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04 May

Cinco De Mya Sale 2016 – Save On Mya Hookahs

Cinco De Mayo is almost here and while we are sipping on margaritas and enjoying the fun, we decided to hose our own Cinco De Mya (get it?) sale on some of our best hookahs from Mya. We’ve got a hookah for every type of smoker from small mya hookahs to budget-friendly econo mya hookahs, [...]

17 Feb

The Birthday Hangover Sale- The Party Never Stops

We had a blast celebrating our birthday all last week! Thank you to everyone for kind words and well wishes! But now we’re suffering from a little hangover after some hard partying, and we don’t feel like changing all the prices right now. So we will leave some hookahs and accessories on sale until 5/3/2016, [...]

18 Jan

Top 10 Hookahs To Buy In 2016 – Employee Picks

Recently we presented our staff picks for our favorite shisha flavors of 2015, and now we’re talking about the best hookah to pick up in 2016. Our selection of hookahs range in price from $14.99 to $799.99, and they all use various materials in order to create each complete setup. We often hear the same [...]

16 Oct

Free Hookah Week: 10 Ways To Get A Hookah For $0.00

Free hookah week has ended. We hope you were all able to grab a free hookah. For more great deals check out our everyday hookah coupon codes. What’s the first rule of hookah? The first rule is that you can’t smoke without a hookah. With that in mind, we are giving you 10 different ways [...]

31 Aug

Hookah Accessory Sale – Back To School 2015

Our giant, month-long back-to-school sale is drawing to a close and this penultimate week features deals on some great hookah accessories including bowls, bases, and hoses. If you find that your current hookah set up lacks the spice it once had, adding a new accessory can make smoking fun again. Grab a new bowl and [...]

24 Aug

Hookah Charcoal Sale

We’re in week 3 of our Back-To-School sales and this week we are featuring one of the most essential elements of a good hookah bowl, hookah charcoal. Coal is definitely not the sexiest aspect of a hookah session, but without fire, there is no smoke. We’ve got a wide range of both natural and quicklight [...]

10 Aug

Back To School Sale 2015

It’s back to school time and that means it’s sale time at Hookah-Shisha HQ. We’ll let you handle the textbooks and the dorm supplies, and we’ll handle the hookahs. And for all of you post-collegiate smokers out there, you can take advantage of these deals too and then you can smoke a delicious, relaxing bowl [...]

31 Jul

Weekend Sale: $5 Off Any Order Over $25

Save $5 on any order over $25 this weekend at Hookah-Shisha.com. Simply use the coupon code “5offweekend” at checkout and the discount will automatically be applied. This code is good on all items on the site, already on-sale items included. Just make sure your cart total is $25 before shipping is calculated, and you are [...]

13 Apr

Hookah-Shisha Birthday Sale 2015 – Our 15th Birthday

Our 15th birthday sale has ended. Check out our coupon code page to see our awesome everyday deals. Howdy, hookah friends. It’s that time of year again – that’s right it’s time for our annual birthday sale! This one is special as it’s our 15th birthday so we’ve got some amazing deals for you. The [...]

02 Mar

Texas Independence Day Hookah Sale

Here at Hookah-Shisha.com we love to find a reason to have a sale. We are based in Austin, Texas and seeing as how today is Texas Independance Day (a holiday celebrating the founding of The Republic of Texas in 1836) we decided to throw together a week long sale on some great hookahs, shisha flavors, [...]