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27 Mar

Romancing The Smoke Table Of Contents

Each of the titles below holds a helpful article for hookah lovers of all levels. These back-to-basics learning experiences from a first time hookah smoker are great to brush up on, or to send to a friend if they have questions about how to hookah. Everybody has to start somewhere! Happy smoking!

anatomy-of-a-hookahhookah faux pas etiquettepick-the-best-hookah-bowl how-to-load-a-bowlpurge-valves-and-hose-portshookah coals how-to-prepare-tangiers-shishatangiers-for-beginners hookah-purge-valves-and-hose-portskm-hookahs-khalil-mamoon smoking-shisha-steam-stones-tobacco-free how-to-store-shisha-tobacco something in my hookah is leakinghookah headachehow to clean your hookah

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    Henrique Says:

    You see i was only and mainly here for the hookah etiquette..

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