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14 Jun

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco – Top 10 Most Popular Flavors

Like the art of growing the Bonsai tree, getting Tangiers Hookah Tobacco to smoke perfectly takes patience and craftiness. Because of its robust design and sensitivity to heat, several factors need to be taken into account — humidity acclimation, packing style, and coal rotation all need to be managed meticulously. Even though one customer left a review calling it a “man’s shisha,” with the proper preparation and heat maintenance, Tangiers can be enjoyed by adults of any gender!

Because of the diversity of hookahs smokers around the globe, there’s really not a single, correct way to smoke Tangiers – everyone will tell you something different. However, it is widely agreed that you’ll get the best results by using a non-traditional bowl (such as a Phunnel style bowl like the Harmony Hookah Bowl - Alien Mini Funnel Bowl- 80 Feet Bowl - Tangiers Bowl), one where the tobacco is allowed to marinate in its own juices instead of sluicing through holes at the bottom. A YouTube search for anything Tangiers related will yield many instructional “how to” videos on users’ packing techniques for you to follow if you’re not getting the desired results. Once you get it right, you’ll finally see what all the rave is!

Tangiers comes in 4 lines; the “OG” or “Noir” style, which is the original, unwashed hookah tobacco, the “Burley” style, which has a higher nicotine content and is more “buzzy,” “Birquq” which is similar to noir with less of a buzz and requires less heat. Last but not least there is the F-Line style, which is a caffeinated version of Tangiers Noir(hold on to your butts!). Here we present to you the top 10 most popular Tangiers Hookah Tobacco flavors:

10. New Lime

New lime is like New Coke, but doesn’t suck (ha!). Based on customer feedback (and from personal experience), this is by far the most spot-on lime flavor, period. You’ll notice a more acidic and “heavy” sour smoke than lemon, and a properly packed bowl with proper coal rotation will yield un-dwindling flavor for 2 hours or more.

Available in the Tangiers Noir line

9. Ololiuqui

Ololiuqui is probably the hardest word you will try to pronounce today but it’s also an awesome and enjoyable smoke. Ololiuqui tastes like a Root Beer/Dr. Pepper/Cream Soda blend. The flavor is nuanced and will change a bit depending on how much heat you hit it with. tasty!

Available in the Tangiers Burley or Tangiers Birquq lines

8. Static Starlight

Static Starlight’s name gives zero clue as to what this flavor tastes like but we are here to break the code. When you load up a bowl of Static Starlight expect a sweet mixed fruit flavor (grape and lemon are prominent) with a floral hint. Some people have described it as tasting like grown up skittles. We love it!

Available in the Tangiers Noir, Birquq, and Burley lines.

7. Schnozzberry

What do the Schnozzberries taste like? Well, Schozzberries of course! But seriously, this fictitious fruit themed flavor is heavy on the berries. We detect blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry and it has a creaminess that is reminiscent of a fruit smoothie. Some people describe it as tasting like a berry flavored gum.

Available in the Tangiers Noir and Tangiers Birquq lines.

6. Peach Iced Tea

A refreshing, cool brewed iced tea taste with a splash of orchard-fresh peach puts this robust flavor in the top 10. The “earthy” taste of the tea flavor makes this a popular mixer to add some zing to your bowl!

Available in the Tangiers Noir and Tangiers Birquq lines.

5. It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal

There’s been some debate as to exactly which “one” breakfast cereal this flavor is emulating, but the general consensus has it down to 2 possibilities (which I won’t name): one with a cartoon toucan as its mascot, and the other with the slogan “The great taste of apples and cinnamon make the great taste that’s always the winna-mon.” (Seriously, I didn’t make that up). This flavor will have you reminiscing of the brightly colored fruity puffs that always left the milk pink.

Available in the Tangiers Noir and Tangiers Birquq lines.

4. Kashmir Peach

Tangiers has harnessed the savory flavors of the Prunus persica flawlessly with Kashmir Peach (a more floral and “airy” peach taste with a spicy buzz similar to the Kashmir apple). The mix of a tasty peach flavor with some floral spice does something to your tastebuds that can’t be explained. All we know is that we crave this flavor often. The creator of Tangiers lives by this blend and we don’t blame him.

Available in the Tangiers Noir, Birquq, and Burley lines.

3. Horchata

This flavor is based on the traditional Spanish drink made of rice, barley, sesame seeds, tigernuts, and ground almonds. Many have noticed a distinct light sugary vanilla taste starting out, with a denouement of sweet cinnamon towards the end. Add some milk to the base if you so dare for the most velvety of smoke clouds.

Available in the Tangiers Noir and Tangiers Birquq lines.

2. Orange Soda

A super strong orange flavor that will knock you six ways from Sunday if you’re not prepared for it! Fans of this flavor have commented on an almost “carbonated” taste at the onset, staying true to its name and separating it from plain orange flavored shishas.

Available in the Tangiers Noir and Tangiers Birquq lines.

1. Cane Mint

At last we reach the #1 spot and, honestly, was there any doubt in your mind what would be #1? Of course it’s the ubiquitous Cane Mint. This flavor is incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why. You simply can’t find a better peppermint flavor out there. If you like icy cool mint flavors all over your taste buds this is a must try flavor. The king of all mints!

Available in the Tangiers Noir, Birquq, and Burley lines.

10 Responses to “Tangiers Hookah Tobacco – Top 10 Most Popular Flavors”

  1. 1
    Mitch Says:

    Kashmir Cherry > Everything on this list.

  2. 2
    shawn Says:

    wow i am surprised that lemon lime didn’t make the list i mean its new but it SPRITE

  3. 3
    Rob Says:

    I have to add this…blueberry! Blueberry is definitely one of the top ten flavor buy no one ever has it in stock. If this list was determned by sales then it’s very skewed due to the availability of some flavors.

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  6. 6
    Vincent Lindgren Says:

    Where…. is cane mint. I don’t understand.

  7. 7
    Anon Says:

    Cane Mint isn’t on there because its never in stock.

  8. 8
    GannMan Says:

    Cane mint is way too powerful anyway, mixing it can be deadly to your sessions flavor.

  9. 9
    Fabricio Says:

    Foreplay on the Peach made me fall in love with tangiers and everything else i’ve tried has been good but not up to parr!

  10. 10
    Jee Says:

    I am a bit surprised that mimon and foreplay on the peach didnot make the cut

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