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09 Jul

The Natural Order by Hookah-Shisha

Back in 2008 we hired a production company to make a pilot for us. The idea was to create a unique weekly web series that people could watch on Hookah-Shisha.com. This is the first, and only, episode of The Natural Order. Enjoy. It gets a little weird.

15 Jun

What’s Your Shisha Flavor Name?

Taking a scroll through your news feed you may come across the usual, “What’s your ___” ( insert drink, character, or celebrity name) games, but we never see anything related to Hookah. Well today we are here to change that, and let you guys/girls figure out the name of your Shisha flavor based on your [...]

18 May

How To Earn A Degree In Shisha Mixology

Everyone has their own favorite shisha flavors, these type of flavors could never be turned down if offered to you and always stay stocked in your cabinet. From time to time we want to see if we can take these flavors to the next level by adding a new component, these new additions can make [...]

28 Mar

Spring Shisha Mixes (Tangiers, Starbuzz, Fumari, & Haze)

Spring is finally here! The snow is melting, the temperatures are creeping up, and we’re itching to smoke some awesome Spring shisha mixes! We’ve asked our resident shisha mix guru Shaunn to come up with some of his favorite go-to Spring mixes for you to try out. Check out the mixes below, and click the [...]

26 Jan

The Future Of Hookah

The art of hookah has been around for centuries and over those centuries the art form has slowly evolved. At some point someone looked at a pipe made from wood and said, maybe this would last longer if it were made of brass? At some point someone made the first glass base, someone added flavoring [...]

12 Jan

How To Survive A Hookah-Pocalypse

Have you ever found yourself wanting to smoke hookah but you didn’t have the supplies necessary to make it happen? Perhaps you’ve got coals and a hookah, but no shisha. Or you’ve got everything set up and ready to go but then reach your hand into an empty box of charcoal and your night is [...]

31 Dec

2015 New Years Hookah Resolutions

2014 has been a great year for hookah but 2015 can be your best hookah year yet by following these five simple New Years Hookah Resolutions. Take the pledge with us and ensure that this new year brings nothing but tasty bowls, puffy white clouds, and relaxing good times with friends all around! 1) In [...]

14 Nov

How to Build a Custom Khalil Mamoon Hookah

What’s that? You’re a huge Khalil Mamoon fan, but you’d like to piece together your own custom KM hookah? Behold! Now you Kan Make your own, with Hookah-Shisha’s new custom hookah building options. Kool, Man! Khalil Mamoons are some of our best-selling hookahs, well known and respected in the hookah world. With an amazing plethora [...]

14 Nov

Five Places To Smoke Hookah Before You Die

Your favorite place to smoke hookah might be right on the couch in your living room while playing Red Dead Redemption, but it’s time to think outside the box. If money wasn’t an option, where would you smoke? To help your dreams come true, we’re renting a digital private helicopter and taking you to some [...]

31 Oct

Five Custom Hookahs You Can Build at Hookah-Shisha.com

Here at Hookah-Shisha.com, we have been selling hookahs online for over 10 years. We are now happy to announce that you can build out your own custom hookah on our website. Have you ever seen a hookah that you really liked, but you wished you could get a Vortex bowl with it instead of the [...]