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26 Mar

Shisha Buying Guides

The Guide to Hookah & Shisha Tobacco Brands and Flavors

Sure, we carry a huge selection of delicious shisha flavors, but what do all those flavor names mean? And which ones are the best? These handy guides will help you navigate the wide world of shisha.

The Complete Starbuzz Flavor Guide
Find out what all those Starbuzz flavor names mean.
  The Best Fumari Shisha Flavors
Juicy, juicy Fumari – here are our favorite flavors.
  Top 10 (and more) Al Fakher Flavors
See Al Fakher Tobacco’s best-sellers and empolyee favorites too.
  Top 10 Tangiers Flavors
Check out the most popular flavors of one of the most popular hookah tobacco brands.
  Top 10 Fantasia Flavors
Fantasia has an arsenal of wild flavors – this is a selection of their best-sellers.
  Top 10 Hookafina Flavors
Learn about the flavors that have hookah smokers flocking to try Hookafina shisha.
  Best Shisha and Techniques for Thick Clouds of Smoke
Take a look at the shisha that is known for pumping out huge milky clouds and learn how to load the bowl for the optimal flavor and clouds.


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