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26 Mar

Getting Started – How to Set Up a Hookah

Getting Started – How to Set Up a Hookah

You’ve just bought your first hookah and you’re full of questions. Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel, and that’s why we put together these helpful guides to getting started on your new hookah journey.

Hookah Glossary Hookah Anatomy & Glossary
Learn hookah vocabulary, parts, and more.
Hookah Glossary Hookah Setup Guide
Putting a hookah together is easy – we’ll show you how.
How Much Water in a Hookah Base? How Much Water Should I Add to My Hookah Base?
Water level is an often overlooked, yet important part of the hookah experience.
Loading a Hookah Bowl How to Load a Hookah Bowl
Learn to pack that shisha like a pro.
Lighting Natural Hookah Coals How to Light Natural Hookah Coals
Natural coals take more time, but can enhance your hookah session.
Hookah Heat Management and Coal Rotation Hookah Heat Management
Learn how to keep those coals going and keep your smoke thick and tasty.


2 Responses to “Getting Started – How to Set Up a Hookah”

  1. 1
    cynthia fisher Says:

    the hose does not stay in place when holding to smoke. this is dissappointing. the plastic tip does not make a snug use.

  2. 2
    Katie Says:

    Hi Cynthia, did you contact our customer service representatives? These problems are common and extremely easy to fix. info @

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