs heavy in the star light
    stroking velvet air.

  623. 623
    Jonathan Franklin Says:

    O Sweet lil Hookah
    How I Smoke thy sweet flavors
    And savor each cloud

  624. 624
    Jake Kenley Says:

    Dear Hookah Shisha
    Go Ahead And Toke a Sheesh
    It’s just a passion

  625. 625
    Jessica Dawn Says:

    Sensual dancing
    curves of jasmine and roses
    dreams play in the smoke

  626. 626
    Kyle Says:

    It’s time to smoke
    It is time for relaxing
    Coals are lighting up.

  627. 627
    Jake K. Says:

    Hookah day and night
    Of course ut is such a delight
    Just add a Nara and Toke!

  628. 628
    Alex K. Says:

    Friend tells a story,
    The lonely hose in his hand,
    “Puff or pass dude!”

  629. 629
    Kyle H Says:

    Shisha smells so nice
    Time to take a great big puff
    Let the white cloud out.

  630. 630
    Jake K. Says:

    Hookah day and night
    Of course it is such a delight
    Just add a Nara and Toke!

  631. 631
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    mixing up shisha
    packin my favorite bowl
    hookah is heaven

  632. 632
    pspy Says:

    It’s time to unwind
    on the clouds from the hookah
    warmth and friends surround

  633. 633
    Alex K. Says:

    Friend tells a story,
    The lonely hose in his hand,
    “Puff it or pass it!”

  634. 634
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    relaxing at night
    smoking tangiers cactus fruit
    whats better than that

  635. 635
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    my lungs full of smoke
    exhale the flavorful cloud
    pass the hose around

  636. 636
    Jake K. Says:

    Puff it or pass it
    That is just how it goes
    Unless there are O’s!

  637. 637
    Alex K. Says:

    Slow-motion peril,
    Oh my god what did I do?
    The coal hits the floor.

  638. 638
    Jessica Dawn Says:

    dew dappled garden
    mint smoke wreathing the flowers
    lazy Sunday smiles

  639. 639
    Jake K. Says:

    Hmm Hookah-Shisha
    Of course it’s the best Hookah site!
    Do not get it wrong

  640. 640
    Logan H Says:

    Immersed in the clouds
    And surrounded by my friends
    In a smoke session

  641. 641
    Samantha E. Says:

    Hookahs are soothing
    smoking hookahs are heaven
    it is like a dream

    drift into relaxation
    with you favorite Shisha blend

  642. 642
    Justen Says:

    Clouds of smoke float by,
    A sweat escape provides peace,
    Dog chases its tail.

  643. 643
    Alex K. Says:

    Make an “O” and cough,
    Not too hard. Wider mouth. Wrong.
    Teaching friends smoke rings.

  644. 644
    Alex K. Says:

    Bowl packed, Coals glowing,
    Hit the ash tray with the tongs,
    *DING* “Hookah’s Ready!”

  645. 645
    Supratik Mukherjee Says:

    Hookah is my life
    Smoke is my greatest ally
    Without migraines please.

  646. 646
    Alex K. Says:

    “This hookah is dead…
    … Alex! Pack another bowl!”
    The curse of my skills.

  647. 647
    Matthew B. Moses Says:

    Breathe in puff puff puff
    Look up and relax puff puff
    Repeat puff puff puff

  648. 648
    Andre H Says:

    Started smoking herb
    Then the shisha had her turn
    All day long I burn

  649. 649
    Slavi S Says:

    Tangerine dream mint.
    These flavors dance on my tongue.
    Then, I blow out smoke.

  650. 650
    Alex K. Says:

    Wood on a hookah?
    That is a damn sexy stem.
    Regal queen hookah.

  651. 651
    Alex K. Says:

    Vortex or Phunnel?
    I could really care less man,
    Pack it and smoke it.

  652. 652
    Alex K. Says:

    Times are tough these days,
    Paying tuition and rent,
    I’d love a Regal.

  653. 653
    Alex K. Says:

    I love this culture,
    I’ve met so many people
    Smoking my hookah.

  654. 654
    Alex K. Says:

    Why am I still here?
    Gonna smoke hookah with friends,
    Screw writing poems.

  655. 655
    AJ Hallmark Says:

    Hookah paradise
    Puffing clouds on the warm beach
    Beers make it complete

  656. 656
    Andre H Says:

    Smoking my hookah
    Trying to write a hiku
    Its not working out

  657. 657
    Andre H Says:

    Up up and away
    Blowing smoke bubbles all day
    Call me absolem

  658. 658
    Andre H Says:

    Up up and away
    Blowing smoke circles all day
    Call me absolem

  659. 659
    Johnny V. Says:

    Whether by myself
    or with everyone around,
    Let’s smoke some shisha!

  660. 660
    Andre H Says:

    Sitting on my shroom
    Blowing letters made of smoke
    Spelling “who R U”?

  661. 661
    Gabriel Batagiotti Says:

    Smoke Hookah with me everyday
    Than you know what i say
    Shisha is the best way

  662. 662
    Andre H Says:

    Air all filled with smoke
    People think its time to toke
    But its shisha, folks

  663. 663
    Cody C. Says:

    The smoke, white and pure,
    It sails gently in the wind
    like the waves, they breathe.

  664. 664
    Josh L Says:

    pack up the khali’
    always a fun time for all
    thick clouds for our friends

  665. 665
    Michael B. Says:

    Go forth and dance now
    Ghost of ash you died in fire
    Breath in and breath out.

  666. 666
    John Ora Says:

    Packed bowl, glowing coals,
    Inhale and taste the flavor:
    Blissful perfection

  667. 667
    John Ora Says:

    Packed bowl, glowing coals,
    Inhale and taste the flavor:
    Blissful perfection.

  668. 668
    Nik Says:

    Account in the slums
    Dare I say I was Disgrace
    Everything I want, gone

  669. 669
    Drew Says:

    Grey smoke in the air,
    Disappear, like clouds at night.
    At dawn we hookah.

  670. 670
    james c Says:

    the treat on my tong
    smoke rolling out of my mouth
    relax i now be

  671. 671
    Drew Says:

    Blowing rings of smoke,
    Dancing swiftly, rising up.
    Watch it fade slowly

  672. 672
    Jim M Says:

    Friends and family.
    Memories made in the haze,
    Hookah in my home.

  673. 673
    Eric C. Says:

    Fantasia for noobs
    Starbuzz for the novices
    Nakhla for pros!

  674. 674
    Eric C. Says:

    Coals are dying
    I am starting to cry
    Please my hookah don’t die.

  675. 675
    Eric C. Says:

    Running low on shisha
    Where can I turn?
    Hookah-Shisha can help me burn.

  676. 676
    Eric C. Says:

    Coals you are hot now
    Smoke will be pleasurable
    shisha turns to ash

  677. 677
    Eric C. Says:

    Coals are burning brightly
    Almost frighteningly bright
    Actually beautiful.

  678. 678
    Eric C. Says:

    No hard feelings held
    it is all good as they say
    I win yet again

  679. 679
    Eric C. Says:

    Smoke clouds from my lips.
    Sweet taste dancing on my tongue.
    KM standing tall.

  680. 680
    Eric C. Says:

    nak double apple
    blended with nakhla zaghloul
    it certainly rules

  681. 681
    Eric C. Says:

    Water shish smoke coal,
    please excuse me as I pull,
    enjoyable bowl.

  682. 682
    Eric C. Says:

    What is hookah now?
    Everyone kisses hoses?
    Sounds like a party.

  683. 683
    Eric C. Says:

    Bohemian glass
    Beautiful brass Elmas stem…
    I need more money

  684. 684
    Arkady V Says:

    Smoking my hookah
    It’s about fifteen degrees
    Blue Mint with Soguk

  685. 685
    Arkady V Says:


  686. 686
    Arkady V Says:

    Hookah dash Shisha
    Beautiful box art on side
    Smells filling the sky

  687. 687
    Walter Says:

    Packed bowl add charcoal
    Thicker and thicker the smoke gets
    Now taste the rainbow

  688. 688
    Demetri McLarnan Says:

    The night smoked away.
    All my troubles shall not be,
    When I smoke with thee

  689. 689
    Matt C Says:

    Hookah is my life,
    It gives me a social life,
    This took me forever.

  690. 690
    Matt C Says:

    smoke cascading around
    the snaking hose wrapped in hand
    ephemeral bliss

  691. 691
    Amanda Candia Says:

    Shisha is thy soul
    The sweet pleasure on thy tongue
    Dream forever more

  692. 692
    Bryan Wilson Says:

    Integrate with earth
    Clouds exfoliate from us
    We are as the trees

  693. 693
    Jordan Says:

    Smoke my stress away
    Pack the bowl with the flavors
    Of warm summer days

  694. 694
    Amanda Candia Says:

    Where has my mind gone?
    Among the clouds of white smoke
    Chasing those sweet dreams

  695. 695
    Jordan Says:

    My couch is my throne
    My smoke is my kingdom, grant
    Me my Regal Queen

  696. 696
    Jordan Says:

    Hookah-shisha dot
    Com, is the freaking bomb, smoke
    All day, all night long

  697. 697
    Jared Lopez Says:

    Hookah is so fun
    I like to smoke it a lot
    This is a Haiku

  698. 698
    Jared Lopez Says:

    I am an ice hose
    Just waiting in the freezer
    I am chill, not harsh

  699. 699
    Gannon Dubay Says:

    The warm winter smoke
    Memories of days long gone
    Flavor brings to me

  700. 700
    Matt Says:

    Hookah we smoke
    Socializing we must
    Inhaling the good

  701. 701
    Matt Says:

    Coconara is ablazed
    Place them oh carefully
    Start her up

  702. 702
    Matt Says:

    Water fills base
    Any tobacco to sample
    Join around the hookah

  703. 703
    Jonathan Vu Says:

    Bubbling water
    Flavorful, white smoke inhaled
    The peaceful exhale

  704. 704
    Jonathan Vu Says:

    Stem,bowl, base and hose
    Pack it, poke it and smoke it
    Breath, relax, enjoy

  705. 705
    Darrell Says:

    Heart beating very fast
    This hookah brings up the past
    Bowl will always last

  706. 706
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Smoke alarm beeping
    As I enjoy the hookah
    While feigning deafness

  707. 707
    skyler d Says:

    hookahs are the shit
    a free one would be perfect
    regal is a fit

  708. 708
    Michael Tye Says:

    My hookah brings joy
    Thick clouds fill up this big room
    We are satisfied.

  709. 709
    Jonathan D. Scruggs Says:

    Need stimulation.
    Inhale for relaxation.
    Take a vacation.

  710. 710
    Patrick Leick Says:

    Take smoke in my lungs
    Breathe it out and it becomes
    Art, from clouds to rings

  711. 711
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Bob Marley Would Love
    Smoking This Tropic Flavor
    That Awesome Pothead.

  712. 712
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    I Demand To See
    The Regal Queen In Splendor
    Her I Really Need

  713. 713
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    That Cool Wooden Stem
    The Grace Of Her Majesty
    Regal Queen, You’re Mine.

  714. 714
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    The Billowy Clouds
    Powdery And Plentiful
    The Smoke Rings I Blow.

  715. 715
    Trevor Inouye Says:

    Kickin back in bliss
    Blowing some O’s in the air
    Thank you hookah gods

  716. 716
    Trevor Inouye Says:

    Chilling on the couch
    Puffing on the best there is
    Call me the cloud god

  717. 717
    Trevor Inouye Says:

    Oh hookah my friend
    Release me from my troubles
    Help me reach heaven

  718. 718
    Trevor Inouye Says:

    Hitting the hookah
    There is nothing to compare
    To this perfection

  719. 719
    Rob S Says:

    Lost within the haze
    Like a distant memory
    Time slowly burning

  720. 720
    Rob S Says:

    The Queen in her Glory
    Desired by the Faceless
    Searching for her King

  721. 721
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    Long days are boring
    I don’t like being lonely
    So I got Rodney

  722. 722
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    want to relax yup
    now i’m getting up so what
    so go to hookah

  723. 723
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    want to relax yup
    now i’m getting up so what
    so go to hooker

  724. 724
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    very cool nice people
    giving hookahs for haiku’s
    that is very cool

  725. 725
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    hi cool nice people
    giving hookahs for haiku’s
    that is very cool

  726. 726
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    She or the hookah
    she said, I said the hookah
    so she smoked with me

  727. 727
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    this application
    is giving me sensation
    so i can not wait

  728. 728
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    i went to japan
    japan cat are cool,they are
    fun to bring for school

  729. 729
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    I want to win this
    I really want to win this
    I want to win this

  730. 730
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    oh ooh yes hookah
    oh you are the one for me
    hookah you are me

  731. 731
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    I never been to
    Hawaii but I want to
    cause I think its fun

  732. 732
    Matt Camp Says:

    My Carpet Has Holes
    I Am Light-Headed As Fuck
    Pack Another Bowl

  733. 733
    Matt Camp Says:

    Rings is what i blow,
    I French inhale through the nose,
    I don’t pass the hose.

  734. 734
    Edward Says:

    Clouds of delight
    Lifting away days sorrow
    Regal my sanity’s savior

  735. 735
    Pavo Says:

    Shisha I smoke
    Hookah is what I am
    Hookah shisha smoke love

  736. 736
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Using Gaia Coals
    I Light My Mya Artoo
    Smoking With Utmost Pleasure.

  737. 737
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    I Shall Dominate
    All The Magical Flavors
    That Hookah-Shisha Offers.

  738. 738
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Your Amazing Art
    Makes Receiving A Package
    Even More Awesome.

  739. 739
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    I Shall See This Through
    The Competition It’s True
    This Hookah Is Mine.

  740. 740
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    These Words You’ll Enjoy
    So Please Do Not Act So Coy
    As I Serenade.

  741. 741
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    A Hookah Haiku
    For Me And For All Of You
    Me I Hope You Choose.

  742. 742
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Atop The Mountain
    Hookah-Shisha Rules Them All
    King Of The Hookah.

  743. 743
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Regal Queen Hookah
    From The U.S. I Have Come
    To Reclaim Thy Love.

  744. 744
    Matthew Manicom-Smith Says:

    Moonlight and fresh coals
    Light my hazed world this cool eve
    Pray the hose comes near

  745. 745
    aqil Says:

    First hookah just arrived
    It is a tall green K.M.
    Thanks Hookah Shisha

  746. 746
    Basilisk Says:

    When the bubbles rise
    Our hearts escalate with love
    We bond within smoke

  747. 747
    Gary Says:

    Hookah you’re so sweet
    Delicious smoke makes me weak
    Lets all get hookah

  748. 748
    Suz Says:

    Around the hookah
    Tell A thousand and one tales
    Like Scheherazade

  749. 749
    Suz Says:

    I light the hookah.
    Do I feel a scirocco
    Here in Virginia?

  750. 750
    Suz Says:

    My hubble bubble
    whispers tales of nomads, my
    private caravan.

  751. 751
    Suz Says:

    An eager newbie
    always failing to use my
    discounts ordering

  752. 752
    Suz Says:

    Cigars, hookahs, pipes;
    I love them all. Just a
    true Virginia girl.

  753. 753
    Suz Says:

    Edited to correct syllables

    Cigars, hookahs, pipes;
    I love them all. I am a
    true Virginia girl.

  754. 754
    Suz Says:

    Cavendish, flavors,
    and molasses. Add some heat.
    Smokey miracle.

  755. 755
    Suz Says:

    New coconut coals.
    First time. Suddenly I am
    a maker of clouds.

  756. 756
    Suz Says:

    Age old ritual.
    Pack the bowl, manage the heat.
    There’s an art to it.

  757. 757
    Suz Says:

    Respect my hookah.
    I take this seriously.
    Seriously fun.

  758. 758
    Suz Says:

    Oh no! Burnt shisha!
    Good thing my friends have left. I’m
    embarrassed alone.

  759. 759
    Suz Says:

    My first burning bowl.
    Why did I touch those coals? All
    had been fine before.

  760. 760
    Suz Says:

    What’s wrong with my life?
    So much shisha, and yet so
    little time to smoke.

  761. 761
    Suz Says:

    Bowl packed. Hookah lit.
    Savoring my massive clouds
    I tend to my coals.

  762. 762
    Suz Says:

    What do I wish for?
    The return of warm spring days
    and nights to hookah.

  763. 763
    Suz Says:

    I’ve got my coat on.
    Wind screen protects my coals, heat.
    Winter defeated.

  764. 764
    Suz Says:

    With layers and hats,
    seasons succumb to my will.
    Despite them, I smoke.

  765. 765
    Suz Says:

    I dreamt of hookah
    And in those swirling clouds the
    hookah dreamt of me.

  766. 766
    Suz Says:

    It is living art.
    Smoking fulfills the hookah’s
    purpose, and my day.

  767. 767
    Suz Says:

    You know how this goes.
    Newbie goes wild, buys ev’ry
    flavor. Shisha whore.

  768. 768
    Suz Says:

    I often wonder
    who invented the hookah.
    A mad scientist?

  769. 769
    Suz Says:

    Not an addict, but
    seven days without hookah
    makes one weak. Get it?

  770. 770
    Suz Says:

    The sun sets amid
    glowing pink and orange clouds.
    White ones crown my head.

  771. 771
    Suz Says:

    Dusk falls. Distant sounds
    of neighbors fixing dinner
    mix with my bubbles.

  772. 772
    Suz Says:

    Call me silly but
    I’m thinking that a fez will
    complete my outfit.

  773. 773
    Suz Says:

    Do bubbles disturb
    the peace of the night? No, they
    make it more peaceful.

  774. 774
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Smoking A Hookah
    In The Best Neon Blacklights
    Puts On A Good Show.

  775. 775
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Who Needs The Heavens
    When You Have All Nirvana
    At Your Fingertips.

  776. 776
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    From The Al Waha
    To The Expensive Starbuzz
    Shisha Is Endless.

  777. 777
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Watching Doctor Who
    A Sonic Hookah I Want
    For Doctor And Fan.

  778. 778
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    My Hookah Explodes To Life!
    From My Book Of Smoke!

  779. 779
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Queen From Far Away
    I Have Come To Acquire
    My Regal Hookah.

  780. 780
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Smoking Nirvana
    As I’m Listening To Them
    Great Shisha And Grunge.

  781. 781
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Spoonful Of Honey
    Mary Poppins Got It Wrong
    The Smoke Will Go Down.

  782. 782
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    fill the balloon up
    go ahead and make it pop
    so please let it drop

  783. 783
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    The Band Nirvana
    It Smells Like Hookah Shisha
    I Came As I Was.

  784. 784
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Panic! At The Hookah Bar.
    I Smoke Rings, Not Tragedies.
    See What I Did There?

  785. 785
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Kaje In Wonderland
    A Caterpillar Smoking?
    This Is Magical!

  786. 786
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    I’m loving that wood
    since i live in the worst hood
    you misunderstood

  787. 787
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    one percent is bad
    so i need to write as much
    to win this hookah

  788. 788
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Syllables Are Wrong
    On Number Seven-Oh-One
    Now I Am Depressed.

  789. 789
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    Smoking that good good
    wait you misunderstood this
    I meant oxygen

  790. 790
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Tried King Moassel
    Bought It At A Gas Station
    I Just Died Right There.

  791. 791
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Passion For Hookah
    Burns Like A Fiery Coal
    It’s Food For The Soul.

  792. 792
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Not Used To Anise
    Double Apple Made Her Screech
    Where Is The Apple!?

  793. 793
    mohamad Says:

    one site for shisha
    one site for all my hookahs
    hookah-shisha love

  794. 794
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    To Smoke Or Not To?
    Shakespeare He Would Have Written
    That Is The Question.

  795. 795
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Plug The Frikkin’ Hose!
    Hookah Newbs Are Ev’rywhere.
    In Time, They Shall Learn.

  796. 796
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    It’s Easy To Quit.
    I’ve Done It A Hundred Times.
    Oh The Irony.

  797. 797
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    I’m Weaving My Words
    Like One Weaves A Nammor Hose

  798. 798
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    The Magic Dragon
    Puff Is His Ironic Name
    A Living Hookah

  799. 799
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    With The Hookah I Do Have
    It Is Glorious.

  800. 800
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    The Harshness Of Smoke
    As Hot As The Flames Of Hell
    Going Down My Throat.

  801. 801
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    The Queen Of Hookahs
    I Shall Earn Your Company
    By My Worthy Side.

  802. 802
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    If Jesus Had Smoked
    He Would Get His Supplies From
    Heaven’s Shisha Stash.
    (Supplied by Hookah-Shisha, Kingdom of Hookah.)

  803. 803
    B Says:

    This hookah envy
    Is killing me, so hookah
    shisha, send to me

  804. 804
    B Says:

    Regal Queen Hookah
    Your physique unique, like no
    other, made by tree

  805. 805
    B Says:

    Regal Queen Hookah
    I have covet you so long
    So please come along

  806. 806
    B Says:

    Regal Queen Hookah
    I have covet you so long
    be mine for life-long

  807. 807
    David Cooley Says:

    Puff Puff Pass Baby
    Smoke Curvy Wavy Lady
    Time to Crash Maybe

  808. 808
    Ryan Smith Says:

    I Don’t Smoke Da Kush
    So I Really Need Hookah
    Don’t Leave Me Hanging

  809. 809
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    strong air in the way
    making me feel so awake
    hookah i love you

  810. 810
    aldrin Says:

    Smoke, taste the flavor.
    Watch, clouds of thunder roll by.
    Feel the sensation.

  811. 811
    Amanda Says:

    Shisha is thy soul
    That sweet pleasure on thy tongue
    Dream forever more

  812. 812
    Rust Says:

    Rose’s are red Violates are blue at the end of the day shisha is true

  813. 813
    Amanda Says:

    Where has my mind gone?
    Among the clouds of white smoke
    Chasing those sweet dreams

  814. 814
    Victor Says:

    Beauty of a smoke
    Taste, smells, and lots of close friends
    Nothing can compare

  815. 815
    Suz Says:

    Desert Bedouin
    Did they use precious water
    just to cool their smoke?

  816. 816
    Suz Says:

    Miracle Reynolds
    Wrap. How did they smoke without
    you in the dark past?

  817. 817
    Jake Says:

    Gray Skies, Rainy Days
    Troubled world comes my way,
    Hookah saves the day!

  818. 818
    Eber Says:

    Huge clouds around me
    smells so unique, you can taste
    Must of been a dream

  819. 819
    Jeff Says:

    gur-gurgle, what ice
    does not eventually lose
    to blend with water?

  820. 820
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    Wow, I kid you not
    Royal Queen Hookah, by God,
    You’re so smoking hot !

  821. 821
    Jonathan S. Says:

    Good times with close friends
    Hot Coals, Shisha Smoke, and Chai
    Closer in Brotherhood

  822. 822
    Luca Says:

    Do you want to smoke
    Scary Hookah and Nice Shishas?
    Yes! Oh My God!

  823. 823
    Luca Kim Says:

    Gangnam Style Lizard
    Reports to claim Royal Queen
    To put her on fire

  824. 824
    Luca Kim Says:

    What am I hitting?
    Scary Hookah and Nice Shishas
    Yeesss! Oh My God!

  825. 825
    Justen Says:

    Don’t have a hookah
    This one sure would be awesome
    From hookah-shisha

  826. 826
    Melissa Says:

    ornament stature.
    pull. bury me in the haze
    of thick divine breaths

  827. 827
    Justen Says:

    Regal Queen you are
    A lonely King awaits you
    To taste your sweet smoke

  828. 828
    Richard Rubner Says:

    Love hookah-shisha
    Chances of winning are slim
    Still I write haiku

  829. 829
    Matt Says:

    On solo smoking:

    Wise white whipping clouds
    Witness my thoughts, plans, hopes, dreams
    Wish me well and pass

  830. 830
    Matt Says:

    On solo smoking (edited for punctuation):

    Wise, white, whipping clouds
    Witness my thoughts, plans, hopes, dreams
    Wish me well and pass

  831. 831
    Dan Says:

    The Cloud

    On its wings I fly
    Perseus after Gorgon.
    Fluffy, faithful steed.

  832. 832
    Jaime Says:

    Hookah by the fire
    Good times with new and old friends
    Brings us together

  833. 833
    Jaime Says:

    TV turned off
    Plumes of perfume fill the air
    Good conversations

  834. 834
    Jaime Says:

    Glowing coals on fire
    Whets my growing appetite
    For hookah delight

  835. 835
    Andrew Says:

    Hookah hookah hoo
    Hookah hookah hookah hoo
    Hookah hookah hoo

  836. 836
    Garrett Wussow Says:

    Gently Wafting Mist
    First vapor, now flavor, taste
    Peaceful bliss in smoke

  837. 837
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Lonely road of smoke
    Face hidden behind my ghost
    In truth, I am alone

  838. 838
    Arturo Says:

    Soothing smoke fills me
    Like clouds above mighty earth
    Shisha is for me

  839. 839
    Jake Bartolome Says:

    Take a deep breath now
    fill your lungs with awesome
    hookah shisha me

  840. 840
    Jake Bartolome Says:

    Take a deep breath now
    already feeling awesome
    hookah shisha me

  841. 841
    Jake Bartolome Says:

    awesome deals they have
    Shop hookah shisha dot come
    head in could of smoke

  842. 842
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    vortex bowl filled up
    tasty shisha foiled up
    big clouds blowing out

  843. 843
    Dominic Says:

    Oh how sweet this grape
    The taste of ripeness, I love
    The wrath of Shisha

  844. 844
    Jake Bartolome Says:

    Inhale sweet shisha
    Pass hookah on left hand side
    Chill smoke pass repeat

  845. 845
    Jake Bartolome Says:

    My dear Regal Queen
    Please come to daddy
    I will treat you well

  846. 846
    Jake Bartolome Says:

    Smoker I am not
    I never smoke cigarettes
    Though, hookah I love

  847. 847
    Victor Says:

    Amazed by the haze
    We set the charcoals ablaze.
    Get ready, last phase

  848. 848
    Dominic Says:

    Smoking brings a calm
    A calm as peaceful as dew
    Fill yourself with it

  849. 849
    Grant Zwolinski Says:

    Lying on a couch
    The sweet smoke filling my lungs
    Oh no, I am done

  850. 850
    Dominic Says:

    Glorious hookah,
    Wooden shaft and shining base,
    Your smoke is envied

  851. 851
    Patrick Says:

    In the day Hookah
    Even in the pouring rain
    Smoking every day

  852. 852
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    I say what I want
    I take what I need that’s me
    and love who I want

  853. 853
    Damian Gonzalez Says:

    We needed to haste
    Since waiting for the fist phase
    I said to the mate

  854. 854
    Doug Karbowiak Says:

    Behind smokey clouds
    Sits the wise caterpillar
    Breathing his hookah

  855. 855
    Lindsay D. Says:

    Are you kidding me?
    Who the fuck tipped the hookah?
    I will fuck you up.

  856. 856
    Lindsay D. Says:

    Holes in the carpet.
    My main room could use a change.
    Time to rearrange.

  857. 857
    Joseph Cossetta Says:

    Fumari is fresh
    Bluberry muffin yum yum
    Is someone baking?

  858. 858
    Joseph Cossetta Says:

    Breath it in and out
    Hookahs what it’s all about
    Hookah shisha ROCKS!

  859. 859
    Joseph Cossetta Says:

    Hookahs are sublime
    They are a great use of time
    Such sweet smoke it gives

  860. 860
    Joseph Cossetta Says:

    It’s time to hookah
    Bring out the coals and shisha
    Memories await

  861. 861
    Kyle Knott Says:

    track my fed ex rig
    oops, bought a chinese hookah
    should have bought km

  862. 862
    Joseph Cossetta Says:

    I smoke rings galore
    Hookahs relieve daily sore
    Pass to the comrads

  863. 863
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Smoking Fumari
    mix the shish with some SB
    Come, blow O’s with me

  864. 864
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Stock up the shisha
    What to buy hookah-shisha?
    Please, be my teacher

  865. 865
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Please, take the nammor
    I can’t handle anymore
    Hookahs got me buzzed

  866. 866
    Doug Karbowiak Says:

    Starbuzz wrapped in foil.
    Coals illuminate orange.
    Thick white clouds billow.

  867. 867
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Your claims are elite
    It says your a hookah pro
    But this is defeat

  868. 868
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Talk yoda, you must
    Buy no SS, you will rust
    I am darth fumar

  869. 869
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Lord of the rings, nah
    More like lord of the O smoke
    I will puff till death

  870. 870
    Kyle Knott Says:

    I’m on one like drake
    Smoke hookah like bob marley
    Winning like Charlie

  871. 871
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Reddening skyline
    Gorgeous stars fill the night sky
    Breathtaking beauty

  872. 872
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Please, take my hand dear
    No need to fret, I’m here now
    Now, smoke this shisha

  873. 873
    Kyle Knott Says:

    I’m getting sleepy
    A movie and a Mya
    My life is complete

  874. 874
    Kyle Knott Says:

    Pull smoke, exhale, purge
    Am I clear in thought, who knows
    I’m lost in my smoke

  875. 875
    Sebastian Jongerius Says:

    I smoke ’til I choke
    I drag you to brag for you
    I puff ’til I pass

  876. 876
    tyler austin Says:

    Star buzz and mya
    My friends in the dark of night
    Inspire me to write?

  877. 877
    Sebastian Jongerius Says:

    Inhale to exhale
    Hookah my faithful partner
    Enjoy to rejoice

  878. 878
    Kyle Knott Says:

    I cant stop the rain
    I cannot fight the fire
    But i can fight fear

  879. 879
    Sebastian Jongerius Says:

    Tall white smoke blower
    Masterpiece of engineers
    Bringing joy to us

  880. 880
    tyler austin Says:

    Avec mes amis
    Fumer un narguilé douce
    Bliss en mouvement

  881. 881
    Sebastian Jongerius Says:

    Tall wooden beauty
    For we are destined to be
    One eternally

  882. 882
    Doug Karbowiak Says:

    Hookah for three,
    Coals and shisha set just right.
    Ahhh, relaxation.

  883. 883
    Doug Karbowiak Says:

    The coals have gone out
    The clouds are becoming thin
    It’s time to re-pack!

  884. 884
    Stephen Beebe Says:

    In clouds, it bellows
    Ruby disc spawns misty wisps
    It is the Sultan

  885. 885
    Sebastian Jongerius Says:

    Regal my true queen
    I wish you come out this dream
    you are my life’s gleam

  886. 886
    Stephen Beebe Says:

    Crystal majesty
    Adorns crowns of fire and foil
    Look through royalty

  887. 887
    Stephen Beebe Says:

    My tongue tastes mango
    My mouth spews pillars of white
    Hookah, my delight

  888. 888
    Kevin Says:

    Coals brightly burning
    Red hot, a powerful stare
    The sleeping dragon

  889. 889
    Adam Says:

    my hose is the key
    breathe in as you wish darling
    im all that and steam

  890. 890
    Adam Says:

    honey i am home
    do not make me a sandwich
    stones, water, and steam

  891. 891
    Micah Says:

    A hookah tribute
    It is my only true love
    I will never part

  892. 892
    Micah Says:

    With utmost passion
    Pack the bowl and light the coal
    Let clouds fill the room

  893. 893
    Micah Says:

    Now here’s my story
    Everyone gather round
    First start the hookah

  894. 894
    Micah Says:

    I speak Japanese
    Hookah haiku makes me sneeze
    But I still want it

  895. 895
    Maari Says:

    Into the silence
    Floating around
    Shisha smokes

  896. 896
    Matt Says:

    Hookah,smoke with glee
    Smoking till the dark hours wee
    We share it like tea

  897. 897
    Matt Says:

    Trying to find time
    Smoke the shisha tastes like lime
    The tray is the chime

  898. 898
    Brian Says:

    Breathe in scented mist
    Through stem and fiery bulb
    While I play Half Life

  899. 899
    Brian Says:

    The world’s lit afire
    with steam and scent of spices
    Shisha, spark of life

  900. 900
    Micah Says:

    A party of twelve
    We group around the hookah
    Share stories and laugh

  901. 901
    Matt Says:

    Coca’s standing tall
    Like fancy stores at the mall
    New bowl reinstall

  902. 902
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    shopping for shisha
    buy from hookahshisha
    enjoy my order

  903. 903
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    hookah when i wake
    still smoking in the noon time
    last smoke for the night

  904. 904
    Sebastian Jongerius Says:

    Spitting Haiku flow
    All I want for my birthday
    Is this Hookah Hoe

  905. 905
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    white fluffy cloud smoke
    the fantasia fantasies
    that rush through my veins

  906. 906
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    blowing out big clouds
    watching them rise from my lungs
    looking into clouds

  907. 907
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    tangiers, nahkla, haze
    three hookahs lit in a row
    hookah party time

  908. 908
    Bianca Murillo Says:

    coals burn, lungs exhale
    coals burn the cold winter nights
    coals burn, relaxed mind

  909. 909
    Raj K. Bose Says:

    When life’s rough, just puff
    Goodness gracious great ball’s fire
    Hookah’s tough enough

  910. 910
    Quentin Says:

    The flavor hits me
    Thick white smoke exits my lungs
    Head spins when eyes close

  911. 911
    T.T.M. Arneaud Says:

    Soul of leaf rises
    The season’s sweetness abounds
    Dances on my tongue

  912. 912
    michael Says:

    hookah is my love
    sex on the beach awaits me
    each inhale save me

  913. 913
    Kira Says:

    Clear hookah less day
    Fus-ro-dah hookah smoke yay
    The kingdom is saved

  914. 914
    Kira Says:

    Hookah bar tonight
    Chances seem high and in place
    Getting laid alright

  915. 915
    Kira Says:

    Look at that body
    I smoke hookah you know it
    Wiggle wiggle yeah

  916. 916
    Jamie Says:

    Soft smoke like water
    Dancing in the winter air
    this is the good life

  917. 917
    Jamie Says:

    Sweet smoke and hot coals
    Dancing in a low lit room
    dream of forever

  918. 918
    Jamie Says:

    Techno and thick smoke
    Bubbling water and ice
    Party time tonight

  919. 919
    Jamie Says:

    Smoke so thick and sweet
    Filling the room with each breath
    Gandalf, envy me

  920. 920
    Nick E Says:

    It is now my turn.
    Friends all around, all real chill.
    This is what it’s about.

    Vortex, phunnel, Egyptian.
    Doesn’t matter, it’s all great.
    My smoke fills the air.

  921. 921
    Tim Says:

    Feeling like a god
    on High. My perfect pair is
    my hookah and I.

  922. 922
    Jamie Says:

    Sweet or spiced flavor
    cool, smooth, thick smoke like heaven
    Pass the hose again

  923. 923
    Jamie Says:

    Techno beats behind
    Smoke rings the size of my head
    super party time

  924. 924
    Jamie Says:

    First, Hookah-Hookah,
    For that perfect Starbuzz, then
    Al Fakher gently.

  925. 925
    Tyler Says:

    Water bubbles up
    The coals glow a warm amber
    Now I’ll be just fine

  926. 926
    Edmon Says:

    Tribal gathering
    Hookah shisha family
    Burn the red salad

  927. 927
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Pillowy, Puffy.
    Plentiful Plumes Like Powder.
    Hookah Smoking Please!

  928. 928
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Thick Clouds Aplenty
    Inhaling Is Pure Pleasure
    Heaven In My Lungs.

  929. 929
    Matt Says:

    Brain storming all these weeks I had to share:

    I am fairly new to hookah
    My kids really think its spooka

    Although being sequestered to the garage
    I make it my lodge

    Through trials and tribulations
    I’ve come to certain revelations

    Scorching the bowl I dread
    Trying not to keep the shisha flaming red

    Heat management is the key
    Less shisha where you want to be

    My mod bowl is just fine
    Don’t fill to the line

    Buying charcoal makes you broke
    Although natural gives me the best smoke

  930. 930
    reza Says:

    Two hundred countries
    Flavourful smoke everywhere
    Is this not heaven?

  931. 931
    Matt Says:

    If juice not running
    Dried out shisha you’re gunning
    Shisha is sunning

  932. 932
    Kathe Says:

    My mind wandering
    the day coming to a close
    can’t wait to go smoke

  933. 933
    Kathe Says:

    hand me the shisha
    its time to load the hookah
    drift away like smoke

  934. 934
    Johnny Mendoza Says:

    Breathe in and breathe out
    Forget every one of your doubts
    It’s now hookah time!

  935. 935
    Elinor Says:

    Come now my friends
    Let’s gather round the hookah

  936. 936
    Kirk Berger Says:

    I pull from the hose
    Thick cloud of smoke through the bowl
    To relax I try

  937. 937
    Ginny Says:

    From the herbs, a cloud.
    It blossoms into the air.
    I breathe in again.

  938. 938
    Justin Says:

    Peace love and shisha
    hookah is my everything
    Let’s pack a bowl now

  939. 939
    Lisa Janousek Says:

    Whirl of cool air
    Passing mouth into mind
    Where dream it becomes

  940. 940
    Misha Says:

    Slowly I exhale,
    Close eyes. Swirling all around,
    Tender smoke. Bliss.

  941. 941
    Elinor Says:

    Hookah, yes hookah
    I’m hooked to hookah hookah
    All day, eeryday

  942. 942
    Wyeth Worley Says:

    The two of us puff,
    Hookah has found my best friend,
    My dog is so buzzed.

  943. 943
    Josh Brand Says:

    Smoke now fills the room.
    relaxing, enlightening.
    I pass to the left.

  944. 944
    Nathan Says:

    boxes with pictures
    hookah shisha wont be beat
    we love giveaways

  945. 945
    Elinor Says:

    Inhale and pass please
    Do not smoke all my shisha
    That is a command

  946. 946
    Jacob Says:

    Crackling hot coals
    Huge clouds of smoke with good friends
    great relaxation

  947. 947
    Kathe Says:

    smoke escapes my lips
    exhaling all my tension
    swirling through the night

  948. 948
    Matt F. Says:

    Coals heating flavor
    Good friends here socializing
    Makes for a good night


    Set up the hookah
    Get my favorite flavors out
    Relax, great session


    All your hookah needs are here
    Shop, smoke and enjoy

  949. 949
    Dan Says:

    Pack your best shish
    Sit back and enjoy the smoke
    It was a hard day

  950. 950
    Chris Schultz Says:

    White Clouds Roll Slowly
    Social Gatherings With Friends
    Fellowship of Smoke

  951. 951
    Dan Says:

    Pack your best shisha
    Sit back and enjoy the smoke
    It was a hard day

  952. 952
    lidoublez Says:

    Smokes hookah daily
    Can’t keep me from my baby
    A purple Mya

  953. 953
    Josh Brand Says:

    Gather around friends.
    Lets light up a bowl or two.
    dont tangle the hose.

  954. 954
    Taylor M Says:

    All my friends envy
    When I french inhale the smoke
    Its really badass

  955. 955
    lidoublez Says:

    Smokes hookah daily
    Can’t keep me from my little
    Purple Mya Babe

  956. 956
    Kathe Says:

    its monday again
    a long week ahead of me
    the hookah beckons

  957. 957
    Ginny Says:

    The harvest comes in
    Fruit and spice and mint and more
    The smoke is fragrant

  958. 958
    Kathe Says:

    i smoke the shisha
    in lots of different flavors
    ready to pack the bowl

  959. 959
    Kathe Says:

    where is my hookah
    pretty sure i left it here
    i’m gonna need that

  960. 960
    Taylor M Says:

    Put ice in the base
    and use a Mystique ice tip
    for an ice cold smoke

  961. 961
    Kathe Says:

    heat releases smoke
    drawing slowly and deeply
    on my hookah hose

  962. 962
    Nicole Says:

    so calming to see
    flavors rush from my body
    forming swirling clouds

  963. 963
    Ginny Says:

    Hot like summer sun
    The leaves bring out the flavor
    Through the cold water

  964. 964
    Kristina Says:

    cold has got you sick
    fill up the hookah with mint
    say ice, ice baby

  965. 965
    Sebastian Says:

    Winter is not gone
    Summer Time is almost here
    Fruit Shisha Oh Yeah

  966. 966
    Kathe Says:

    watching first timers
    load bowls of chunky shisha
    gotta break it up

  967. 967
    Nicole Says:

    flavors await you
    molasses, earth, rose
    simply light the coal

  968. 968
    Kathe Says:

    harsh smoke burns my throat
    so i put ice in the base
    don’t waste the shisha

  969. 969
    Taylor M Says:

    Tell my friends to watch
    Take a pull from the hookah
    Blow rings like Gandalf

  970. 970
    Omar Gonzalez Says:

    Call her smoke guilty; but my lips always touch
    Consumes me like a fire, love the ash and dust
    But love her not too much, the smoke is guilty when lips touch
    Drowned in lust, my hookah is a must

  971. 971
    Kathe Says:

    i can always find
    on hookah shisha dot com
    the flavors i like

  972. 972
    Nicole Says:

    hear the smoke’s journey
    hose spits smoke like a cobra
    breathe like a dragon

  973. 973
    Kathe Says:

    is that my hookah
    i thought i left it at home
    whatever lets smoke

  974. 974
    Kathe Says:

    i tell all my friends
    hookah goes on the floor please
    you’ll knock it over

  975. 975
    Kathe Says:

    sitting in the grass
    ready to smoke the hookah
    forgot the lighter

  976. 976
    Kathe Says:

    i smoke in my home
    and when on the road i roam
    shisha to the dome

  977. 977
    Nicole Says:

    every breath I take
    adds a new cloud to the sky
    and keeps me grounded

  978. 978
    Richard Says:

    Inhale ecstasy
    Billow round rings across rooms

  979. 979
    Kathe Says:

    breathe in or breathe out
    there will be smoke all about
    i’ll share so don’t pout

  980. 980
    Kathe Says:

    sweet spicy fragrance
    wafting through my apartment
    neighbors don’t complain

  981. 981
    Elinor Says:

    Hookah dash Shisha
    Come here for your hookah needs
    I’m sure I just won

  982. 982
    Cody Major Says:

    Float on clouds and rings
    Red heat to rising bubbles
    Dreams indefinite

  983. 983
    Richard Says:

    inhale deeply now
    smoke hits palate, satisfies
    drift in and out, buzz.

  984. 984
    Kathe Says:

    hookah looks pretty
    and the shisha sure is sweet
    pass the hose this way

  985. 985
    Kari Says:

    Family asleep
    I meet you in the garage
    They will never know

  986. 986
    Kari Says:

    Please put your wet hose
    Into my orifice now
    I will blow you out

  987. 987
    Kathe Says:

    try hookah-shisha dot com
    mad affordable

  988. 988
    Kari Says:

    edit last one:
    Please put your wet hose
    Into my orifices now
    I will blow you out

  989. 989
    Richard Says:

    juicy leaves packed in
    apply the heat wait for it
    dragon breath shoots out

  990. 990
    Kari Says:

    I stick your hose in
    You taste oh so sweet right now
    Oh hookah you cad

  991. 991
    Kari Says:

    I anticipate
    My chest aches while I await
    What only you give

  992. 992
    Christopher Bugsch Says:

    Hookah in the morn
    Smokin hookah in the eve
    I just love hookah

  993. 993
    Adam Says:

    If you smoke hookah
    then Hookah dash shisha is
    the right place for you

  994. 994
    Kari Says:

    Your hose sits waiting
    Your bowl, filled with goodnesses
    Enter my lungs now

  995. 995
    Kari Says:

    Come gather around
    Smoke, laughter, conversation
    Favorite pasttime

  996. 996
    Kari Says:

    Oh billowing smoke
    Ascend to the firmament
    Hookah, my delight.

  997. 997
    Christopher Bugsch Says:

    Clouds begin to form
    Chatter of friends now echos
    It is hookah time

  998. 998
    Adam Says:

    If you love to smoke
    then hookah dash shisha is
    paradise for you

  999. 999
    Kari Says:

    Oh Hookah Hookah
    You are my glorious friend
    Pay me to smoke you?

  1000. 1000
    Christopher Bugsch Says:

    You eyes capture me
    My stomach begins to flutter
    As we share this smoke

  1001. 1001
    chase Says:

    With thick clouds amidst
    I’ve never experienced
    A flavor like this

  1002. 1002
    Cheshire Says:

    white smoke bubbles up
    through the long blue nammor hose
    clouds and rings to form

  1003. 1003
    Cheshire Says:

    I lay back, and draw
    Cleopatra rises tall
    worries and cares gone

  1004. 1004
    Austin B Says:

    The smoke clears my head,
    Washing away all my fears,
    Peace has now arrived.

  1005. 1005
    Craig Says:

    Pack that shisha up
    Get that black coal hot as hell
    Man, that smoke is swell.

  1006. 1006
    Kathe Says:

    hoping for the win
    i posted a few haikus
    people wish me luck

  1007. 1007
    Biser Davidkov Says:

    Wednesday – shopping time
    I need store with goods of prime
    Hookah-shisha time!

  1008. 1008
    Craig Says:

    Girl, you curvaceous,
    Your kiss so savory and sweet,
    I love you, Hookah.

  1009. 1009
    Taylor Says:

    Stardust in a vase
    Breathing in the universe
    The mind tends to wander

  1010. 1010
    Guilherme Says:

    The smoke blind myself,
    that is no problem,
    I can see through the mist.

  1011. 1011
    Matthew Daly Says:

    My Hookah I love,
    My Shisha I will Defend,
    I smoke you long time.

  1012. 1012
    Guilherme Says:

    Circle of smokes
    Hearts of large hookahs
    Feelings of white mist

  1013. 1013
    Brian Says:

    Hookah smoking tricks
    Rings and ghost to name a few
    And French inhale too

  1014. 1014
    Shanelle Says:

    Look at this hookah
    Need this *in my freakin life
    Come to daddy now

  1015. 1015
    Shanelle Says:

    trying to smoke this
    Shisha in my lungs woah
    do you feel the buzz

  1016. 1016
    Jacob Says:

    fantasia; starbuzz
    phunnel, vortex, or mya
    just draw and enjoy

  1017. 1017
    Pete Says:

    Smoke slowly dwindles.
    Conversation continues.
    Time for some more coals.

  1018. 1018
    brian fulkerson Says:

    Oh thy love of mine
    Who’s hose smokes the most divine
    Hookah bring me peace

  1019. 1019
    Brian Says:

    This is a Haiku
    About me smoking from you
    Hookah I love you

  1020. 1020
    Steve Says:

    fruity, minty, sweet;
    the smoke; smooth and cool as ice;
    my night is complete.

  1021. 1021
    Shanelle Says:

    Hey girl do you smoke
    Don’t you ask smoke what okay
    I’m talking shisha

  1022. 1022
    Paul Says:

    we’ve gone up in smoke
    ‘though dear friends they come and go
    my hookah abides

  1023. 1023
    jessica Says:

    coals burning above
    inhale the delicious smoke
    now i can be calm

  1024. 1024
    jessica Says:

    i love to make clouds
    delicious thick delight
    hookah day and night

  1025. 1025
    jessica Says:

    i love my hookah
    makes my ambiance complete
    what is left….my drink

  1026. 1026
    jessica Says:

    pouring a cold drink
    pack the bowl and light the coals
    relax…hookah time

  1027. 1027
    jessica Says:

    vanilla shisha
    put iced coffee in the base
    hookah latte?…yes!

  1028. 1028
    jessica Says:

    on top burning coals
    stem filling with smokey love
    hookah is ready

  1029. 1029
    jessica Says:

    hey hookah party!
    smoke fill me with smoke smoke smoke
    oppa hookah style!

  1030. 1030
    jessica Says:

    finding what makes it better
    its easy hookah

  1031. 1031
    Casey Says:

    With clouds hanging lax
    And aroma in the air
    My heart yearns hookah

  1032. 1032
    Casey Says:

    Traveling across
    A scent tickles my senses
    Shisha in the wind

  1033. 1033
    Casey Says:

    Relaxing with friends
    Passing hoses between us
    Creating our clouds

  1034. 1034
    Casey Says:

    Only a few bucks
    Lingering in my pocket
    Saved for my shisha

  1035. 1035
    Casey Says:

    Payday has now come
    To Hookah-Shisha I go
    Awaiting good times

  1036. 1036
    Casey Says:

    Rings, bubbles, and clouds
    Ghosts, french inhales, and shotguns
    Have fun with your smoke

  1037. 1037
    Casey Says:

    Deep breath into lungs
    Your senses tingle gently
    And still more shisha

  1038. 1038
    Kayvon Aynafshar Says:

    Baba wets the leaf
    We watch as the smoke rises
    Can I try Baba?
    ~ Fond memories of family tradition.

  1039. 1039
    Kaje Watkins Says:

    Contest Soon Over
    I Do Indeed Hope To Win
    Or Depression Hits.

  1040. 1040
    Paul Says:

    We’ve gone up in smoke
    ‘though good friends they come and go
    My hookah abides

  1041. 1041
    Tj Says:

    Caves of Shisha are Mine
    Hookahs are supreme and divine
    i love smoke

  1042. 1042
    Kayvon Aynafshar Says:

    The Qalyan Burns Hot
    Smoke begins to fill the room
    Paradise at last

  1043. 1043
    Kelye Rose Says:

    Big puff of white smoke
    Like laying on a cool cloud
    Crisp flavor I love

  1044. 1044
    Julian Isaac Says:

    Water, Fire, and Shisha
    Inhale Blow Puff French Repeat
    Happiness accompanies me,you

  1045. 1045
    kevin Says:


  1046. 1046
    kevin Says:


  1047. 1047
    kevin Says:


  1048. 1048
    Jenna Joosten Says:

    Oh such wonderful
    Tendrils of soft seeking smoke

  1049. 1049
    Elinor Says:

    Starbuzz, Al Fakher
    Fumari, Nakhla, Tangiers
    They’re ALL so tasty

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