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12 Jan

The Ultimate Shisha Brand Breakdown

If this is your first time deciding which shisha tobacco brands to start out with, consider this a brief beginner’s guide to the world of shisha flavors. We carry a wide variety of shisha tobacco, and an amazing range of flavor profiles to fit any and all preferences and palettes. If you’ve never made a bowl for [...]

31 Aug

The Definitive Guide To Hookah Hose Maintenance

In order to reach the level of a Hookah Enthusiasts, one must understand all of the components of a hookah and the shisha that is readily available. There are some of us that get into this smoking hobby/lifestyle, with the mindset of what type of flavors they want to smoke and flavors to avoid. On [...]

05 Jun

5 Hookah Myths Debunked

Hookah Myth #1: Foil Shiny Side Down The first time someone taught me how to pack a proper hookah bowl they told me to always make sure to place the hookah foil over the bowl with the shiny side down. I asked why and my instructor just shrugged his shoulders and said “It’s supposed to [...]

03 Oct

New Cheaper Shipping Options at Hookah-Shisha.com

Howdy, hookah friends. We take customer feedback very seriously here at Hookah-Shisha.com and the most common feedback we have heard lately is that our shipping is too high on small orders. We have heard you loud and clear and in an attempt to help you all out we are adding $3.99 shipping for select order sizes. [...]

27 Aug

How To Apply a Coupon Code

Applying a coupon code is super easy! It is done during the checkout process, but there are a couple things to note when applying a code. First, we will go over how the code is applied. During the checkout process, after you have selected your shipping method, you will be taken to the “Summary” page [...]

11 Jun

How long does the flavored shisha tobacco last, will it expire?

All the flavored shisha tobacco we sell is replenished regularly and will arrive fresh to your door. We suggest storing your shisha in air-tight containers (ziplock bags, tupperware containers (our attractive shisha jars work well) and keeping it away from excessive heat or direct sunlight. Keeping your shisha moist and fresh is imperative. For more [...]

19 May

What To Do If Your Card Is Declined on Hookah-Shisha.com

If your credit card is being declined, don’t panic! Here are a few easy steps that will clear up that error 9 times out of 10. Personal Debit and Credit Cards 1. Typically when ordering from us for the first time, your bank will place a hold against the order since we do sell age-restricted [...]

15 May

What’s the difference between Econo Mya & Standard Mya Hookahs?

Deciding on whether to purchase an Econo Mya Hookah or a Standard Mya comes down to what you are purchasing it for, and how often you smoke. Standard Myas are make of high quality materials that are built to last. These small Myas and large Myas are great for a regular hookah smoker who is [...]

04 Apr

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I place my order? Do you guys follow up with receipts or tracking numbers? You will receive one email from us when you place your order which will contain your order confirmation. We will also send a second email with a tracking number as soon as your order ships out. [...]

26 Mar

How to Set Up a Hookah

Hookah Set Up Guide Fill the base of the hookah with water. Make sure you don’t fill it with too much water. For more detailed instructions, check out our How Much Water Should I Add to My Hookah Base? guide, which leads us to step two.   Place the hookah shaft over and into the [...]