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12 Jan

The Ultimate Shisha Brand Breakdown

If this is your first time deciding which shisha tobacco brands to start out with, consider this a brief beginner’s guide to the world of shisha flavors. We carry a wide variety of shisha tobacco, and an amazing range of flavor profiles to fit any and all preferences and palettes. If you’ve never made a bowl for [...]

29 Jul

The Ultimate Guide To Shika Hookahs

Here at Hookah-Shisha we love new hookah products just like you, it keeps the wheels turning for forward innovation. The Shika collection of accessories is something that we have recently added to our selection of hookahs, and they have proved to be a serious contender in the Egyptian hookah market. You may have seen the [...]

26 Jan

The Future Of Hookah

The art of hookah has been around for centuries and over those centuries the art form has slowly evolved. At some point someone looked at a pipe made from wood and said, maybe this would last longer if it were made of brass? At some point someone made the first glass base, someone added flavoring [...]

26 Mar

Hookah History

The History of the Hookah Pipe Hookah pipes, like many traditional curios shared amongst different cultures, are devices with many names. In the West, the name “hookah” is generally accepted as the term for the water pipe while the word “shisha” is applied to the flavored tobacco one would smoke out of it. In the [...]

26 Mar

Hookah Education

So, you’ve just purchased your first hookah and now you’re full of questions – how to I set up this hookah? How do I use this hookah? How do I take care of this hookah? Or maybe you’re trying to find the perfect hookah for your first purchase, or have questions about your order. Perhaps [...]

21 Mar

Hookah Life Imitating Art – Masterpieces of the Hookah Culture

The hookah world has been blessed by some of the most talented artists in history. Here are just a few works that were inspired by the unique and mysterious culture of hookah. From the classic to the surreal, hookah culture has been an inspiration to artists for centuries.   Modern surrealist painter Leila Ataya was [...]

14 Jul

Special Guest Blog Author: “So What Is This Hookah Anyways?”

Howdy Hookah Lovers! Hookah-shisha.com presents our third guest blog author and finalist in our blog contest. Frank C answers the familiar question, “So what Is This Hookah Anyways?” We can’t think of a better question! The best way I have found of describing a hookah is through cultural references that people are already familiar with. [...]

02 Jul

The beauty of hookah

This isn’t a pipe – it’s a work of art!” a customer recently emailed us of his new Mya. We couldn’t agree more. In this age of utilitarianism, form falls too often second to function, and the artistry of hookahs – decoration for the simple joy of adornment – shines forth. After all, decorating something [...]

11 Apr

So, just what IS the difference between Egyptian hookahs and Syrian hookahs?

Believe it or not, the difference isn’t where they’re made. Syrian bases can be made in Egypt, and Egyptian hookahs in Syria; Egyptian and Syrian hookahs can even be produced in China, Europe, and America. Traditionally, one of the factors distinguishing Egyptian from Syrian hookahs was the type of bowl used. Syrian hookahs were one [...]

22 Feb

On the Pleasure of Hookahs III: Fire and Air

Since the dawn of history, fire has been revered by humanity with near religious regard. According to the Greek myths, it was a tool stolen from the gods and given to humanity. When once fire was a mysterious phenomena, a source of fear and destruction for early humans, we’ve now tamed this immortal power for [...]