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01 Jul

Al Fakher Hookah Reviews – AF Large Light & AF Large Solid

Al Fakher is one of the biggest names in the hookah world, but they are mostly known for their excellent line of shisha tobacco. Did you know that Al Fakher also makes hookahs? If not, then consider this your introduction to two of their most popular models, the Al Fakher Large Light hookah and the [...]

16 Jun

New Summertime Special Edition Tangiers Flavors

Well we are already approaching another season, and here in Texas we are really feeling that summer time heat. Now that we are moving to another season, we’ll start to see some more new flavors hit the market. Tangiers is the first at bat for the season with some more Special Edition Flavors, and who [...]

21 May

Hookah Freak Shisha: A Closer Look

Who’s ready to get freaky? The crazy flavor blends of Hookah Freak have arrived on our website, and we were excited to get smoking on them. Hookah Freak is a blended line of the Hookah-Hookah tobacco flavors, all of which are made here in the United States. The Hookah Freak line started popping up online [...]

24 Apr

New Haze Flavors – What-A-Mint & Chaitastic

Haze has recently released their two newest shisha flavors – What-A-Mint and Chaitastic – and we’ve got them both for you here at Hookah-Shisha.com. If you have never tried Haze’s line of excellent shisha flavors then you are missing out. These hardy flavors love a lot of heat so don’t be scared to use a [...]

01 Apr

OG Hookah Bowls – Symphony, Rook, Square, and Apache

The quality of hookah bowls has increased consistently over the past few years and we are happy to announce that we are now carrying one of the best hookah bowl brands in the world – OG hookah bowls. OG bowls are handmade from high quality clay right here in the USA. We’ve got four awesome [...]

12 Feb

3 New Social Smoke Flavors – Cali Peach, Artic Lemon, & Golden Delicious Apple

The three newest flavors from Social Smoke have arrived! We’ve got Arctic Lemon, Golden Delicious Apple, and Cali Peach in 100g, 250g, and 1000g sizes. Read on for some brief first impressions of these three awesome new hookah flavors. Arctic Lemon Arctic Lemon is a great minty lemon flavor. Social Smoke is known mostly for [...]

07 Jan

Nammor Beacon Hookah – Hookah of the Month

Nammor Beacon is Miss January This year, we wanted to help you discover new, glorious hookahs with our Hookah of the Month. These are some of our favorite hookahs that you might not have heard about. Our first selection is one of the tallest hookahs we have in our store, the Nammor Beacon. Standing 47 [...]

31 Dec

Kaloud Samsaris Silicon Bowl Review

  A Hookah Bowl Made Just For Your Kaloud Lotus The Kaloud Samsaris Silicon Hookah Bowl is the first shisha bowl that is specifically designed for your Kaloud Lotus. Of course, it can still but used with foil, but the bowl diameter and recessed lip allow your Lotus to snugly fit right inside the bowl, [...]

24 Dec

Suicide Bunny eJuice

Are You Hardcore? Vape Suicide Bunny! Don’t be nervous! There are no evil bunnies hopping around this eJuice. Suicide Bunny JuiceĀ is unique in that it has a higher rating of vegetable glycerin over proplyne glycol – creating a thicker juice that has a more natural content, and the thicker juice helps facilitate huge, puffy clouds. [...]

20 Nov

The Most Expensive Hookahs

Who Needs A Luxury Hookah When You Can Fake It? Up for a little window shopping? We’ve sought out the most expensive hookahs in the world to whet your appetite. We don’t mean to imply that you don’t have an extra million laying around to spend on an elaborate shisha pipe, but in case these [...]