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24 Oct

Hookah Spookah! Part 7: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations From Michael Myers

  When I’m not trying to murder my sister on Halloween night, I’m actually a pretty chill guy. Every set of siblings has that sibling rivalry, but mine has just been blown out of proportion because of all those documentary movies that were made about me. Most of the time I just like to keep [...]

15 Oct

Hookah Spookah! Part 6: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations from Jack O. Lantern

“Even if you are carving a beaming smile into my face, you are still carving into my face!” Being a Jack-o-Lantern is tough. We are banished to a pumpkin patches for 11 months a year, and then October comes around and everyone decides they want to carve into our faces. As if that isn’t enough, [...]

10 Oct

Hookah Spookah! Part 5: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations from a Witch

“Double, double, foil trouble; coals will burn and hookahs bubble!” We witches get a bad rap. It’s not all eye of newt and sage around here, you know! Some of my favorite potions are perfectly bewitching, no spells needed – just a dash of shisha or a puff of vape. Fantasia Magic Dragon has been [...]

31 Oct

Hookah Spookah! Part 4: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations from Dr. Frankenstein

“It was a dark and stormy night and I had just loaded my favorite hookah, the Mya Econo Thunder Hookah… …I knew I would need something that really packed a punch if I wanted my new creation to come alive. I had no choice but to load a bowl of Social Smoke Voltage! Within seconds, the [...]

26 Oct

Hookah Spookah! Part 3: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations from Freddy Krueger

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you… Howdy, boys and girls. I’m going to whisper so I won’t wake you…oh, didn’t you know? You’re asleep right now. But don’t be scared, I’m not here to slice and dice, I’m just looking for a hookah buddy. I’ve gotten such a bad rap over the years, but I [...]

23 Oct

Hookah Spookah! Part 2: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations from The Wolf Man

AaaoooOOOoo! It is I, the one and only Wolf Man! Well, it’s actually Larry Talbot to my day-dwelling friends, but when a full moon arises at night I become a little, ahem, hirsute, to put it gently.Like my friend Dracula, one of my favorite hobbies is hookah smoking! You may be asking yourself, what does [...]

18 Oct

Hookah Spookah! Part 1: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations from Count Dracula

Hello day walkers! My name is Count Dracula. I am here to tell you about my favorite hobby, hookah smoking. Most of you have probably heard about my very specific tastes. Let’s be frank, I love the taste of blood. Back in the late 1800′s, or the “good old days” as I like to call [...]