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12 Jan

The Ultimate Shisha Brand Breakdown

If this is your first time deciding which shisha tobacco brands to start out with, consider this a brief beginner’s guide to the world of shisha flavors. We carry a wide variety of shisha tobacco, and an amazing range of flavor profiles to fit any and all preferences and palettes. If you’ve never made a bowl for yourself, start off with something a little lighter like Social Smoke or Starbuzz for an entry level hookah experience. We also offer traditional brands like Al Fakher and Nakhla, which are easy to smoke and offer a large selection of solid flavors. Once you begin to master the hookah craft and learn more of what you like, it may be time to move on to shisha blends created for seasoned smokers – and we’ve got you covered for those too.

You can smoke every style of tobacco that we offer in a standard Egyptian hookah bowl, but some tobacco brands suggest alternative hookah bowls to obtain the best smoking experience. Instead of doing the research yourself, we’ve saved you the time and have linked the necessary tools and accessories with each shisha brand breakdown. We want you to have the greatest session possible, are you ready to make some decisions?

Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco

Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco

Social Smoke is a great choice for beginners, and at the same time it will satisfy and surprise the most seasoned smokers. There is currently only one line available and it contains over 80 flavors that range from sweet fruit flavors, all the way to spices and bone chilling mints. This shisha is produced right here in the U.S., with delicious imported tobacco leaves from Germany; they use a batch production process to ensure a quality finish. You can use Social Smoke tobacco in any style of bowl, and our recommended packing method is a gentle sprinkle pack to fill the bowl. As you get familiar with using this brand, you can easily add a little more tobacco to each session for a stronger flavor and longer smoke session. We enjoy smoking Social Smoke flavors out of a phunnel bowl, and our favorite bowls to use are the Og Rook Bowl & the 80 ft phunnel bowl.

Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco

Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco

Al Fakher is perfect for anyone just getting into the hookah hobby, they carry a large selection of basic flavors and cool minty blends. This traditional style of shisha molasses arrives in a resealable container, with a juicy cut of tobacco and red coloring. We really love this brand because of the mixability potential with their standard flavors, and the ease of preparing a bowl. You can use any style of bowl with Al Fakher, like a classic Egyptian bowl, all the way to modern bowls like the Lule glass phunnel. We’ve seen this brand loaded into many bowls with all sorts of packing methods, and each session is catered to the individual smoker. Here at Hookah-Shisha.com, we bounce between just sprinkling the tobacco to fill the bowl, or packing just little bit more for a longer smoking session. We offer a 5 pack & 10 pack of the 50 gram boxes, so you can really explore and create your own custom blends.

Haze Hookah Tobacco

Haze Hookah Tobacco & Shisha

We have a lot of fun with Haze Tobacco here in the office, the flavors are great and have amazing endurance within your sessions. This is another brand of tobacco that is made here in the U.S., and they feature three collections of flavors. We offer their standard Haze tobacco line, along with their limited edition  Jazze Pha and Cheech & Chong shisha flavors. Haze Tobacco contains more juice than the average modern cut shisha, but you can still enjoy their flavors in any style of bowl. Their tobacco takes heat very well, so we suggest an overpack method when it comes to making your bowl for a session. This is accomplished by sprinkling the tobacco in the bowl pass the bowl rim, and applying heat for huge clouds with full flavor. To avoid any messes with excess shisha juice, we use phunnel bowls like the Harmony and Trimony.

Fumari Hookah Tobacco

Fumari Hookah Tobacco & Shisha

Fumari, an interesting name with a flavor selection that provides plenty of flavor blends for any palate. We like Fumari in the same aspect as Al Fahker, with their solid standard flavors it’s very easy to create new custom blends or enjoy them separately. Fumari provides flavors like Blueberry Muffin, Spiced Chai, and White Gummi Bear. Their flavors are usually sweet in taste, and provide authentic notes from the flavors that they mimic. Fumari shisha is very finely cut and packed with extra flavoring, they will arrive in a resealable zip-lock packaging. We suggest pressing and squeezing the bag from the exterior to work the juices into the tobacco, before reaching inside and getting your bowl loaded. This is another brand of tobacco that we like to use with phunnel bowls, and our recommendations are the Og Rook or 80 ft. bowl. If you want to save on shisha consumption, you can also check out the Alien phunnel bowl. You won’t need much to get a bowl going, so just gently sprinkle the tobacco inside your bowl until you reach the rim or slightly below.

Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco & Shisha

Starbuzz is the Starbucks of the hookah world, you will find it in almost every hookah lounge and smoke shop simply because it’s just that good. This is one of three lines that Starbuzz carries, and we often refer to this as their standard line, that contains over 60 flavors. Starbuzz can provide you with just about everything you need for a complete session from hookah stems to bowls, and glass bases to tin foil. Opening a can of starbuzz will provide you with a light golden brown, modern cut tobacco that is combined with great flavor strength. You can enjoy Starbuzz shisha in any hookah bowl, but we really have fun with a standard egyptian bowl or vortex bowl. Once again this is going to be a brand that requires no real packing method, just fill your bowl and let the good times roll and the good smoke blow.

Starbuzz Bold Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz Bold Hookah Tobacco & Shisha

Starbuzz Bold is the second tobacco collection from Starbuzz, and it features a large selection of blends with a powerful flavor strength. This line does not contain any flavors from the standard collection, instead it features new blends that incorporate flavor profiles with spices, fruits, and a multitude of mints. Some of the Starbuzz bold flavors will take some decoding to really break down each flavor profile, and that’s what we like to do here in the office. So if you’ve enjoyed the standard line of Starbuzz, or you just want to pick up a sleek black tin packed with flavor, Starbuzz Bold is the way to go. Even though this is a different line of tobacco, we recommend this shisha be loaded up just like the standard Starbuzz. Fill the bowl, grab the tin foil, and get the coals cooking!

Starbuzz Vintage Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz Vintage Shisha Tobacco

The third and final tobacco line from Starbuzz is dark and it packs a powerful punch. Starbuzz Vintage is a dark leaf tobacco blend from 5+ different leaves; it is combined with  subtle fruits, spices, and more for a rich robust taste. The dark leaf tobacco blend will provide more of a traditional tobacco taste, and the nicotine strength is higher than the average shisha tobacco. We don’t recommend this as your first hookah experience, but we encourage it to anyone looking for robust flavors with a heavier profile and buzz. Starbuzz Vintage will arrive in a resealable jar, full of finely chopped dark tobacco leaves, and with enough juice to have a long session full of flavor. It is recommended that you do not remove any excess juice from the tobacco, and pack it straight out of the jar. We like to keep our sessions as clean as possible, so we suggest using a phunnel bowl such as the Harmony or Starbuzz silicone phunnel. You can even use an oyster fork to keep your hands clean while packing.

Tangiers Noir Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers Noir Hookah Tobacco

One of the most prized possessions you can have in your shisha cabinet is Cane Mint by Tangiers. The Tangiers brand was founded and established in California in the mid 2000′s, and to this day they still make small handmade batches to ensure freshness and quality. They use unwashed tobacco leaves that provide a remarkable flavor experience with complex flavorings, floral notes, and a world of  fruit offerings. Tangiers is not a brand we recommend to beginners as the strength of the buzz may be produce an uncomfortable experience for the novice smoker, and the packing method will require some trial and error. Tangiers tobacco is oil based instead of water, and it provides longer sessions than most shisha brands with the proper packing method. It is suggested by the creator that this tobacco be used with a dense pack method inside a phunnel bowl, and if this is going over your head just check out our Hookah Love blog for more information about this packing method. Tangiers tobacco will arrive in a non-resealable package, and we recommend picking a storage container to ensure freshness. Need a flavor suggestions? Try Cane Mint, Orange Soda, or any of the fruit/floral flavors that peak your interest.

Tangiers Birquq Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers Birquq Shisha Tobacco

The second line from Tangiers was created for the hookah smoker that wants to try Tangiers, without the big buzz from their standard noir collection. Tangiers Birquq is crafted with the use of a lighter tobacco base that requires 3/4th of the heat needed for the standard line, and it can produce a buzz similar to your premium modern shisha.  You can find some of the Noir Tangiers flavors in Birquq, as well as some newer blends that still reward you with a long and full flavored hookah session. It is recommended with all lines of Tangiers that you use a phunnel bowl for your sessions, and a dense pack will be the key to a trouble free session. In our experience with Tangiers Birquq, we like to create a little bit of airflow by gently lifting the tobacco with a toothpick before applying tin foil. Tangiers will arrive in an airtight package, and it will require a separate container in order to store it neatly.

Tangiers F-Line Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers F-line Shisha Tobacco

Are you ever tired while smoking hookah? Well wake up! The third collection from Tangiers adds caffeine to the mix, along with their unwashed tobacco blend and they call it Tangiers F-line. This may not be your nightly smoke unless you plan on gaming or studying, but as an afternoon pickup F-line does the job well. You’ll be able to find some of the classic flavors from their noir collection, as well as some new blends from their fourth line – the Burley line. We use this tobacco with a standard amount of heat (3 natural coals), and of course we suggest using the dense pack when making your bowl. Grab a hookah with a phunnel bowl, and be prepared for the sensation that is F-Line. Please use with caution.

Tangiers Burley Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers Burley Hookah & Shisha Tobacco

Are you ready for this Tangiers experience? Seriously are you ready, because this is what we like to call the tippy top of the Tangiers totem pole. Tangiers Burley is the fourth line from their collection, it utilizes natural Burley tobacco leaves for an even stronger buzz and more longevity within your session. The Burley line surpasses the Noir line in nicotine levels, and in our experiences with this tobacco we haven’t had any heat sensitivity issues with a standard dense pack when making a bowl. If you’ve enjoyed Tangiers in the past and you’re looking for a new way to experience some of your favorite flavors, then Burley was designed for you. We’re pretty sure you know by now but always try to use a phunnel bowl, and if you’re unsure as to which one to use, try the small Tangiers phunnel bowl by Tangiers.

Hookfina Hookah Tobacco

Hookafina Hookah Tobacco

Over this past year we’ve enjoyed a number of shisha flavors from Hookafina Tobacco, with their release of the lemonade stand flavors along with a couple of other classics. Hookafina will arrive in a cylindrical stainless container packed full of juicy & sweet flavoring. This is another great brand to play around with and mix new flavors, we really enjoyed tossing their “Mint Knockout” into “Spicy Peach.” Hookafina can be used with any style of bowl, and it doesn’t contain that much excess juice so packing it should be a quick & easy process. We suggest a sprinkle pack method to fill the bowl, and a standard amount of heat (3 natural coals) should be used for a solid smoking experience.

Hookfina Blak Hookah Tobacco

Hookafina Blak Hookah Tobacco

We have more black leaf tobacco for our seasoned smokers to try, and this time around it’s coming from the Hookafina Blak line. This traditional style of hookah tobacco is handmade in a small batch production, with unwashed black leaf tobacco, and a dark flavor base that results in a smoky finish. The use of dark leaf tobacco will provide a stronger level of nicotine, and if you’re just getting the hang of hookah we recommend their standard line of shisha. Hookafina Blak will require a separate storage container if you want to keep any excess shisha. With the large amount of excess juices in this line, we recommend packing this shisha in a phunnel bowl.

Nakhla Hookah Tobacco

Nakhla hookah tobacco & shisha

This is where it all began! Nakhla was the first company to create flavored tobacco for hookahs, and it was that foundation that led to where we are now. They have provided the world with a small selection of classic shisha flavor blends for over 100 years, and most people know them for their prized “Two Apples” flavor. Nakhla maintains their roots with a classic packaging style and a traditional molasses cut,  and over the years they’ve added on more flavors to their lineup. A word that is often used when describing a Nakhla smoking experience is “earthy,” and we agree with this description but in the form of a complement. If you’re looking for an authentic flavor to end the night with, Nakhla will be your best friend; no candy or sugary flavors, just classic Nakhla. Egyptian bowls work great with Nakhla along with any other style of bowl, just fill the bowl to rim and toss on some tin foil. The nicotine levels in Nakhla can sometimes produce a stronger buzz for beginners, so test the water before jumping in.

Nirvana Super Shisha Hookah Tobacco

Nirvana Super Shisha Hookah Tobacco

Have you ever heard of Dokha? Dokha is a high nicotine pipe tobacco, and it comes from the tip of the tobacco leaves with additional natural ingredients added for flavor. Medwakh has created several blends of Dokha and pipes, and they decided to take their Dokha knowledge into the shisha market thus creating “Super Shisha“. This new blend of shisha doesn’t hold back on providing you with a head spinning experience, and of course we wouldn’t recommend this for your first hookah session.  Nirvana produces an arsenal of flavors that will produce huge clouds with surprising flavor combinations, and it requires no particular bowl to get your sessions started. We’ve enjoyed just about every flavor they offer, and placed a breakdown of each blend on the ordering page. When you think you’re ready for some Nirvana, don’t worry, it will be right here waiting for you.

Al Fakher Special Edition Hookah Tobacco

Al Fakher Special Edition Hookah Tobacco

If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out which Al Fakher flavors would mix well, try their latest collection of special edition blends. Using the same tobacco from their standard line, Al Fakher special edition combines some of their popular flavors into ready-to-go mixes. There are over 20 Special Edition flavor blends to choose from and they’re all pretty amazing by themselves,  or you can have fun and continue adding to the mixes. The Special Edition line will arrive in a sleek black metal tin, and they’re stackable for easy access and storing. You can pack this into the same bowls you use for the standard Al Fakher line, or if you need a suggestion try the Og Square Bowls.

Hookah-Hookah Hookah Tobacco

Hookah Hookah Shisha Hookah Tobacco

Have you ever thought about smoking a peanut butter flavored shisha, or what about graham crackers? It sounds crazy right? But it’s all possible with Hookah-Hookah tobacco and their 60+ great shisha flavors. Hookah-Hookah is made right here in the U.S., and they only use natural ingredients to achieve a taste as close to authentic as possible. The use of long cut Virginia tobacco leaves, with their own little personal touch, creates thunderous clouds and flavorful sessions for the user. Hookah-Hookah has also created a line that we’ve really come to love called Hookah Freak, it adds even more great flavors to their roster. We go back and forth in the office between a sprinkle pack and semi-dense method, but both methods produce great results. This is not a juicy style of tobacco so it’s won’t require that much clean up, and you can toss it into any bowl for a great session.

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco

Fantasia Shisha Hookah Tobacco

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco is modern style of shisha with a huge selection of flavors, and they’re available in many sizes making it easier to try them all. Fantasia has collaborated with many celebrities to create new flavors, along with creating a new collection of flavors like the “Ice Series” for fans of minty smokes. You can find flavors that mimic desserts to alcoholic beverages, and everything in between. Fantasia hookah tobacco arrives in a resealable jar, and it contains a higher amount juice than the average cut. This is a great shisha to start out with for beginners, as the nicotine level is low and the usability is high. You can use any style of hookah bowl with Fantasia and the clouds will come through easily, just try to keep the juice in bowl for a longer session of flavor.

Herbal Shisha – Tobacco Free

Herbal Hookah Shisha

We know that tobacco is not for everyone, but you may still want to join in on the hookah smoking experience. Be sure to take a look at our large selection of herbal shisha, if you’re wanting a full flavored hookah experience without the use of Tobacco. These alternative blends utilize Bagasse and natural flavoring as the key components for the base, resulting in great clouds with a taste to satisfy. We carry Hydro, Beamer, Al Fakher, and Fantasia herbal flavor blends. The herbal collection normally does not require high amounts of heat, and we’ve enjoyed sessions with a plethora of bowls while using herbal shisha. Your flavor options will often mimic blends available in regular tobacco lines, so you won’t miss out on some of the classic favorites.

Hookah Steam Stones

Starbuzz Steam Stones

This is one of the most unique ways to smoke flavored vapor, without the use of nicotine or tobacco. Say hello to Steam Stones, created with the use of porous rocks like zeolite stone and soaked in glycerin with flavoring. We offer serveral flavor selections for steam stones from Starbuzz, Fantasia, and Hydro. The steam stones should be used in a phunnel style bowl, with the Steam Stones taking up 3/4 th of the bowl vertically. You can use higher amounts of heat to really get thunder clouds rocking, and once you’re finished with a session you can reuse the stones at a later time. When you’ve completed a session with steam stones, empty some of the contents back into the jar and let it soak up any excess flavoring. This alternative smoking method can be used in combination with other methods like tobacco, herbal, or fruit shisha. By filling the bottom of your bowl with steam stones, it will save on shisha consumption and still result in great flavor.

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