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16 Feb

Free Hydro E-Liquid Samples

Hydro has graciously provided us with a sampling of their excellent E-Liquid flavors to send out to our fine, fine customers free of charge. If you have never tried any of Hydro’s 20 excellent e-liquid flavors then this is just the offer for you. Each sample will consist of a 15ml bottle of a randomly [...]

24 Dec

Suicide Bunny eJuice

Are You Hardcore? Vape Suicide Bunny! Don’t be nervous! There are no evil bunnies hopping around this eJuice. Suicide Bunny Juice is unique in that it has a higher rating of vegetable glycerin over proplyne glycol – creating a thicker juice that has a more natural content, and the thicker juice helps facilitate huge, puffy clouds. [...]

19 Dec

Space Jam eJuice

Blast Off With Space Jam eLiquid For Your Vape Good news! We’ve been chanting the X-Files mantra “I want to believe” for so long, that it has actually worked! This extra-terrestrial inspired vape liquid, known on its home planet as Space Jam Juice, has brought its delicious flavors to us lowly earthlings.With flavors ranging from [...]

12 Dec

Best Vape Products of 2014

  We love hookah! But let’s be honest, vaping is the way of the future. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little e-hookah between real hookah sessions. These are our favorite eCig products of the year, and a great place to get started if you’re ready to give vaping a try! Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Clearomizer – [...]

07 Oct

Best e-Liquid Flavors For Fall

Fill Your E-Cig With Fall Flavors! It’s finally starting to cool off in Texas, and we’re ready to celebrate Fall! While we will always pledge our allegiance to the hookah, there have been some really awesome advances in e-cigs and e-hookahs. Aside from all of the neat new electronic cigarette hardware, the e-liquid flavor selection [...]

02 Oct

Traveling with E-Cigs: What’s the law?

Can I Bring My e-Cig On a Plane? Some of the biggest advantages to using e-cigs (e-hookahs) is the discretion and portability of the individual units. These are especially good for traveling! However, some electronic cigarette smokers are unclear about the law and TSA regulations around taking e-cigs on airplanes. Currently, there is no law [...]

20 Aug

Best Shisha Inspired Hookah Pens and E-Liquids

Starbuzz and Fantasia are major players in the shisha tobacco market, so it’s no surprise that they are similarly dominating the world of e-hookahs, hookah pens, and e-liquid. If you’re a fan of these shisha flavors, then you might be wondering which hookah pen flavor best translates from shisha to vapor. We polled our employees [...]

13 Aug

What Is A Hookah Pen?

The term hookah pen can refer to a number of things in the vape world. For our purposes, we define a hookah pen as any of the e-hookahs or e-cigarettes on our website. You may notice that they have many names, such as ‘e-hookahs’, ‘e-cigs’, ‘vape pens’, e-pens and many more. All things considered, these [...]

12 Aug

What Is A Drip Tip? Understanding E-Cig Drip Tips

The Simple Drip Tip Break Down A drip tip is an apparatus that is on pretty much on all vaping or e-hookah related atomizers. It sits atop the cap that houses your heating element, and is meant to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The function is in reference to it not burning your lip [...]

05 Aug

Does it matter what e-liquid I use in my e-Cigarette?

While some vape brands do make both rechargeable e-cigs as well as e-liquids with their name on it, this does NOT mean that you can’t use other brands of e-liquids in your personal vaporizer. For example, Starbuzz has come out with an extensive line of e-cigarette and e-hookah products, including the rechargeable Starbuzz Code Vape. [...]