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Archive for March, 2008

27 Mar

Do I dare to eat a peach? – My favorite hookah flavor

Do I dare disturb the universe? Yes – Romman Peach is that good. Whenever I serve a hookah to someone who’s never smoked one before, I like to treat them to Romman Peach. This succulent shisha is one of the most vivid, long lasting, and aromatic shishas I’ve ever smoked. Frequently, when I smoke this [...]

14 Mar

How to load your Phunnel Hookah Bowl w/ Scalli Mod -on the cheap!

The Phunnel (Funnel) hookah clay bowl is a very interesting and unique way to smoke shisha.  Hookah smoking is all about trial and error and making your own modifications when the time arises (see my work/”Frankenstein hookah” at the bottom).   With this method you can make your own minor Phunnel bowl mod to get [...]

14 Mar

Free Romman Prunes on Jonathan the night guy’s birthday weekend!

Over the year each poster in our Hookah Love Blog will have their own special special! Since I have been a fan of this flavor for years, and the Romman Brand was so kind to make this flavor to my specifications, I felt it fitting to pass on the blissful birthday smoke with all our [...]

07 Mar

How to Smoke a Hookah – Hookah Charcoal and Heat Management

As a veteran in the hookah industry, I have tested and tried an extremely wide variety of hookah products (we’re always running tests and experiments to find the best hookah supplies) and hookah troubleshooting tips to smoke a perfect bowl of shisha. I take as much pride in my hookah smoking abilities as I do [...]

03 Mar

Hookah T-Shirt Contest Winner Announcement

NEW! The T-shirts are finally in! Please click on our Hookah T-shirts blog for the announcement.  Thanks to everyone who participated and we thank you for your patience (we know this took too long, sorry) and congratulations to our finalists once again! “Create any theme you wish, and feel free to submit as many T-Shirt [...]