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04 Oct

Fall Shisha Flavors To Smoke In 2017

Fall is here everyone! Hurry up and get all the pumpkin flavored everything you can get your hands on. This is easily one of our favorite times of year because not only does our flavor rotation change, but we also get to experience some cooler weather down here in Texas. When the restaurants and local [...]

08 Apr

Top 10 Shisha Flavors To Smoke In 2017 Part: I

Top 10 Shisha Flavors To Smoke In 2017 Pt.1 It’s April 2017, which means we’ve reached the end of our first quarter and it’s time to take a look at the most popular flavors so far. Some flavors will always remain at the top of the selling list like Nakhla Double Apple, Tangiers Cane Mint, [...]

27 Oct

2016 Halloween Hookah Costume Contest

We know there are a lot of people that love the spirit of Halloween, almost as much as we love hookah. We’ve always enjoyed the combination of hookah sessions and Halloween costumes, so this year we’re hooking you up. Snap a photo of you or a group friends smoking in your costume, and post it [...]

01 Apr

Instant Shisha Delivery Button

We’re always excited to present new products to the market, but we rarely get to show off what we create because it’s mostly top secret. Well today we are releasing a project that has been in development for over two years, and it will revolutionize the way you order your hookah supplies. We proudly present [...]

29 Feb

5 Hidden Gem Hookah Products You Need To Try

The hookah world has it’s fair share of heavy-hitter brands and products that almost every hookah smoker has either tried, or been around  before. Names like Starbuzz, Tangiers, and Khalil Mamoon are synonymous with most hookah smoking sessions these days, but there are also lesser-known products out there that deliver big time quality. We’ve decided [...]

17 Feb

The Birthday Hangover Sale- The Party Never Stops

We had a blast celebrating our birthday all last week! Thank you to everyone for kind words and well wishes! But now we’re suffering from a little hangover after some hard partying, and we don’t feel like changing all the prices right now. So we will leave some hookahs and accessories on sale until 5/3/2016, [...]

24 Dec

Best New Hookah Products of 2015

Welcome to the year-end installment of our annual ‘Best New Products of the Year’ list. This edition will cover all of the best new products to the hookah world that have been released in 2015. If you think we missed anything awesome, let us know in the comments. Enjoy! D Hose 2.0 Hybrid   The [...]

24 Sep

Best Hookah Flavors of 2015

A few years ago we looked through years and years of sales data and came up with a list of the most popular hookah flavors of all time. Lately, we have been wondering how much our customers tastes have changed over the years and we decided to revisit the data to come up with a [...]

18 Sep

What Your Shisha Choice Says About You

Be honest, have you ever had the slightest inclination to judge someone by their hookah preferences.  It’s ok, its a perfectly natural response that we as modern humans can choose to act on it or completely disregard such superficial tendencies.  However, we thought it would be fun to give you a quick glance into the [...]

03 Aug

More Hookah Fails: Running Low Edition

Everyone loves a good fail, right? Unless it’s happening to you, of course. In the hookah world, where the learning curve can be a bit steep sometimes, fails abound. In this version of our popular Hookah Fails series (see the original hookah fails post, and our late night hookah fails post) we tackle hookah fails [...]