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28 Feb

On the Pleasure of Hookahs IV: Happy smoking

Whether it’s a riotous party, an intimate gathering, or a way to while an afternoon hour by yourself, you’re never truly alone when smoking a hookah. Sociologists have pointed out that, as participants pass the hose and wait their turn, hookah smoking bears more elements of game playing than cigarette or cigar smoking. A Turkish [...]

22 Feb

On the Pleasure of Hookahs III: Fire and Air

Since the dawn of history, fire has been revered by humanity with near religious regard. According to the Greek myths, it was a tool stolen from the gods and given to humanity. When once fire was a mysterious phenomena, a source of fear and destruction for early humans, we’ve now tamed this immortal power for [...]

18 Feb

On the Pleasure of Hookahs II: Shisha of the earth

Whether you call it shisha, mo’assel, or tumbak, it’s all fodder for your hubble bubble. Peoples worldwide have cultivated, praised, hoarded, and prized tobacco for millenia. Shisha arrived in Egypt in it’s earliest form, tombak, by the Ottoman empire*. Tombak, also spelled tumbak, is dried tobacco leaves that require soaking before smoking. According to one [...]

15 Feb

All In a Day’s Work Smoking Hookah

I am an active musician here in Austin and I’m usually out playing shows at least a couple nights a week. I often find myself surrounded by a very wide variety of people and the subject of jobs usually comes up at some point or another over the course of an evening. It’s always fun [...]

14 Feb

Hookahs in Cinema – Part 1: The Star Wars Movies

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fanatic to recognize this bad boy. The infamous kingpin of the Outer Rim himself, one of the most notorious crimes lords in all the galaxy, Jabba the Hutt (full name Jabba Desilijic Tiure, for you fellow geeks out there). Jabba is arguably one of the most widely [...]

14 Feb

Happy Hookah Love Day Valentines Day!

A few weeks ago we asked our customers to write us a Valentine’s day note in exchange for a free box of Romman Start Flavored Shisha Tobacco. Here are some of our warehouse’s favorite notes (in no particular order): Oh, Hookah slash shisha dot com: Your product’s quite simply the bomb. To smoke it all [...]

08 Feb

On the Pleasure of Hookahs – Part 1

As one of our customers pointed out, hookahs present the perfect union of all elements: water in the base, earth in the shisha, fire in the coal, air in the smoke, and love in the company when you share a hookah. For centuries, pipe enthusiasts around the world have joined in peaceful union as they [...]

06 Feb

Hookah love, your source for hookah knowledge, hookah facts and hookah discussion

So, what should I smoke tonight? A common question, but an important one, because tonight is not just any night. Tonight is the launch of something special: The beginning of a new era of information. A time when Hookahlove, the official Hookah Blog of Hookah-Shisha.com, is born. A beginning much like when Hookah-Shisha.com was first [...]